WITH professional forestry workers having to operate in all conditions, it is vitally important they utilise workwear that is a combination of good design, excellent fit, breathability, resistance and flexibility, to ensure they can complete jobs efficiently, whatever the weather.

Whether you’re looking for helmets, gloves, trousers, boots, or other personal protective equipment, we’ve got you covered.


Forestry Journal: Stihl Stihl (Image: Stihl)

PROFESSIONAL forestry workers frequently work in different environments, so it’s essential they wear workwear and PPE that incorporates good design, safety, excellent fit, breathability and weather resistance to ensure they can complete tasks quickly and safely regardless of the job.

Stihl is fully aware that protective trousers will be worn in the toughest conditions. Therefore, dirt repellent, thorn protection and moisture protection come as standard in the lower-leg area, as well as tough, re-enforced flexible areas around the knees for longevity.

Developed in conjunction with British arb and forestry workers, Stihl’s Advance X-Flex protective trousers utilise three different outer fabrics made with ultralight, extremely breathable Avertic pro lite cut-protection material. This gives outstanding comfort, water resistance, flexibility and breathability for users working in all weather conditions. 

In addition to the Advance X-Flex trousers, Stihl has developed the Advance X-Tree trousers, which offer maximum flexibility thanks to the fully elasticated ProElast crotch insert for greater movement, making them perfect for forestry workers and arborists working under extreme conditions and in need of maximum flexibility. 

Forestry Journal: Stihl Stihl (Image: Stihl)

Both trousers provide Class-1 cut protection and are tested in accordance with EN ISO 11393.

In addition to clothing, hearing and head protection can be used to ensure the safety of forestry and arboriculture workers while they are on the job. Stihl’s Advance X-Climb is the first multi-norm helmet from Stihl designed specifically for tree surgeons.

Conforming to both EN 397 and EN 12492 standards, the versatile Advance X-Climb can be worn by tree surgeons either on the ground or at height. The helmet is very comfortable to wear thanks to very good ventilation, as well as featuring a four-point chinstrap with magnetic closure and comfortable ratchet adjustment of the headband.

For exceptional ear protection, the Stihl Advance ProCOM headset provides forestry professionals with crystal-clear, high-quality communication in noisy environments, in addition to a high level of ear protection. Up to 16 ProCOM headsets can automatically link together using Bluetooth mesh technology, enabling users to work effectively as a team to listen and communicate.

For more information on Stihl’s extensive range of forestry workwear and PPE, please visit www.stihl.co.uk.


Forestry Journal: Buxtons Buxtons (Image: Buxtons)

UNLIKE any others on the market, Arbortec Kayo chainsaw boots are designed to give the wearer ultimate flexibility without compromising on protection.

After over three years of development, Arbortec’s latest boot, the Kayo, represents a new generation of technical chainsaw boot. They are ideal for a variety of settings including forestry, climbing, gardening and groundwork, yet are also great as an everyday hiking and recreational climbing boot. The Kayo truly is one of the most versatile chainsaw boots available on the market, and a true workhorse for the arborist or groundsman on the go.

The chainsaw-protective inner gaiter and unique lacing system have allowed Arbortec to create a low-cut style chainsaw boot, designed to allow greater flexibility when climbing.

The specialist design gives a snug and comfortable fit for both wide and narrow feet, protects against ingress of sawdust and debris, and keeps your feet stable.

This low cut of just under 16 cm supports your ankle without restricting your movement, giving much greater control than a traditional-cut boot. When climbing, the difference is night and day.

Arbortec’s signature BreatheDry uppers are handcrafted using a blend of premium leathers, laminated with specialist chainsaw-protective and waterproof materials, offering high breathability and versatility, while also being lightweight at just 1.1 kg. Rated to full Class-2 (24 m/s) chainsaw protection, you don’t have to compromise to get this level of comfort and versatility.

The Kayo features a grippy and super-hard wearing Vibram rubber lug sole, much like Arbortec’s Scafell Lite. However, the arch has been widened to allow higher grip when climbing, and greater sure-footedness in all conditions, including damp bark and muddy ground. Arbortec has managed to do this without preventing the boots from supporting spikes; in fact you’ll have plenty of support in the heel and entire sole unit to climb comfortably while using them.

Both the left and right boot feature an integrated loop for SRT/knee ascender systems, steel toecaps, and a handy notch on the heel to allow you to easily push the boots off with your feet.The Kayo chainsaw boots come in lime, purple, and charcoal, and are available now in Buxton’s Staffordshire showroom and online.



Forestry Journal: Oregon Oregon (Image: Oregon)

OREGON knows there is great pride in hard work. The dedication put into each job or project requires solutions crafted to demanding yet necessary standards.

Its personal protective equipment is designed for your all-day comfort while keeping you safe and secure on the job. With the Oregon chainsaw safety clothing kit, durability and comfort are kept front of mind with adjustable features that fit any user or job, not only keeping you protected, but also keeping you up to industry safety standards.
Oregon promises to stand by you with a dedication to safety.

The Oregon chainsaw safety kit contains chainsaw-protective trousers, gloves with extra chainsaw protection in the left hand, and a workwear helmet with a combination of safety features – all Class-1 and KWF certified.

TROUSERS: Made with five breathable layers of protection, Oregon’s chainsaw protective trousers are built to be lightweight and comfortable. The trousers are type-A safety rated and the abrasion- and heat-resistant material makes them durable and protective when taking on the toughest jobs. The protective trousers feature large pockets offering plenty of storage for various tools and equipment.

GLOVES: Designed with protective, reinforced materials, Oregon’s leather chainsaw gloves provide enhanced cut resistance – including extra chainsaw protection in the left hand. Comfortable enough for all-day wear, the waterproof palms are constructed to the highest safety standards with extra gripping power. With the incorporation of hi-visibility material, these chainsaw gloves provide maximum comfort and protection.

HELMET: Oregon’s Yukon safety helmet is crafted to be impact-resistant, with six ventilation holes for high breathability. The helmet includes a wide and durable stainless steel mesh visor and ear-muff safety features, protecting from noise of up to 25 decibels. The adjustable six-point harness ensures there is a snug fit every time.

If you would like to learn more about standards for 
chainsaw protective gear such as trousers, gloves and safety helmets, or to find your local Oregon dealer, please visit 


Forestry Journal: Ariat Ariat (Image: Ariat)

ARIAT’S Keswick Steel-Toe Paddock is the ideal workwear boot for all weather conditions, thanks to its premium full-grain waterproof leather and seaming on the foot to ensure toes stay dry in mud and ice. 

The water-resistant style has been designed to repel water and allow for maximum breathability, blending both utility and comfort. Long gone are the days of working in a heavy, hot boot, with Ariat’s 4LR technology featuring a temperature-managing layer also helping to maintain odour control and comfort throughout the day. As well as specialist temperature control, the Keswick Steel-Toe Paddock boasts exceptional durability with an inset heel pod that protects the feet from strain by dissipating pressure and providing shock absorption off and on concrete and other hard terrains. 

The Keswick Steel-Toe Paddock also eliminates the risk of heavy or dangerous materials falling on toes, ensuring a safe and smooth workday for all wearers. 
The boot features steel-toe safety caps and SRA Slip Resistance, meeting the EN ISO 20345 SB requirements for safety footwear – perfect for protecting feet against falling or heavy rolling objects. Also providing outstanding protection, the boot features a

Barnyard Acid-resistant HRO Duratread outsole for maximum grip and resistance. Finally, the 90-degree heel and riding-friendly tread design make the boot perfect for moving between different environments, whether forests, fields or stables.


Forestry Journal: Gloves Gloves (Image: Gloves)

GLOVES n Stuff is a long-established expert in the work gloves and workwear market, with fast delivery to your door and discounted prices. Bulk-buy deals are available and there is a specialist section dedicated to forestry gloves and work clothing.

Unlike most workwear and work glove companies, Gloves n Stuff gives you huge flexibility with the ability to mix and match glove sizes and colours for your own tailor-made solution.

The well-known three Ds (dirty, difficult, dangerous) are prevalent within forestry and associated industries, with many potential hazards including splinters, cuts, wet-, warm- and cold-weather work and much more. This environment requires the full range of work gloves, arm protection, head and eye protection and work clothing.

For example, it is important that you possess work gloves that grip during wet weather or allow your hands to breathe and be comfortable during hot weather. Of course, major hazards such as chainsaw injuries must be guarded against and Gloves n Stuff has the full range of gloves, bib and brace with nine layers of protection, specifically designed for chainsaw use.

For cut-resistant gloves, chainsaw gloves and high-quality workwear from all the top brands, call Gloves n Stuff’s knowledgeable staff for advice and help on 01527 524992 / 07590 261565. You can also email enquiries@glovesnstuff.com or visit www.glovesnstuff.com.


Forestry Journal: HJ HallHJ Hall (Image: HJ Hall)

HJ Hall, the UK’s largest sock manufacturer, has an entire collection of workwear socks consisting of three styles, made specially to see you through every season and weather.

Offering support and comfort, HJ Hall’s Comfort Top work socks are uniquely designed with a soft-grip comfort top to assist circulation and prevent tightness and marking throughout the day. Arch support, however, ensures socks stay up all day for essential comfort, further guaranteed by the fully cushioned foot which protects feet from all impacts and abrasions. 

All of these features are necessary for those spending large parts of the working day outdoors and HJ Hall demonstrates its expertise in making workwear styles for these industries.

For the winter months, the HJ12 Long Thermal Wool Comfort Top offers exceptional warmth and softness, protecting you from foot to mid-calf.The thermal fabrication keeps your body insulated alongside a breathable top which also keeps your feet fresh. 

For everyday wear, the HJ11 Long Cotton Comfort Top also comes in a mid-calf style but uses cotton, perfect for the average day at work, with the soft grip running from the calf to the ankle. Finally, the HJ10 Short Cotton Comfort Top features the same excellent technical features which make the rest of HJ Hall’s workwear collection so popular. These socks finish at the ankle, exposing the skin during hotter days and allowing water vapour to evaporate to keep wearers cool and comfortable.

These socks come in packs, allowing the opportunity to buy a pair for each day of the week and also come in standard colours such as black, grey and navy. All HJ Hall socks offer an unconditional six-month guarantee so you can buy with confidence, but, with over 135 years of experience, HJ Hall demonstrates its expertise in outdoor socks with an exceptional range ensuring everyday comfort for hard-working feet.


Forestry Journal: Muck boot Muck boot (Image: Muck boot)

Built for high-endurance pursuits requiring a more athletic and agile boot, this 16-inch boot is insulated, and features Muck Boot’s new Thermal Regulating (TR) Fleece; a revolutionary open-fibre technology that wicks away moisture up to 33 per cent better than a standard synthetic fleece. 

The Apex Pro 16” is also100 per cent waterproof, with a Vibram Arctic Grip A.T. Traction Lug outsole for segment-leading grip on variable and icy terrain. 

Strategically placed rubber overlays provide additional protection along the shin and forefoot without adding unnecessary weight.

The boot launches on November 28, 2022. 


Forestry Journal: Solidur Solidur (Image: Solidur)

SOLIDUR PPE for chainsaw users and others in the forestry and arboriculture industries is now available via appointed dealers Severnside Safety Supplies in Cheltenham.

The Solidur range includes protective trousers, jackets, boots, gloves and helmets. Don’t just take our word for it. Of the INFINITY Type-A Class-1 ‘superstretch’ trousers, one satisfied customer said: “Hands down the most durable and cost-effective trousers on the market.” 

These trousers feature:

  • Red/black/yellow ‘stretchy’ outer materials
  • Low-bulk, five-layer protective material
  • Coolmax lining for comfort
  • Armortex Kevlar reinforcement to knees and right thigh
  • Teflon Shield+ waterproof and oil/dirt-repellent coating 
  • Cordura protection for vulnerable areas
  • Ventilation zips in rear of legs 
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Also available in long- and short-leg versions

For those choosing to use ‘all-round’ protection, Type-C trousers are available in the COMFY range featuring:

Forestry Journal: Solidur Solidur (Image: Solidur)

  • Grey/orange/black ‘stretchy’ outer materials
  • Low-bulk, five-layer protective material 
  • Coolmax lining for comfort
  • Armortex Kevlar reinforcement to knees and right thigh
  • Teflon Shield+ waterproof and oil/dirt-repellent coating
  • Cordura protection for vulnerable areas
  • Zip-detachable gaiters with hooks for tick protection
  • Wide range of sizes 

These are just two examples of a wide range of garments to suit everyone from domestic users to the most demanding professionals.

For more information see www.solidur.co.uk www.sevsafe.co.uk or contact Bruce Salisbury on 07779 413936 or brucejsalisbury@gmail.com.



Forestry Journal: Husqvarna Husqvarna (Image: Husqvarna)

HUSQVARNA understands the importance of having the correct boots to keep you comfortable throughout the day, especially when working on large tree-felling projects, which is why they created the Husqvarna Technical 24 boots – a highly comfortable and low-weight protective boot for use in all weather conditions.

Available in sizes 3–13, the Technical 24 boots include well-designed heel construction as well as a higher, stable upper part with a soft inside and a padded front tongue for maximum comfort. The padded foam on the back of the boots protects the ankle and lower leg, while the shock-absorbing material in the middle sole is gentler to the foot during long workdays.

The boots are made from high-quality leather with a water-repellent Sympatex membrane, making them breathable and 100 per cent waterproof to help forestry professionals tackle any task no matter the weather. 

Designed for all-day, everyday forest work, the Husqvarna Technical Protective Trousers 20A provide unmatched quality and comfort, available in three leg lengths for an optimum fit. 

Made with heavy-duty, robust materials, the trousers have a range of key features designed with you in mind. The trousers’ upper front and lower back are constructed out of stretch fabric, allowing professionals to move freely, safely, and comfortably in the forest.

Personal protective equipment should be built to last and withstand the most demanding tasks, which is why this pair of trousers features reinforced ankles and knees for tough use, ensuring the clothing lasts much longer and doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently, making it finance and planet friendly. The knees are also pre-bent and have been tailored to offer maximum mobility without compromising on safety.


Forestry Journal: Husqvarna Husqvarna (Image: Husqvarna)

These Husqvarna Technical Gloves launched earlier this year are the perfect addition to any professional’s wardrobe of personal protective equipment, with the gloves designed to be comfortable yet protective to withstand all forestry work. 

Made from naturally water-resistant goatskin leather, these durable gloves have double thumb stitching to follow the shape of the user’s hand, while the back of the glove is made of laminated spandex fabric for maximum comfort. 

This fluorescent Functional Helmet from Husqvarna has a large portfolio of features to meet the needs of professionals and fit individual preferences, making it perfect for a forest worker who seeks good value, comfort and ergonomics in daily work.

The helmet is designed for maximum comfort, coming with a fully adjustable helmet and visor for low pressure against the head when worn, as well as fully adjustable ear protectors that can be easily manoeuvred both vertically and horizontally. 

For more information on the Husqvarna range visit www.husqvarna.com/uk.