THIS month’s Buyer’s Guide takes a look at some of the timber trailers and cranes on the market that are ideal for smaller thinnings, forwarding and estate maintenance. 

This is Part II of the feature. You can read Part I, which showcased the likes of Botex, here


Forestry Journal:

THIS cut-to-length timber-handling crane is the perfect partner when your work consists of intense and heavy load cycles and where you from time to time need that extra capacity. This heavy-duty crane has a robust and durable construction that offers you the reliability you need and is perfect for short-distance haulage where the crane is performing under frequent load cycles.

With an S-boom system built for speed and available outreaches from 7.9 up to 10.1 metres and with a 12-tonne capacity, you are sure to have the power and reach you need for effective loading. It can be fitted with an ergonomic high seat or a cabin with a comfortable, suspended seat. 

HiVision is also available, which allows you to operate the crane from the safety and comfort of the truck cabin, also resulting in a lighter crane which allows a higher payload.

Forestry Journal:

The LOGLIFT 118S features HPL (Hose Protection Link) that gives extra protection from crane tip to rotator against accidental impacts. The system includes the rotator and hanger to provide a complete and integrated solution. Another essential feature is the wireless scale that allows the operator to maximise the load, without crossing allowed weight limits. The wireless scale is easy to use, with a logical display and excellent data overview.

Rain, dust, sand and sunlight are unforgiving forces that wear on a crane all year around. This is why we have created nDurance – a technologically advanced and environmentally sound pre-treatment and paint process, based on nanotechnology combined with state-of-the-art e-coating and powder painting. All to ensure that every LOGLIFT crane is built to perform.

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Faofar and Cranab 

Forestry Journal:

FAOFAR timber trailer and Cranab crane combinations provide purpose-built forwarder features and performance in a forwarding trailer.

Cranab products are world renowned; known for their quality and ability to meet the demands of the toughest forest work. With over 50 years of experience, Cranab products are well trusted in the forestry industry.

FaoFar trailers are such an appealing option due to the company’s dedication to quality and constant improvement. FaoFar is a Polish company with its roots in the production of forestry equipment that was designed and built to perfectly suit the harsh Polish forestry environment. This dedication to custom-made products, designed for specific tasks and environments, has been carried forward today in the design and manufacture of its trailers.

As such, the combination of FaoFar and Cranab means that any user can expect superb performance, due to the highest-quality manufacturing processes and materials, attention to detail and vigorous testing that all products undergo. It is this combination of quality, reliability and attention to detail that attracted Clark Engineering to FaoFar + Cranab trailer combinations.

Until recently, Clark Engineering had never supplied a complete crane and trailer setup, despite having supplied many Cranab cranes to happy customers. However, after being introduced to FaoFar trailers, we felt the trailers would complement Cranab products well and allow us to provide our customers with the ultimate trailer and crane combination.

FaoFar/Cranab combinations offer trailers and cranes ranging from 6-tonne to 15-tonne loading capacity. With design features like the contoured high clearance chassis, tapered streamlined bogeys, large contact stabiliser feet and cranes with reach options from 6.1 to 10 metres combined with Black Bruin drive motor, Indexator rotators/links, Parker hydraulic valves and Parker Iqan control systems, FaoFar and Cranab provides a new level of operating performance within the trailer market.

Forestry Journal:

FaoFar trailers are available as a free-running trailer or with the option of two- or four-wheel drive. FaoFar employs Black Bruin radial piston-drive motors on all driven trailers accompanied with a Parker Iqan control system to provide the ultimate drive system for forestry trailers. All FaoFar + Cranab installations are carried out in our workshops in Parkgate by Clark engineers. This ensures that the installation is completed to the highest standards and allows us to manufacture any mountings/fittings required and ensure any hose routings and electrical installations are fully compatible.

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Forestry Journal:

FARMA, one of the leading European brands within forestry equipment, offers a large range of cranes, starting from the compact C 3.8 to the range-leading C 8.5 crane. Add to this an extensive range of trailers, starting from the T6 to the recently launched T17, and Farma is able to offer the customer the perfect combination to suit their needs, right down to the last nut and bolt.

The recently launched T17 from Farma is the latest addition to its market-leading range of forestry trailers. The Farma T17 is a trailer for the forestry owner that needs to transport large volumes with demands for high productivity.

The high ground clearance of 630 mm and the low ground pressure provide high passability. The T17 has a large load length of 5,400 mm and a load area of 3.3 m2. Despite its size, the Farma T17 is surprisingly flexible and compliant, thanks to its 40-degree frame steering attachment placed far back on the trailer.

The T17 can, due to its unique flexible bunk, be set to carry various wood lengths. It comes equipped with traditional bended posts as standard but is also available with forwarder-type bolsters. The T17 offers a broad variety of tyre options up to 710 mm.

The trailer is available with options for a drive system such as Robson or Hydro drive.

Farma produces cranes to fit a wide range of other equipment such as tractors, chippers, firewood machinery, boats and compact forwarders. In this field, the C 4.2 is the market leader with lifting power of almost 500 kg and its compact nature when folded away. For those in need of a longer reach yet still small scale, Farma recently introduced the C 5.0 crane to the market.

Forestry Journal:

To complement its list of professional cranes, Farma also offers an extensive range of accessories such as grapples, skidders, tree processors and tree shears.

The producers of Farma trailers, cranes and accessories are also the name and producers behind the market-leading brand BIGAB hook-lift trailers, available with factory-fitted cranes tailored to suit.

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