IN a much-discussed feature, Forestry Journal took a look at what the future holds for fencing in forestry. 

To complement that, we're now taking a look at a few of the products available to help you with all your fencing needs. 

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Forestry Journal:

Founded in 1979, McVeigh Parker is one of the premier specialist fencing and agricultural stockists in the UK, with eight depots covering the length and breadth of the country. An independent operator backed up with years of industry knowledge, it has a proven track record of delivering to major organisations such as the Environment Agency, Natural England, the National Trust, Network Rail and the RSPB. 

McVeigh Parker is ISO 9001, 14001 AND 18001 certified as well as Achilles and FSC registered. 

It is constantly looking out for better products that offer a greater return on investment. 

Triple X Fencing is McVeigh Parker’s bespoke, long-lasting, high-performance fencing solution. 

This innovative product consists of the Clipex quick-clip steel post coupled with X Fence premium  wire netting and steel strainers. For large-scale woodland-creation schemes – especially where landowners prefer not to use plastic tree guards – Triple X offers a cost-effective solution for protecting trees from deer browsing. 

Call 03330 050115.


Forestry Journal:

The Easy Petrol Post Driver has proven credentials with forestry and landscape contractors across the UK. 

A portable and compact fencing tool, especially in hard-to-reach and awkward locations, the Easy Post Driver has replaced the need for hand-held rammers and sledgehammers when fencing.

One of the key features of the Easy Post Driver is just how lightweight and compact it is.

For solo contractors it’s easy to work with, fast and safe to use. It weighs in at just 15.3 kg, suitable for full days of post driving. With an average of 200 posts a day, it gets to work in awkward spaces and on difficult terrain.

With a very powerful drive performance from the Honda GX35 four-stroke engine, it delivers 1,720 strikes per minute. When faced with solid, dry ground that is difficult and too hard for fence posts, utilising the Pilot Core Tool simply removes a narrow core of earth to allow a quick water soak to soften unforgiving ground, allowing the Easy Driver to get to work on 4-inch posts. For more information, call 0114 269 09119, email or visit