AS an increasingly popular tool deployed for managemen and harvesting, tree shears are becoming a more common sight in the field.

This month’s Buyer’s Guide takes a look at some of the latest ones you can get your hands on. 

Today we publish Part II of the feature. Part I can be read here

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Forestry Journal:

PAUL Vidgen Forestry Machines is delighted to offer a full range of tree and stump shears, as well as trunk splitters from Trevi Benne.

It has new tree shears, trunk splitters and stump cutters in stock from Trevi Benne to fit excavators for 12 to 30 tonnes. 

The shears have Hardox in their construction for super strength and light weight, 360-degree rotation and an optional accumulator for multi-stem cutting and bunching. They can be ordered with single moving knife, or double blade system, commonly found on many US-built units; the customer has the choice.

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The latest additions to the range are the WR 10, 15 and 20 twin-blade units, with integral accumulator and extra-heavy-duty, dual-motor 360 continuous rotator.

All the units are ideal for biomass harvesting, dismantling dangerous trees and roadside work, and are of course ideal for general land-clearing work.

Trevi Benne is one of the world’s largest manufactures of excavator attachments, covering demolition, recycling, scrap processing, and forestry. All machines are manufactured in-house at the company’s large and modern manufacturing facility in Noventa Vicentina in north-east Italy, between Verona and Venice.

Forestry Journal:

Production began in 1992 and in the years since the company has been awarded numerous accolades for its engineering achievements in multiple fields of industry.

We find the units are fantastic value for money, very well manufactured and are supported by our knowledge and spares backup. We also feel they fit in well with our other products; Bruks chippers, Prinoth mulchers and UOT scarifiers.

Contact PVFM for prices and specs. Units for smaller machines are also available.

Have a look at the manufacturer’s website to see the quality of the shears, and the other demolition attachments it makes.
Paul Vidgen: 07768 772227


Forestry Journal:

A well-established specialist in the forestry industry, M Large is always expanding its product line of state-of-the-art machinery and high-performing equipment, to give customers access to the very best and most durable, cost-effective and powerful tools on the market.

With over half a century of experience and expertise, the company’s catalogue now includes all three models of the third-generation modular KX Tree Shears: the modern tool for cutting, collecting and loading trees.

Representing the best of Finnish craftsmanship, the modular KX tree shear grapple was created specifically for commercial forestry. Thanks to continuous research and development, each KX tree shear model is efficient and lightweight, making it the perfect attachment for a variety of applications.

Combining the most advanced features on the market, the modular structure of KX tree shears makes them extremely easy and quick to use. The interchangeable parts ensure that each model is long-lasting, durable and versatile, making it more economic and cost-effective.

KX Z models are equipped with a rotator that spins horizontally to allow access to the right angle every time. The innovative Z facility allows users to change the angle of the tree shear for maximum grip on the tree no matter the angle.

Forestry Journal:

Besides clearing field edges, plots and roadsides, all three models are suitable to carry out installation, rescue and clearing processes quickly and efficiently. 

An optional add-on, the collector accessory can save time and money by allowing users to collect more trees per cut, while the extension accessory gives that extra length to access hard to reach areas.

M Large is on hand to help you decide whether the KX-280, KX-350 or KX-210 model is the best option for your requirements. For more information about any available forestry equipment, special offers or discounts visit the website or get in touch via phone or email.

The team of experts is on hand to discuss any queries and direct you to your nearest UK dealer. 

T. 02890 342838; E.


Forestry Journal:

THE OMEF tree shear was born from the idea of combining simplicity, efficiency and versatility in a single attachment, utilising an in-depth design and engineering study from OMEF, founded in 1991. The result is a worldwide success. Designed to work on all types of wood, the OMEF is able to grab, cut and hold the tree at the same time and is the only tree shear on the market to have product approval from Network Rail for use on the UK rail network. 

The OMEF is constructed from wear-resistant XAR steel, making the tree shear incredibly strong and robust and ensuring an outstanding performance even in the most extreme working conditions. OMEF backs this up with its 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on its full range of forestry attachments. 

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In addition to the strength of the build materials, the large hydraulic cylinder on each model ensures consistent power delivery throughout the entire cut. This, coupled with excellent design and geometry, makes for reliable performance.

The integrated blade, which provides the highest levels of resistance, has a patented profile making OMEF capable of dismantling trees with an efficient and clean cut.

There are six models now available, which can be fitted on operating machines starting from 1.5 up to 50 tonnes, and models can be customised with several accessories such as 360 rotation, collector or ripper heel to increase productivity, offering the best tailor-made solution for all forestry professionals.

The British-built Terra-Tech tree shear range has been engineered to fit carrier machines from 8 to 40 tonnes. With cutting ranges from 300 to 500 millimetres, these heavy-duty tree shears can be applied in a variety of situations, from roadside maintenance and mechanised arb to production harvesting.

Forestry Journal:

The replaceable Hardox 500 cutting knives are driven by two powerful hydraulic cylinders, making short work of both hard and soft woods alike. The top grab arms work on a sequential valve and secure the tree prior to the cutting knives being engaged, allowing for safe handling and the laying down of cut limbs and trunks. These shears can be coupled with a heavy-duty worm-drive rotator, which allows for greater manoeuvrability and dexterity.

For more information visit or call 01506 862371.

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