FROM purpose-built 24-hour facilities in Yorkshire, Dakin-Flathers has combined its 125 years of saw manufacturing experience and developed a premium sawmill blade said to last 37 per cent longer than the competition.

Ripper37 is crafted from high-quality, carbon-rich western European steel, developed with unique metallurgical properties to deliver the optimum balance between strength and flexibility.

An extensive digitally controlled quality assurance programme, which involves photographic tooth profile checks, set analysis, straightness testing, hardness testing and microstructural analysis, results in a blade that cuts straighter, with harder, longer-lasting teeth, producing one of the most superior blades on the market.

Ripper37 is described by Dakin-Flathers as offering 37 per cent greater durability than its leading rivals; up to 100% more re-grinds; unparalleled ‘out-of-the-box’ performance; minimal waste and maximum cutting power; improved quality of finish on the sawn timber; and reduced production costs and more profit for you and your company.

Thanks to its focus on quality and performance, Dakin–Flathers has grown from being the leading supplier in the UK to one of the leading suppliers in the world, exporting to over 100 countries, with an unrivalled worldwide reputation for quality and performance.

Dakin-Flathers has partnered with Stephen Cull BladeMaster to distribute its full range of sawmill blades in the UK. For many years, Stephen represented a well-known sawmill manufacturer throughout Wales and the west of England, gaining extensive technical experience of all their equipment, and is well respected within the industry. 

Stephen said: “I’m proud to be able to offer this top-quality British-made sawmill blade to those in the trade who, like me, are striving for productivity, profit and perfection in our sawmilling.”

As well as distributing Ripper37 blades, Stephen Cull also offers a full blade resharpen service, sawmill servicing and technical advice borne out of over two decades’ experience.

Remember, the heart of any sawmill is the blade itself. Your sawmill will only ever be as good as the blade used on it, so choosing the correct one is critical to maximise your cutting performance and output.

To discover the full benefits of Ripper37, and to order sawmill blades online, visit www.stephencullblademaster.com for more information or call 07887544333

Forestry Journal:


THE success of the Lucas Mill is quite simply down to the brilliance of its design, according to UK dealer, Fuelwood.

Not only is it said to be easily portable into otherwise inaccessible locations and can be quickly set up (c. 15 minutes) around any log up to 6 metres long, on uneven terrain – but it is the simplicity of its operation, consistent accuracy, speed and finish of the cut that never fails to impress. It inspires confidence and encourages the conversion of felled timber into high-value beams, dimensioned timber, boards and slabs.

There are options of either a swing blade mill that can have a slabbing attachment fitted as a very cost-effective optional extra or a dedicated slabbing mill. With the capability of cutting any size dimensioned timber up to 500 mm x 250 mm (20 inch x 10 inch) and slabbing logs up to 1.5 metres (5 ft) in diameter, the versatility of these mills is extraordinary.

Lucas Mills are manufactured in Australia and imported into the UK by Fuelwood (Warwick) Ltd. Fuelwood is renowned for its expertise as dealers in a huge range of forestry and firewood machinery, as well as its engineering capabilities. It designs and manufactures its own range of professional timber conversion machinery from its own factory in Warwickshire. All of this means you can be confident that this machine will give years of very profitable service, with backup and support.

For more information, or to arrange a Lucas Mill demonstration, contact Fuelwood on 01926 484673, 
email: sales@fuelwood.co.uk or visit www.fuelwood.co.uk

Forestry Journal:


UK innovated and manufactured through a joint project with Always Greener and Loglogic, the Panther Horizon mill is said to have been redesigned from the ground up.

The Panther Horizon features a one-handed height adjustment which, according to the manufacturer, is the fastest compared with any other mill on the market. The user simply rotates the round handle to adjust how deep the mill will cut, meaning there is no need to hold a spanner in one hand while trying to adjust the mill with the other.

Attachment is also described as the quickest of any chainsaw mill – easily bolt and unbolt your mill to your chainsaw. Attachment to the saw is also bolted, not clamped, meaning the saw can never slip in the mill.

Bars 30” to 48” run GB super-thin Lo Pro bars with Stihl PMX ripping chain to achieve the fastest, smoothest cut with least resistance on the powerhead. Over 54” to 84” GB extra-long tough harvester bars are used to give maximum durability and the least flex. These run Oregon 27RA full skip chain on the 54” option with 27RX hyper skip being run on the 64”, 74” and 84” options.

Panther Horizon mills automatically come with a full winch set up to make milling 80% easier than pushing by hand. There is a dedicated ‘Panther first cut system’ to ensure your first cut is table-top flat. This first cut system can be extended and widened indefinitely.

Additional functionality that doesn’t exist anywhere else is being added to the mill on an ongoing basis, making the Panther mill the choice for professional milling. The Panther chainsaw mill has been designed and built by Loglogic and is currently only available in the UK through Always Greener.

The Panther Intersect is the vertical version of the Panther Horizon mill. Many of the components are the same and it can be used in both the vertical and horizontal positions. It runs frictionlessly on wheels on the first cut system used for the Panther Horizon and can be used as a stand-alone vertical mill.

To find out more about the Panther Horizon mill, contact Always Greener on 01590 681259. You can also visit www.chainsawbars.co.uk