Sometimes bigger really is better. Here’s a look at +750 kg chippers.


Forestry Journal:

The Vermeer BC200 is the first Vermeer chipper made in Europe. Powered by a 57 hp petrol Kubota engine, it’s built for arborists that need a powerful and reliable 8” chipper. It is designed and made on the continent, with the emphasis on weight, fuel saving, ease of use and quiet operation. 

It is lighter through design, while being fitted to a robust chassis for durability on UK roads. The SMARTFEED Anti-Stress System keeps the BC200 chipping smoothly and the Eco-ldle engine control system boosts fuel efficiency while reducing jobsite noise. 

Forestry Journal:

Twin offset infeed rollers easily drag material to the oversized solid disc four blade cutting system. The BC200 comes with a standard three-year warranty, made up of one year parts and labour and a further two years parts only.

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WITH over 35 years of industry experience, Timberwolf is renowned for offering customers a range of diesel- and petrol-powered woodchippers. 
The TW 230VTR is our popular 6” tracked machine, in both diesel and petrol variants. Both variants offer arborists an exceptional work-rate, strength, reliability, and efficiency, ensuring that the professional arborist can complete work quickly and with minimal fuss. 

There’s no compromise when it comes to the Timberwolf tracked woodchipper range; they all feature quad force rollers with immense crushing power, robust 
infeed controls on both sides for ultimate control and easy serviceability, thanks to our Wolf Port and centralised greasing points. 

Our go-anywhere, powerhouse TW 280VGTR 8” woodchipper is ready to take on the toughest jobs in the most remote locations, thanks to WolfTrack. Our innovative WolfTrack variable gradient tracking system means the operator has dynamic control over track width, ground clearance and machine tilt angle providing greater control and comfort, particularly whilst navigating uneven and sloping ground up to 30 degrees. 

All Timberwolf machines come with a three-year, no-nonsense warranty as standard, with the option to increase to five years for complete peace of mind – an industry first. 

When you join the Timberwolf pack, owners have access to more than 250 Timberwolf trained technicians, as well as a network of more than 30 dealer depots ready to offer expert advice and provide technical support across the UK. 

For more information and to arrange a demonstration visit or call 01449 765800.


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FÖRST builds machines with the arborist in mind and, with the towing regulations change opening up the brand’s entire product range of wheeled and tracked woodchippers, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a Först.

The 42 hp ST6D42 wheeled and TR6D42 tracked machines are currently the most powerful 6” chippers available anywhere in the world. Both machines run the fast and aggressive 42 hp Doosan DPF diesel engine, and offer the perfect step up for those seeking to increase the throughput and speed of their operations.

For those who might now be considering the switch to an 8” machine, again Först 
has a number of options across both wheeled and tracked chippers. The ST8D55 wheeled woodchipper is the UK and Europe’s bestselling 8” wheeled machine. Fast, aggressive and powerful with a 55 hp diesel Stage V compliant engine, delivering exceptional fuel economy, the ST8D55 is compact enough for urban work but offers a performance to take on machines of twice its size. Först also offers an 8” petrol machine, the ST8P, which packs a punch due to its 57 hp Kubota engine.

If an 8” tracked machine is your preference, then the TR8D offers the same 55 horsepower as the 8” diesel wheeled chipper, but with the ability to go anywhere and with additional remote-control operation if required. Again there is an 8” tracked petrol option, the TR8P, for those who prefer to operate petrol machinery.

Forestry Journal:

For those with regular remote or trackside work, the ‘King of the Bank’ XR8D makes full use of its Traxion system to navigate banks of up to 35 degrees. All Först tracked chippers also come with a remote-control option for safe manoeuvring from up to 100 m away.

Först continues to lead the market in aftersales service with a no-quibble, three-year warranty on all machines, and the dedicated FörstAssist team on hand either on the phone or in person to ensure you are fully supported at all times. 

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TREE care professionals, contractors and arborists seeking a compact yet powerful 12” capacity drum chipper aspire to an industry favourite, the Bandit 12XP. The model is built to perform and can handle large forked branches with ease thanks to its impressive 24” diameter chipping drum. 

The chipping drum features four knives that are mounted at 90-degree intervals, which provide a smooth chipping action and reduce overall vibration of the machine.

Bandit chippers are easier to feed, so you will be more productive during the day.

Bandit’s unique slide box feed system and powerful 17” x 7.5” dual horizontal feed rollers crush and compress material, easily guiding it to the drum.

Bandit is known throughout the industry for packing trailers fuller, reducing the number of trips to the dump site. Bandit chippers feature smooth discharge transitions which eliminate restrictions and deep knife pockets which propel chips with tremendous force.

The most common maintenance items are easy to access on Bandit chippers, so daily maintenance is quick and simple. Double-sided bolt-in knives are easy to change through the drum access hood, and all service areas are conveniently located, including all grease points. The 12XP drum turns at a lower RPM with greater torque compared to other competitors, and the synchronised feed system never underfeeds or forces material against the drum thanks to the Bandit Autofeed system. 

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The result is a more efficiently fed chipper that reduces idle time and translates to fuel savings of up to 30 per cent.

The Bandit 12XP is available as a road-tow machine, or as a radio-controlled tracked machine.

If you would like to know more about the 12XP or any of the Bandit range, contact the sales office on 01476 568384.


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FOLLOWING on from the launch of the road-tow version last year, GreenMech is pleased to announce the introduction of the EVO 205D SURE-Trak. Continuing the legacy created by the 19-28 SAFE-Trak and SURE-Trak models, the new 8” EVO 205D combines even more aggressive chipping performance with unrivalled climbing ability.

GreenMech’s SURE-Trak system allows each track to be raised or lowered independently on the move, ensuring the machine maintains a horizontal position when climbing or descending slopes. Providing up to 540 mm of ground clearance, the 205D SURE-Trak will provide ultimate manoeuvrability for the operator and maximise stability when traversing uneven ground, together with protecting machine components and engine lubrication. 

A 50 hp, Stage V compliant Kubota diesel engine also means the latest model in the EVO series delivers outstanding processing power, with horizontal rollers and a six-blade heavy-duty flywheel promising to make light work of bulky brash and timber. In addition, GreenMech’s new ‘Smart Sense’ controller provides no-stress overload protection to ensure optimum chipping performance. 

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As with the 19-28 SURE-Trak model, the new EVO 205D SURE-Trak comes with a range of factory-fitted optional extras to allow the operator to tailor the final specification of the machine to fit their unique requirements. Among the range of additional options are a winch, lighting tower, recovery kit, remote control and fitted toolboxes. 

Like the entire GreenMech range, it comes with a no-quibble, three-year parts and labour warranty and can be purchased conveniently with a range of finance options available through GreenMech Finance. 

The EVO 205D SURE-Trak paves the way for more models to follow in the EVO 205 range. 

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A RECENT addition to the range offered by Ufkes Greentec is the Greentec Jaguar 40 drum shredder as an 80 km/h road-towable version. This strong machine is equipped with the latest Stage V 140 hp Doosan engine. 

With a weight of just over 3000 kg it stays a compact machine. This chipper is also equipped as standard with a combi infeed table, which can be fed by hand or by crane.

The large 40 cm top roller is driven by a heavy-duty Poclain wheel motor and easily pulls in all the material.

The functions of the shredder can be controlled both manually and by remote control: spreading flap up/down; rotate the pipe in/out; open the top roller or extra pressure down; engine speed up/down. All functions can be operated hydraulically. The machine has hydraulic stabilisers at the front and rear.

The new Jaguar 40 is easily accessible for servicing. For example, the screen units are simple to change, as are thE quick-change knives. 

Joining Ufkes Greentec’s extensive range is the Cheetah 30, a disc chipper that gives high production with relatively little power.

All the material gets pulled in under an angle of 50 degrees. Because of this, the two knives also help with pulling in material, in combination with the two aggressive infeed rollers. The large discs, fitted with specially designed fanblades, easily blow material through a five metre shoot over the cab of a tractor. 

With its heavy-duty robust construction, the Cheetah 30 runs very smoothly and reliably for years. 

For more information about Ufkes Greentec machines, call Mark on 07977098432 or visit or