For every piece of forestry kit, there’s an accessory. Part II of this month’s buyer’s guide takes a look at some of them on offer to help with felling. 



Forestry Journal:

THE EDER Titan 80 mechanical felling wedge is a revolutionary aid to felling large trees.

It is an alternative to the traditional hammer and wedges and is more efficient and safer to use.

The wedge can exert a force of 25 tonnes and is much easier on the operator, requiring very little physical effort to operate.

It is also safer as you are less likely to shake dead limbs from the tree as you can when hammering in wedges.

This makes the EDER Titan 80 mechanical felling wedge brilliant when dealing with ash dieback as you are less likely to dislodge dead branches when felling diseased trees.

Forestry Journal:

The EDER Titan 80 mechanical wedge can also be used in conjunction with a cordless impact wrench. The impact wrench must have less than 1,300 Nm of torque.

At only 5.7 kg, the Titan 80 is small enough and light enough to carry on to site easily, so it is always available should you need it to assist when felling a tree.


Forestry Journal:

At Chris Forestry, staff attempt to be a one-stop shop, so you can get a bar and chain, some quality files and the wedges and a hammer to go slay some trees. It has GB bars in most of the popular sizes, with Oregon full-chisel chains to suit.

Its wedge range goes from basic plastic through to aluminium, hi lift and mechanical. Popular choices include the K&K and the Stubai Premium wedges. These wedges are low rake and therefore fairly easy to knock into the cut, but strong and not prone to snapping. 

One of the biggest benefits of plastic wedges is they do not blunt the saw when you accidentally cut them. 

Plastic felling wedges range from 14 cm up to 30 cm, in various brands. 

Best smacking aid is the Estwing long-handle lump hammer – really gives you some bang for your buck! Being cast in one piece there’s no danger of the head coming off.

There is a selection of mechanical wedges, hand-ratchet or wrench driven. These are now a must to comply with HSE on some sites with dead or diseased trees, where sledge-and-wedge has been outlawed. 

Forestry Journal:

For any queries regarding any of these wedges, Chris is quite happy to discuss – always at the end of the phone: 01269 595238.

Don’t forget: Chris Forestry is probably the longest- established supplier of Solidur PPE.


Forestry Journal:

The Beaver Classic Forest axe with a 70 cm Ash Shaft is available from Carr’s Billington Safety. It is an ideal axe to carry with you as it’s a great universal axe, well suited for felling and delimbing, as well as splitting smaller pieces of wood. This is a classic forged surface with a sharpened edge.

This classic axe can be used to drive in felling wedges, such as the Muller Aluminium with Wood and Ring.

Muller has been making traditional axes and forestry tools since 1675. Its tools have been made to the highest quality, forged by hand, and made by master craftsmen for hundreds of years.

Forestry Journal:

Beaver Classic Forest Axe RRP inc VAT, £90.00. 

Aluminium Wedge with Wood and Ring, RRP inc VAT £45.00.