WITH the industry adapting to meet the needs of the 21st century, technology is increasingly providing modern-day solutions to many long-time problems.

From radar systems to digital maps, this month’s Buyer’s Guide provides a snapshot of some of the latest digital products on offer to help arborists keep track of their trees. 


Forestry Journal:

SPECIALIST in tree and vegetation survey and management ArborFlight has brought to the UK market the ability to perform airborne tree and vegetation analysis. 

Set up by Michael Sander, Dr Paul Barber, and Quentin Nicholls, who all boast a background in the industry, the innovative system is a method of collecting a large amount of data relating to the health and statistics of trees and vegetation. 

Utilising multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal sensors attached to fixed-wing plane, helicopter or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS – aka drone), ArborFlight can acquire precise information and data for your assets.

These sensors have a diverse range of applications for precision diagnosis and monitoring of vegetation, including agriculture, forestry, turf, urban and plantation systems, providing:
•    Tree count
•    Tree/vegetation height
•    Tree/vegetation canopy/area cover
•    Tree/group GPS location
•    Tree/vegetation health
•    Carbon sequestration estimates based on tree data
•    3D site models
•    Data managed in ArborTrack – ability to integrate with most asset and GIS management software

Forestry Journal:

With budget constraints being a real issue for managers of large, widespread estates, tree management often becomes a “reactive” affair, with defects often reported by site engineers, other site visitors and neighbours, after a tree has fallen and damaged assets.

Generally, only a small percentage of trees surveyed require immediate remediation work. This is where ArborFlight’s service comes into its own. It can survey large areas of trees and vegetation very quickly, in order to pinpoint any dead and dying trees or trees that are showing signs of stress.

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They can then direct ground surveyors to the exact problem trees. 

•    Cost-effective – larger area covered in less time, resulting in cost-effective data collection. 
•    Accurate data, repeatable data – ArborFlight do not “back sell” data. AborFlight flies clients’ areas based on their precise project requirements, ensuring the very latest information is acquired. 
•    Ability to manage “big data” – ArborFlight’s systems integrate directly into a field-based survey software and web-based geospatial data management system, allowing for seamless management and reporting on the data.
•    Mapping and analysis by tree and vegetation management experts – ArborFlight consultants have a detailed understanding of the science and application of remote sensing for vegetation management. 

For more information, see the contact details below: www.arborflight.co.uk,  info@arborflight.co.uk, 020 3818 5998, Twitter (@ArborFlightLTD)  Instagram (@arborflight_ltd), LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/arborflight-limited/)


Forestry Journal:

ARBORTRACK celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021 as the number of users worldwide passed 950. By continuing to offer the total tree and vegetation management solution and keeping abreast of the latest technology available, its customer base continues to grow. Regular upgrades ensure the system improves in line with the numerous requests from arborists. The ease of extracting data from the system to summarise an entire council’s tree stock by species, age, condition etc, continues to improve. Tree work requirements can be prioritised in accordance with the urgency of the work.

All data can be viewed in Arbortrack Web on a street by street, park, open space or ward basis giving daily, weekly, or monthly summaries of work scheduled or completed, ensuring the efficient management of the entire tree stock.

The Surveyor module continues to improve by enabling the surveyor to inspect the trees by the most efficient route to ensure their time is spent in the most productive manner.

Forestry Journal:

Technical support times continue to improve with more than 90 per cent of all support requests being answered within four hours.

A visual appreciation of the council’s tree stock can be seen instantly as all trees can be viewed in different colours according to physiological condition, age, risk, outstanding works, inspections, etc.

The increasing importance of being able to determine the canopy cover has been addressed and Arbortrack Web has the ability to ascertain the percentage canopy cover and identify potential planting areas to improve the level of cover where desired.

For further information and to get a free trial of Arbortrack Web, visit www.arbortrack.com. Alternatively, email on arbortrack@aol.com or call 0333 242 5139.


Forestry Journal:

WITH so much talk about reaching Net Zero, reducing our carbon footprint or becoming carbon neutral, it is clear this topic is quickly becoming a key agenda item for governments around the world. 

The role that trees will play as we embark on this epic carbon reduction journey is vital.

They improve the air we breathe, absorb harmful emissions, provide valuable habitats for our wildlife and reduce energy consumption by offering a natural cooling solution to nearby buildings.

However, it’s not all good news. Trees can also pose a risk to properties, networks and subterranean assets by causing subsidence or pipeline fractures through root damage or endangering overhead lines as trees fall or branches become loose.

Bluesky’s National Tree Map (NTM) is a unique and comprehensive tool that offers unparalleled access to a database of trees 3 m and above in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. 

The NTM enables users to analyse data of tree location, height and canopy coverage. The data is provided in easy-to-use vector files and is compatible with Ordnance Survey products.

Forestry Journal:

The NTM has been created using Bluesky’s high-quality, high-resolution aerial photography and height datasets coupled with innovative processing techniques. It is already being used effectively day-to-day to support work and projects happening across a wide variety of sectors. The NTM is available now and can aid professionals working in forestry, utilities, government, environmental planning, insurance risk assessment and more.

A three-year rolling flying programme ensures the data is up-to-date and available at their fingertips. 

Managing and monitoring your trees will be vital as we embark on the next steps of our Net Zero journey. 

Visit bluesky-world.com/ntm for more information. 


Forestry Journal:

DESIGNED as a fully-comprehensive solution to meet any tree manager’s specific needs, Ezytreev is highly user configurable through the range of modules and user-definable functionality. From the Tree, TPO and Asset inventory modules that enable the management and analysis of current and historic inspection and maintenance data, to surveying tools that offer support for conducting risk assessments, amenity calculations and work prioritisation, through to work order scheduling and tracking, budgeting, contractor management and processing enquiries. 

The system is cloud-based and accessible from web and conventional interfaces on desktop and mobile. Our renowned surveying app sets the standard for efficiency and ease of use, and is available for Android, Apple iOS and Windows 10 devices. The system is map-based, with integrated GIS used to identify the location of surveyed trees, TPOs and assets. Anyone working in the field has full access to all tree/asset/TPO data and mapping information at all times, with or without an internet connection.

Well-known as one of the most trusted systems for the management of trees and woodlands in the UK, Ezytreev has been found particularly helpful for dealing with Ash Dieback, making it easier to identify trees that require regular monitoring. 

The system helps determine and manage the risks from the disease, plan the mitigation work and establish costs of tree works or replanting. Ezytreev has been widely adopted for streamlining tree preservation procedures and it is the only system that provides full TPO functionality on-site. The Ezytreev TPO module offers various methods of identifying trees for a new TPO or reviewing existing TPOs, as well as efficient processes for works applications/notices.

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Ezytreev can be integrated with a range of third-party applications including corporate mapping systems, financial management systems and utilises API and WFS connectivity.

Ezytreev can also integrate with clients’ CRM systems, an example of this is FixMyStreet, a solution that makes it easier for residents to report the problems and for councils to manage the enquiries and to provide a streamlined, consistent response to residents.

For more information please visit www.ezytreev.com or contact 0330 223 1133 or info@ezytreev.com.


Forestry Journal:

ESTABLISHED in 2019, Mapscape is a highly efficient tree management software, with a straightforward user interface allowing a unique combination of digital mapping and the importing of CAD drawings to immediately use with state-of-the-art electronic tools that makes tree surveying quicker, more accurate and the ideal choice for today’s tree management technological marketplace.

Having instant access to reliable digital tree surveying equipment allows arborists to start work the minute you power up. 

All your tree survey data is securely backed up on a dedicated external UK cloud server and available on-screen, ready to be worked on, when you need it 24/7.

Making the right digital mapping decision: To be 100 per cent sure you are investing in the best tree surveying software product available on the market, Mapscape offers you a 30-day free trial.

Mapscape produces BS 5837 Tree Survey site plans and rapidly generates cross-referenced BS 5837 Tree Survey spreadsheet reports, placing all your data in the correct spreadsheet cell.

It provides a Tree Condition & Tree Assessment system that colour codes work into priorities on the printable site plan, with reinspection date reminders, using the inbuilt easy-to-use tree management database.

Mapscape GIS capabilities include access to UK-wide high-detail Ordnance Survey Topographical Mastermap mapping together with aerial backdrop imagery.

Let the unique step-by-step on-screen user guide show you to how to use the software that is designed to be easy to use. 

Forestry Journal:

Mapscape is ideally suited for both businesses and public organisations looking to maximise their efficiency using today’s tree surveying and tree management technology.

To find out more about Mapscape and to register your interest in accessing an exciting new range of digital mapping products and tree surveying tools, please either visit the Mapscape website or contact us direct on: 01244 630808 or by email: admin@mapscape.co.uk 



Forestry Journal:

THE powerful, yet easy-to-use TreePlotter Software Suite has been embraced in the public, private, and non-profit sectors worldwide for innovative tree inventory and asset management solutions.

Created by PlanIT Geo, an urban forestry consulting and software firm, TreePlotter was built by certified arborists and GIS experts to enable smarter, data-driven decision-making for urban forests, parks, and arboriculture. The company’s own consultants and field crews use the software daily on their inventory and planning projects. Clients and partners also contribute new feature ideas and continual improvements so the software is always evolving to best support the dynamic industry.

TreePlotter allows unlimited users to collect and manage data on its map-based programs, on any desktop or mobile device, online or offline, with real-time updates. The software suite includes four applications:

TreePlotter INVENTORY, PlanIT Geo’s flagship software, is a tree management application for tree mapping, reporting, crowdsourcing, and maintenance tracking.

TreePlotter PARKS is a GIS system for tree and park asset management, mapping, inspections, and maintenance tracking. PARKS includes INVENTORY, providing a single system for parks, recreation, and urban forestry management.

TreePlotter CANOPY helps utilise and share tree canopy assessment data, complete with a full set of cartography and administrative tools built to view, plan, and grow urban forests.

TreePlotter JOBS is a modern arborist estimating application built and designed specifically for tree care companies to grow their business, with features like tree maps, estimates, work orders, and online invoicing.

Forestry Journal:

TreePlotter’s web-based platform allows API and WFS integrations, so it can be used exclusively or integrated with an existing technology stack. Data is held securely in the cloud locally in the United Kingdom.

The TreePlotter platform offers numerous add-on modules, including ‘Development Survey’ based on BS 5837, for consultants working on development sites. The module provides all the tools needed to meet and exceed BS 5837 requirements, including accurate mapping of tree canopies and root protection areas, and the import or export of CAD files, all in the field.

For more information, visit planitgeo.com/treeplotter/ or email sales@treeplotter.co.uk.