For every piece of forestry kit, there’s an accessory. This month’s buyer’s guide takes a look at some of them on offer for your chainsaws. 


Forestry Journal:

Alongside its extensive range of forestry saws, Stihl offers a host of chainsaw accessories to ensure professionals are fully equipped to handle any task.

Stihl’s new Rapid Hexa cutting system consists of a patented hexagonal file and a full chisel chain with a unique V-shaped side plate, resulting in a chain that cuts up to 10 per cent faster than standard RS chain, is easier to sharpen, and stays sharper for longer.

Faster cutting performance has been achieved with a narrow kerf top plate, and a 25° sharpening angle makes the Hexa chain better suited to diagonal felling cuts in a wide variety of wood types. The 60° side-plate angle formed by the Hexa file, as well as other improvements to the tooth’s geometry, improve the stability of the cutting edge, resulting in a chain that stays sharper for longer.

The Rapid Hexa is available in 3/8” pitch and 1.6 mm drive link gauge, ensuring compatibility with professional petrol chainsaw models ranging from the MS 362 C-M through to the MS 661 C-M. Hexa files and chains are available separately or together in an upgrade kit.

For professional users utilising other Stihl chainsaw chains, Stihl’s 2–in–1 EasyFile is a practical tool for quickly sharpening the teeth and filing the depth gauge in a single action, significantly reducing chain maintenance time. The sturdy frame allows for a smooth filing action with highly accurate results and helps keep downtime to a minimum.

When it comes to chain and bar lubricant, Stihl’s BioPlus is an environmentally friendly plant-based oil with excellent lubricating and adhesive properties. BioPlus is highly biodegradable, making it well suited to chainsaw work around standing water and sensitive natural environments. Developed in-house specifically for fast-running saw chains, it also has remarkably low resinification and a long unopened shelf life of four years. In recognition of its environmental properties, BioPlus has been awarded the prestigious European EcoLabel.

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Forestry Journal:

Chainsaw Safety Kit HP-189

WHETHER you are a logger cutting through trees in the forest or a homeowner tending to your garden, it is crucial that safety precautions are taken when working with power tools such as chainsaws.

The Handy safety kit presents excellent value for pre-packed chainsaw safety gear. The kit comes with a helmet, gloves, and chaps, which protect you from the dangers associated with chainsaw use. It is designed to provide maximum protection while remaining durable and comfortable so it will not limit mobility or become uncomfortable

Chainsaw Starter Kit HP-101

For added protection, the Handy Chainsaw Starter Kit provides a sense of security and peace of mind when using a chainsaw. It comes with a heavy-duty helmet, gloves, fuel mixing bottle, filter funnel, 500 ml of two-stroke oil and one litre of chain oil. This all-in-one kit provides the necessary items for getting started with the chainsaw while still protecting you from harm.

Forestry Journal:

The chainsaw helmet includes ear defenders and visors for protecting your head, face, and ears when using machinery or the saw. Chainsaw gloves are also included for extra comfort and protection.

The fuel mixing bottle includes both a funnel and a filter for easy measurement of 1 litre of fuel mixed with two-stroke oil, making it convenient for transport. It also comes with an extra bottle of chain lube and other miscellaneous items that can get you working immediately.


Forestry Journal:

Husqvarna, the pioneer of industry-changing innovations within forestry and arboriculture, has been cutting away the competition with the X-CUT saw chain.

Since its launch in 2016, it remains a favourite amongst tree professionals and has significantly improved the productivity and cutting experience for those who spend long hours working in the forest. With a focus on increased cutting speed and efficiency, this chain provides the user with the reliability they need, and which fewer comparable products can match. 

Designed with optimised micro-structured steel and chrome composition of the pre-stretched chrome chain, the X-CUT guarantees sharp and smooth cuts to match the productivity and performance of a user’s chainsaw. 

Combined with a low-vibration pixel design, professionals can bring the best out of their chainsaw, which requires less power to continuously manage tough environments.

Hannah Cooper, professional segment manager, said. “The production of the X-CUT chains was a milestone in Husqvarna’s history and they’re still delivering the results today.” 

Hannah added: “We are able to offer the full Husqvarna experience with a chain that is designed with long-lasting sharpness, high durability and efficiency so that Husqvarna customers are able to count on getting the best possible return.”

Forestry Journal:

To complement the X-CUT, Husqvarna also offers a chainsaw file kit, which is designed to keep the cutting teeth sharp and working at their best, simplify the wood tasks and prolong the lifespan and performance of a user’s chainsaw. 

The file kit consists of a file handle, a combination gauge or file gauge and a depth gauge to ensure an accurate cutting angle, as well as two round files and one flat file.

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Forestry Journal:

1946 ushered in a better way of woodcutting when logger Joseph Buford Cox realised how easily timber-beetle larvae can chew through timber, creating the first revolutionary Oregon saw chain that duplicated their alternating C-shaped jaws in steel. Over 75 years later, saw chain and accessories are at the core of the Oregon business.

Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bars

Since inventing the modern saw chain, Oregon has spent 75 years innovating and refining to produce a range of saw chain and guide bars, which ensure the best performance out of your saw. 

Sharpening Accessories

From high-quality, Swiss-made hand files to a range of precision bench grinders, Oregon Sharpening Accessories are designed to get the most out of your chain. Keeping your chain in top condition ensures you get the most out of your chainsaw, so chain maintenance is key. 


Keeping your chainsaw properly lubricated ensures longevity for both the engine and the bar and chain. The Oregon oil range is developed to work with all brands of saw, using ultra-high quality base components to ensure peak performance. The Oregon range includes chain oil, two-stroke, and four-stroke engine oils.