When working off-ground, there are many things an arborist has to take into account when considering a top-handle chainsaw – such as visibility, weight and ergonomics.

This month’s Buyer’s Guide takes a closer look at the essential kit. 

Today we publish Part II of the feature. Part I was published yesterday and can be read here


Forestry Journal:

The T540i XP from Husqvarna remains a favourite among arborists worldwide. The top-handle chainsaw combines power and performance with market-leading ergonomics to make life in the trees better. 

Like all of its products, Husqvarna kept ergonomics at the forefront of the product design, ensuring that the T540i XP is highly efficient, robust, and can keep up with your demanding daily tasks. 

Boasting several key features, the Husqvarna T540i XP is the brand’s most powerful battery-powered chainsaw to date, with the power equivalent to a 40 cc pro-petrol saw when fitted with a 36 V BLi200X battery, making it the ideal tool of choice for professional tree care due to its excellent cutting performance and high chain speed.

Not only that, the T540i XP’s guard design allows for an unobstructed view, ensuring precise cutting, while a sturdy point for fastening a rope makes it easy to lift the saw up into a tree. The battery chainsaw also has an excellent centre of gravity, low noise levels to boost productivity in noise-sensitive areas and is weatherproof to ensure the machine is reliable all year round, no matter the weather condition.

Powered by modern battery technology, the T540i XP takes advantage of Husqvarna’s versatile battery system meaning that only one battery is needed for all Husqvarna Battery 500 Series tools, enabling professionals to quickly switch the same battery between different product applications and keep working, boosting productivity.

Finally, the T540i XP offers integrated connectivity, making it easy for arborists to keep track of their usage stats, product service history and the last known location, all in the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app.

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Speaking on the product, tree care specialist, Jo Hedger, said: “The Husqvarna T540i XP is a fantastic addition to the toolkit of any arborist and makes every task feel effortless due to its clever lightweight design while being incredibly robust. 

"The 36 V battery enables a successful run time, meaning you’re not going to run out of power mid-job. This product is a must have for anyone looking to add a battery chainsaw to their fleet.”

For more information, please www.husqvarna.com/uk.


Forestry Journal:

STIHL offers a range of top-handle chainsaws for arboriculture work, providing class-leading power-to-weight ratio and accurate guidance, optimum handling and outstanding cutting performance for trained professionals.

MS 201 TC-M:

Forestry Journal:

Utilising a 35 cc motor, the MS 201 TC-M boasts the best power-to-weight ratio in its class allowing professional arborists to get more done in less time. This is achieved through M-Tronic, Stihl’s fully electronic engine management system combined with 2-MIX technology, allowing the engine to perform at its peak from start-up in any condition.

Due to the high power output the saw can be paired with 12” or 14” lightweight guide bars and a full chisel 3/8 PS3 saw chain for greater cutting accuracy and increased durability; perfect for tree crown reductions and taking down trees in sections that cannot be felled. In addition, the saw features a captive nut on the sprocket cover to allow for quick changing of the chain, as well as Stihl’s innovative anti-vibration system to ensure comfortable operation over longer periods.

MSA 161 T:

Forestry Journal:

The MSA 161 T is Stihl’s lightweight cordless professional chainsaw that boasts a 40 per cent higher chain speed (16 m/s) and delivers a 15 per cent increase in engine performance than its predecessor, the MSA 160 T, making it ideal for removing deadwood, crown maintenance and light reductions. The cordless nature of the tool means that the MSA 161 T is so quiet in operation that ear defenders are not required and any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and better communication can be made with ground workers.

Designed with easy handling in mind, the MSA 161 T utilises a low-profile ¼ P chain that delivers a precise cutting behaviour to ensure a clean and smooth cut. In addition, the MSA 161 T is designed with three different trigger combinations that can be used with the ‘trigger switch lock out’ feature, including a combination ideally suited when performing multiple cuts consecutively. These uses have been created to be convenient to operate while also ensuring user safety.

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Powered by a range of 36 V AP batteries, the AP 200 battery and AL 300 charger are recommended for the MSA 161 T, which affords professionals a runtime of up to 
42 minutes on a single charge whilst leaving the saw well balanced. Alternatively, when using Stihl’s AP 300 S battery, users can benefit from a 62-minute runtime.

The year ahead: 

As Stihl continues to expand its offering, arborists should keep an eye out for the new MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O, the firm’s most powerful cordless top handled chainsaws, designed for tree care professionals to remove larger branches or perform crown maintenance with ease. 

For more information on them or the complete range of professional cordless tools, visit www.stihl.co.uk.

You can read Part I of the feature here