This month’s Buyer’s Guide takes a look at some of the timber trailers and cranes on the market that are ideal for smaller thinnings, forwarding and estate maintenance. 

This is Part I of II. Part II will be published tomorrow. 

Pfanzelt Profi-line

Forestry Journal:

THE Pfanzelt Profi-line forwarding trailer from Germany’s largest manufacturer of forestry equipment sits in between the S-line and the Log-line models. The Profi offers off-road payloads from 9 to 15 tonnes. For larger payloads up to 17 tonnes, users should look to the Log-line range.

The Profi is a professional heavy-duty trailer built using fine-grained steels and a strong central tubular frame. The single frame provides better absorption of the crane’s lifting forces, as well as giving maximum stability and improved ground clearance.

All Pfanzelt’s timber trailers come fitted with a wide-angled steering drawbar via two robust pistons, easily mechanically locked as needed. The bogie axles provide for a wide travel angle up to 394 mm, for safer travel over rough terrain as well as a more even distribution of ground pressure.

The ability to slide the trailer’s axles allows the user flexibility on carrying of timber lengths, while gaining optimum weight distribution. An extendable rear frame can also increase the loading area by up to 2 metres if required.

A range of fast and powerful B4-class loading cranes are available, with reaches up to 10 metres and a hoisting force of 7 metres.

Space-saving A frame stabilisers give optimum parking stability, allowing the operator to get close to timber stacks.

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Pfanzelt uses Danfoss hydraulics and mechanical controls as standard, with options to upgrade to cabled or remote EHC controls. The crane’s hoses are carefully concealed within the arm, and can also be optionally integrated at the rotator, giving protected hoses all the way to the tip.

If drive is required, the hydraulic UNIDRIVE is a cost-effective option providing a thrust of up to 2 tonnes per wheel. UNIDRIVE still allows the use of wheel chains and avoids potential ineffectiveness in heavily soiled areas. For increased power, the wheel hub POWERDRIVE provides up to 6.1 tonnes of thrust and is available on either two or all four wheels.

With consideration to the high design specification and build quality, Pfanzelt trailers have an excellent price-to-performance ratio, especially with Pfanzelt’s current discount promotion. This is valid until September 30, 2022. 

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Firefighting trailer

Forestry Journal:

FINNISH firm Kesla Oyj is now taking orders for its new trailer concept with fire-extinguishing features.

The product consists of a Kesla multiuse trailer, a Kesla loader and a modern, special plastic-made water tank with volume of 10 m3 plus all the needed fire-fighting implements.

Equipped with its own hydraulics, it boasts two water cannons, with up to 30 metres reach, which can be filled from natural water sources like lakes, rivers and bigger ditches.

The package can be driven to the fire site – there is no need for a separate carrier platform, which eases up the transfer to the site.

Also, when filling the water tank, high road speed is beneficial as transfer to the filling site might not be right next to the fire site.

As the concept is based on a 144 trailer, it can be towed by high-wheeled tractors, which makes the package extremely handy and efficient in off-road conditions, as an example in case of forest fires.

Combination of good features in on-road and off-road gives flexibility and economics to the investment.

The product has attracted a lot of attention, and the company has received enquiries from all around the world. The product is now production ready and orders are being taken. 

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Forestry Journal:

AS we exit the long nights of winter, and enjoy the spring and summer to come, new machinery might be a consideration following the heavy workload the last few months have brought. 

When considering timber trailers and loaders, Botex has a number of solutions within its range to support your business needs. Botex is a mainstay of the British and Irish forestry sector, with options suited to professional forestry, firewood, arboriculture, or site-management duties.

Its UK-manufactured heavy-duty forestry trailers and loaders provide a comprehensive product range, which is supported with a network of Jas P Wilson-employed regional service technicians in well-stocked service vans.

One standout option in this range is the XL PRO-14, which has proved itself since its introduction, and now sits with other well-established models within the range as a bestseller.

These units have a rear bolster section, which can pull out to increase bed length when needed. The XL-PRO 14 has been designed to build on decades of success and popularity of their fixed-length units. This model packs in all the well-known strengths as before, with several additional features which have seen it steadily rise in popularity to number one in the range.

The XL-PRO 14 is ideal for owners who carry out a mix of extraction duties and road haulage, as the adjustable bed length adapts to suit the job. Working in the woods? Keep it closed in to allow the same manoeuvrability when traversing the woodland as a fixed unit.

Carrying out road work or secondary forwarding? Get the extension pulled out, and comfortably carry two full bays of 3 m timber! 

It is a perfect setup for biomass lengths, one of the key factors behind many customers moving into an extendable unit, literally halving the number of journeys required on most fixed-length trailers.

The ability to further adapt these trailers to suit your exact requirements is there; Botex offers various loader options and loader controls. Whether you’d like a fully electric mini-lever setup, the new xCrane user-configurable system, a Scanreco radio remote control or the traditional hydraulic control, the options are all available to you.

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The wider range includes small to large fixed-length forestry trailers, other extending units, and even a hook-lift trailer option, capable of an incredibly varied workload.

Botex also provides tractor forestry guarding and a system to roof-mount a loader onto your Valtra tractor. With this system, your trailer can be ordered with no loader, providing the ideal pairing with a roof-mounted tractor setup.

Together, these options allow you to tailor your Botex package to suit your business, and Jas P Wilson’s team is always on hand to discuss options, including sourcing base tractors, forestry guarding, part-ex and more. Finance is available, subject to status.

Call 01556 612233 and ask for Ian Brown for full details.

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