Choosing your chainsaw is one of the most important decisions a forester can make. However, finding the best model to suit your needs is no easy task, with many considerations to be made. Here, we take a look at the latest models on the market from some of the major manufacturers.

572 XP

Forestry Journal:

LEADERS in robust forestry and arborist products, Husqvarna’s 572 XP chainsaw remains a firm favourite among forestry professionals. Featuring market-leading ergonomics, advanced product design, and high-quality cutting, this petrol chainsaw is a must-have for any professional wanting to work smarter, not harder.

The Husqvarna 572 XP, which has a weight of 6.6 kg and the power level of a 4.3 kW engine, provides a considerable power-to-weight ratio and the perfect balance between functional usability and much-needed reliable power, meaning it can keep up with your demanding daily tasks. The chainsaw engine offers a wide usable RPM range for peak performance, while also featuring a 12 per cent higher cutting capacity compared to previous models in the same range, even when using long guide bars.

The 572 XP also has an improved engine layout and an advanced cooling system that is up to 20 per cent more efficient than previous generations, ensuring it is optimised for longer engine life and higher output to benefit arborists. The crankshaft and muffler, together with other critical components, are purpose-built for functionality, and extra reinforcements have been made for enhanced strength and reliability.

The chainsaw is equipped with a state-of-the-art air filtration system, allowing for a healthier engine that is optimised for long working hours, with maintained performance and less frequent cleaning, ensuring professionals can concentrate on the job at hand.

Husqvarna’s anti-vibration system ensures comfortable operation and efficiently separates hands from the vibrations generated by the engine and the cutting equipment.

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Its rubber handle also provides a firm grip, while still allowing flexibility while you work. 
These features not only protect the body but also reduce the fatigue in arms and hands, making the working day more productive.

The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort, with resistance in the starter cord reduced by up to 40 per cent. 

In addition, Husqvarna’s AutoTune system ensures a correctly tuned engine setting and optimised engine performance in ever-changing operating conditions, maximising uptime as users don’t need to worry about carburettor adjustments.

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MS 500i

Forestry Journal:

THE Stihl MS 500i is the world’s first chainsaw with electronically controlled fuel injection and a never-before-achieved power-to-weight ratio.

Weighing only 6.2 kg (only 0.2 kg more than the STIHL MS 462 C-M), the Stihl injection technology not only provides the chainsaw with incredible torque, but also ensures rapid acceleration of the saw chain from 0 to 100 km/h in just 0.25 seconds.

Thanks to its intelligent, lightweight design, the MS 500i is also outstanding, with the best ever power-to-weight ratio – 1.24 kg/kW; a stunning low value never achieved before by series-manufactured chainsaws. Although light in weight, its performance is class leading, with 5.0 kW/ 6.8 hp, meaning this chainsaw is suited to felling large stands and timber harvesting.

Together with the many additional design optimisations, there is a substantial increase in operator comfort. Low vibration and the reduction of gyroscopic forces provides the 80 cm³ class high-performance professional saw with dynamic manoeuvrability, which is a particular advantage during limbing. This makes the professional big timber harvester easy to handle in all disciplines – from felling to cutting timber to length.

The MS 500i has exceptional starting behaviour and provides optimum engine power right from startup. The 80 cc 2-Mix engine does not need a carburettor, since the fuel metering is done using a sensor, and automatically adapts to the different operating conditions, no matter what the altitude and ambient temperature.

The MS 500i is available with a choice of 20” or 25” ES light bar, keeping the overall weight of the saw to a minimum and optimising its balance.

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DUC405 and EA6100P45D

Forestry Journal:

EXPERIENCE industry-leading run and charge times with Makita’s DUC405 cordless chainsaw.

This powerful machine is ideal for professionals working in the forestry and arboriculture sector and is suitable for use across a range of applications.

The DUC405 has been designed with operator efficiency and ease of use in mind. 

The twin 18V machine is powered by two 18V LXT lithium-ion batteries which work in series to supply energy to the 36V DC motor drive system – making this a powerful and high-speed machine. In fact, this chainsaw has a cutting power equivalent to a 33 cc class petrol engine chainsaw and an impressive no-load chain speed of 1,200 m/min.

For ease of operation and control, the DUC405 includes a variable-speed trigger that enables the user to have the same  control as they would have with the accelerator on a petrol product. In addition, constant speed control can be used to maintain the chain speed for optimum operation, irrespective of the load. A metal spike bumper ensures that the DUC405 firmly grips to the material being cut.

Meanwhile, the EA6100P45D (61 cc) has been designed to maximise productivity. The large fuel tank enables run-times of up to 30 minutes with one tank fill, minimising downtime. The easy-start-up function helps to minimise operator fatigue – a spring-assisted recoil starter reduces any resistance caused when the starter rope is pulled.

Forestry Journal:

Efficiency is further improved with enhanced air filtration. The centrifugal separation system effectively removes dust particles away from the air intake, therefore reducing the amount of dust stuck on the filter. The EA6100P45D’s inbuilt stratified scavenging system works to minimise fuel wastage from the two-stroke engine. 

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CS 400/36 BP

Forestry Journal:

WHETHER it’s for the removal of branches and trees in the woods or property maintenance in the garden, the battery-powered CS 400/36 Bp chainsaw from Kärcher impresses in daily use. Thanks to the low maintenance effort and long life, it is particularly economical and suitable for professional use, including in forestry and agriculture. The powerful chainsaw easily cuts different types of wood – and does so without petrol and exhaust emissions.

With a chain speed of 23 m/s, the saw makes fast, powerful and precise cuts. Very well balanced and with low vibrations, it also withstands the tougher tasks, thanks to its robust, impact-resistant design.

Thanks to some technical measures, the CS 400/36 Bp ensures safe guidance and comfortable handling. For instance, the chain brake stops the chain immediately in the event of a recoil. The spiked bumper also provides additional guidance when cutting. The two handles have an ergonomic design and make possible fatigue-free work, also during longer applications.

Forestry Journal:

This new battery-powered chainsaw is very economical. The operating costs are much lower than for petrol-operated models, because, apart from a durable brushless motor, the CS 400/36 Bp also has automatic chain lubrication, which significantly reduces maintenance effort. The chain can also be quickly retightened or changed using a combination wrench. The tool is located at the bottom of the machine and can be easily removed as required – no more time wasted searching for tools. The oil level is checked via a transparent inspection window.

The CS 400/36 Bp is part of the Kärcher battery universe and is operated by a 36 V Battery Power+ battery, which features several innovative advances in lithium-ion technology, including LC-display and real time technology, showing the user the exact running-time. 

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Forestry Journal:

ECHO has recently introduced a professional chainsaw, the CS-7310SX, which is the largest in the current range and features a low-emission, premium-grade 73.5 cc engine with an output of 4.1 kW.

A heavy-duty, rear-handle chainsaw, the CS-7310SX is part of the Echo X Series, which designates it as a best-in-class product and as such it’s packed with features designed to increase the productivity of the professional user.

Echo say they have built this for the many arborists and landscapers using these types of saws regularly to fell large trees. They add that the professional-grade Echo two-stroke engine is designed and manufactured in Japan to the highest possible standards, delivering powerful cutting with low emissions and noise levels.

Forestry Journal:

There is no question it generates massive torque and provides exceptional cutting performance for heavy-duty felling. And yet, it is a lightweight and well-balanced saw, weighing in at only 6.8 kg (dry weight) and featuring an ergonomic and robust construction to meet the challenges of professional felling and forestry work.

Weighing up the CS-7310SX, you can say it is a true professional’s saw backed by the Echo reputation for durability built up over 70 years of manufacturing. The saw comes with a two-year professional or five-year domestic warranty.

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