Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are hugely beneficial for tree work, providing easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Here, we provide a snapshot of what’s available on the market at the moment.



Forestry Journal:

With Vertical Tec Concepts – exclusively distributing a wide range of highly-professional hoists manufactured by Belgium-based Thomas bv – you can experience the impressive performance of a fully-mounted 300NCTJ tractor hoist.

This model, with its 4x main-boom extensions plus pivoting jib-arm, features a workingheight of 32 m, and an even more impressive side-reach of up to 
17 m, allowing the MEWP operator to work away comfortably, servicing an extremely wide radius in one go – all from one position.

With a 4WD tractor as carrier machine, this outfit not only has huge time-saving potential, but you also will enjoy the ease and comfort of how quickly it takes to set up the tractor hoist within various locations and across changing ground conditions, enabling your team to keep up a swift working momentum throughout the day. Its ability to operate in a most reliable fashion across various types of surfaces – such as on firm or gravelled grounds along roadsides and within courtyards, or on naturally-shaped open landscapes – even when facing difficult and changing farmland conditions is what gives the tractor hoist operator great flexibility, assuring they will be able to conduct uncompromisingly safe works at height at all times.

For more information or to arrange taking part on a field day, just call Tom on +353 87 2544 129. Also find VTC on YouTube or visit



Forestry Journal:

ALMACRAWLER offers a wide range of tracked platforms with innovative patented bi-levelling technology, products designed for use in many sectors; from construction to rental, from urban maintenance to green maintenance, pruning and arboriculture work.

The JIBBI self-propelled tracked telescopic lifts are unique because their patented automatic bi-levelling system allows them to self-level on slopes up to 15°, both longitudinally and laterally, without the use of stabilisers. In addition, it is possible to travel at height, speeding up and simplifying the operator’s work.

There are three models in this product range: the JIBBI 1250, 1670 and U-1570, with 12 m, 16 m and 15.4 m working height, respectively. The latter, the JIBBI U-1570, is able to offer a working height of 15.4 m and a maximum outreach of 9.65 m, while keeping the total weight of the platform under 3,000 kg, therefore making it transportable with a standard trailer. JIBBIs can have an endothermic Yanmar diesel engine with an optional electric pump or be fully-electric with a lithium battery pack, both options ideal for working indoors and outdoors and especially in areas that require low environmental impact. 

Launched in early 2021, the BILLENNIUM line, AlmaCrawler’s version of self-propelled tracked platforms equipped with stabilisers, introduced a new concept of working at height. Unlike traditional spider platforms, the BILLENNIUM SpiderBoom, thanks to the patent-pending SPS System (Self-Propelled Skilled System), is able to work even without lowering the stabilisers, on slopes of up to 10° longitudinally and up to 5° laterally. In addition, the innovative AWP (Adaptive Working Performance) system, also patent pending, optimises the operating outreach by calculating the stabilisation area in real time by measuring the deployment angle of each individual stabiliser.

Two models are available from the BILLENNIUM line: the B1570 and B1890 with a working height of 15 m and 18 m, and two different types of automatic stabilisation; fixed (VISUAL) or variable (QUICK-PRO). There are also three power options available: petrol engine (ETS version), diesel engine (EVO version) and full electric lithium (LTH version). 

All versions will showcase typical tracked platform size compactness (minimum width 0.78 m) and a competitive maximum weight (2,600–2,900 kg) to ensure transportability on traditional trailers.

CPL is the exclusive AlmaCrawler dealer in the UK. Contact details can be found below. 



Forestry Journal:

CPL offers one of the largest ranges of access equipment for the arborist sector – from grounds and park maintenance up to large projects.

Such a vast industry deserves a variety of solutions to ensure safety and efficiency. Therefore, the Klubb Group dedicates design and manufacturing resources to ensure there is an option for all interventions.

A firm favourite has always been the Type approved pickup-mounted platform manufactured by CPL. The 4×4 Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux base vehicles make sure the operator can gain access no matter the terrain and the 360° boom rotation system ensures access to everything. With accessory options fitted in-house – from equipment and PPE lockers, cages to protect beacons and company livery/chapter markings – CPL offers a full turnkey solution, making the process stress-free. Therefore, the units are a popular choice and why arborists now see the Klubb Group as a major commercial vehicle supplier. 

This has been cemented with the design of the ATAT (all-terrain arb truck) specifically developed for tree surgeons and improved with customer feedback. 

An interesting development for parks and green spaces within urban areas is the use of van mounts. Initially favoured within telecoms, utilities and building maintenance sectors, the vast range of vans available has opened the possibility to keep all equipment at hand with the use of the van rear.

Concentrating on electric solutions like the K20L and KL21B mounted on the Peugeot e-expert or the K20 Goupil has allowed the Klubb Group to offer maintenance solutions to large parks with an abundance of trees. These compact van-mounted platforms can fit on pathways and the zero-emission batteries with a great range mean that the units can be driven through the city without the concern of congestion charges.

The group also offers the van booms mounted on a chassis base vehicle for those that prefer the traditional concept. The KL26 11.8 m boom is fitted to a 3.5-tonne chassis with large aluminium locker boxes for equipment. Also available in this configuration is the KL32 with a 12.5 m working height, the KT17 with a 16.8 m working height and the KT20 with a 20.6 m working height. The telescopic feature benefits those that cannot park the vehicle close enough to the intervention but need the length of a telescopic boom to reach. 

This is also relevant with the Xtenso truck range. These telescopic booms reach from 21 m to 25.5 m but are mounted on heavy trucks, the Unimog being the most popular due to its ability to access anywhere on any terrain.

For the articulated fans there is a great range of solutions available through CPL from Palfinger Platforms. The 3.5-tonne chassis options range from 20 m to an impressive 28 m. For the larger forestry projects there are some superb telescopic booms reaching all the way up to 90 m, but generally the 28 m to 48 m selection are the most favoured due to their versatility.

For more information or a quote contact: 01536 529876 or 



Forestry Journal:

Versalift is the world’s largest vehicle-mounted platform manufacturer and has been designing access equipment used to keep operators safe when working at height for 55 years.

Now exclusively distributing Ruthmann STEIGER and Ecoline in the UK and Republic of Ireland, this brings together two complementary manufacturers with award-winning platform designs and world-class facilities.

Versalift and Ruthmann have a vast array of machines for the arb sector, with a full range available – from a 4x4 pickup with a Versalift VTA platform to a truck-mounted aerial work platform with a Ruthmann Ecoline 230 platform.

With the infrastructure to support Versalift and Ruthmann units in the UK and Ireland, Versalift offers the highest level of service to each unit throughout its life. With global backing, extensive production, and workshop facilities, Versalift United Kingdom Limited leads the field.

Service includes:

  • National network of Versalift and Ruthmann trained engineers
  • Technical support desk
  • Product and IPAF-approved training centre

For more information, please contact 01536 721010, email, or visit



Forestry Journal:

CMCLift is an Italian manufacturer that has been operating for over 30 years from its headquarters in Bari, south-east Italy. At the Bari site CMCLift has a 30,000 sqm factory where staff manufacture all the spiders within its ranges. At CMC these are called ‘families’. There are six different families with over 13 different models, with heights ranging from 13 to 41 metres, with new lines being developed all the time. CMCLift has over 110 employees, with 50 dealers in 30 countries over five continents, and over 8,000 active customers. 

CMCLift UK has a wide variety of machines that are suitable for arb work. Due to the combination of features and the bespoke nature of the machines’ build, they have already proved extremely popular with arborists. These include:

  • increased levelling capability for outdoor use 
  • longer track base for increased stability over rough ground 
  • largest working envelopes for spiders in this category
  • enclosed boom section to eliminate snagging of cat track
  • quick-release cage 
  • road towable 

The CMC brand in the UK is increasing in popularity due to the quality, reliability and competitive pricing points. CMCLift UK, formerly Tracked Spider Sales, started in 2019 and has over 45 years of combined experience. The years of experience and knowledge of the industry mean that, whatever the situation, CMCLift’s focus is always on giving excellent customer service. Staff operate from a fully-equipped workshop and showroom which enables them to continue to offer the high level of professionalism, quality of service and customer satisfaction that they are already offering their 300 customers across the UK and Ireland.

Forestry Journal:

Their after-care service starts with a full LOLER and PDI of every machine as soon as it arrives in the UK, giving you peace of mind right from the start.

A capillary network of qualified, specially trained CMC engineers who have undergone bespoke training provided by CMC, in order to provide you with the best possible service.

They provide a complete 360-degree service for all customer requirements and servicing needs, now and for the future.

For more information or a quote contact their sales team on: 07920482570 or