AS an increasingly popular tool deployed for managemen and harvesting, tree shears are becoming a more common sight in the field.

This month’s Buyer’s Guide takes a look at some of the latest ones you can get your hands on. 

Today we publish Part I of the feature. Part II will follow tomorrow and feature the likes of KX. 


Forestry Journal:

HAVING supplied Finnish-made JAK tree shears for more than six years within Jas P Wilson’s range, the quality, reliability and performance of these units is now well established.

Jak-Metalli Oy specialises in the design and manufacture of tree shears, and has created a business with a strong focus on delivering the best possible performance. This has led to the powerful and highly regarded units on offer today – which the team at Jas P Wilson has now supplied to hundreds of customers.

The range is comprehensive, covering many typical base machine options from small to large excavators, compact loaders – such as the AVANT, purpose-built machines and timber loaders, including the Botex range of trailer-mounted or tractor-mounted forestry loaders.

On the excavator side, there are fixed and rotator options, with the 200, 250 and 300 models offering a comprehensive range, covering compact to large excavators. The model numbers reflect millimetres of their max cut, with the 250 cutting 250 mm, for example.

This 250 model is often purchased with a rotator, which is known as the 250 “R” model.

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On this “R” model, the cutting unit is mounted on a high-quality German-made IMO worm rotator, to provide a powerful and user-friendly rotation to its operation – which allows for even greater versatility when working on site. These 250 models cover many typical base machines, with a wide range of suitability, from 5T up to 12T units. This size of machine has a great balance of power, performance and economy.

When working on sites where low impact is a key concern, attachments for sub-five-tonne machines are of real value. One such tool, which is a new addition for 2022 to Jas P Wilson’s popular JAK tree shear range, is the JAK 200R rotating tree shear.

This new rotator model is based on the time-served, highly regarded 200 model, which had only been available as a fixed unit until now. At its core, this unit has a fixed Hardox steel blade, and a powerful dual-ram system for cutting standing timber of up to 200 mm (8”) across in one clean cut.

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The position of this blade allows the operator to cut very close to ground level leaving very minimal stumps, allowing maximum timber harvesting. This creates worksites which are very clean – ideal for first thinnings, infrastructure management and arboriculture.

The blade can also be quickly unbolted to allow the shear to perform as a standard timber grab for handling logs or feeding machinery such as a crane-feed wood chipper.

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Forestry Journal:

THE Alpha series is designed and manufactured exclusively by JB Equipment and is available to suit excavators from one to 25 tonnes, with varying cut capacities, ranging from 200 to 400mm. A Hardox 500 bolt-in blade and a complete Hardox 400 body offer a lightweight but incredibly strong structural design.

The Alpha 320 has proven particularly popular in the domestic UK market with farmers and contractors, due its 320 mm max cut capacity and ability to be mounted to an 8-tonne and 14-tonne class excavator.

Forestry Journal:

Unique to the Alpha series is the popular side bracket option. The Alpha 200, 320 and 400 models can be fitted with a quick-hitch bracket on the top and side of the tree shear, which offers excellent value for money whilst enabling the user to operate the tree shear in two orientations – ideal for branch delimbing.

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Forestry Journal:

DYMAX tree shears offer complete dependability when it comes to safely felling trees, especially under harsh conditions such as wind, and when you need to know the tree you cut is firmly gripped with no chance of escape. 

The models imported now are suitable for 13- to 30-tonne excavators and are deemed by many to be for heavy-duty work. Dymax grapple tree shears are well designed and engineered, with two hardened blades that meet centrally with ease on hardwood, as opposed to some single-bladed shears that require several chomps to get there. 

The models imported for 13- to 14-tonne machines come with reinforced grapple arms as standard to cope with all situations and conditions. Larger machines have the industry-leading HPX models to choose from, which range from 14–20”, with 60- or 180-degree rotation versions to suit your application. A classic match is the HPX 16” model with 180 degree rotation, that works ideally with 21-tonne excavators. Dymax has one of these available to view in the UK, as well as the 14-tonne models.

Forestry Journal:

Dymax aims to stock models suited to 13- to 14-tonne machines and stock many parts that you can’t source yourself locally, with the larger models being built to order in the US. Dymax believes in the product to the extent that it will always buy back any used CE-marked Dymax shears should you no longer have use for them.

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Part II will be published tomorrow.