WITH the industry adapting to meet the needs of the 21st century, technology is increasingly providing modern-day solutions to many long-time problems. This month’s Buyer’s Guide provides a snapshot of some of the latest digital products on offer to help arborists keep track of their trees.


Forestry Journal:

EZYTREEV is designed to assist professionals in the management and maintenance of their tree, woodland and landscape features, plus infrastructure on streets, in public parks, green spaces, recreational facilities and along transport networks. 

This fully-comprehensive solution is used for storing and managing current and historic data, all inspections and works, to offering support for conducting surveys and risk calculations, through to work order scheduling and tracking, budgeting, contractor management and processing enquiries.

The industry-leading onsite app is designed specifically to perform in-the-field data collection for all trees, TPOs, outdoor assets and landscaping features, from conducting surveys, inspections and visiting enquiries, to performing and monitoring works. 
Built using cross-platform technology, the app gives a great user experience on Android, iOS and Windows devices. Anyone working in the field has full access to all data and mapping at all times, can receive push alerts and live updates for new enquiries and works orders.

Ezytreev’s TPO module offers feature-rich support for various methods of identifying trees for a new TPO and reviewing existing TPOs, as well as efficient processes for works applications/notices. It is the only system that supports TPO management functions on-site, with functionality for TPO surveying, TPO reviews, amenity assessment, applications and enquiry processing.

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Ezytreev has been evolving its offerings, adding new features to complement the ever-changing world of technology for over 35 years. 

This year’s additions include an integrated Tree Carbon Storage & Sequestration

Calculator for web interface and also optional integration with the new iTree Eco-Benefits API which provides industry-leading tree benefit analysis. ezyPortal is another product that is breaking new ground. It provides an online resource to the public; householders, solicitors and others can check the protection status of trees by searching for a property and viewing TPO trees, conservation areas and any S211 trees on mapping. Fed directly from Ezytreev, ezyPortal publishes TPO and application/notification registers, offers a user-friendly interactive map search tool and a dedicated tree works applicant resource where anyone can populate their application form, a schedule of proposed work and generate a sketch plan.

As a cloud software solution, Ezytreev is now on the G-Cloud 13 framework where organisations within the public sector can discover and easily purchase cloud-based services.

For more information, visit: www.ezytreev.com, or contact: 0330 223 1133, info@ezytreev.com


Forestry Journal:

URBAN foresters, arborists, park managers, and tree care companies around the world turn to the TreePlotter software suite to elevate their work. Created by PlanIT Geo, an urban forestry consulting and software firm, TreePlotter was built by certified arborists and GIS experts to help those who manage, measure, and protect trees work smarter.
All TreePlotter software is map-centric and web-based, allowing access via any internet device and real-time data updates for an unlimited number of users. The platform allows API and WFS integrations, so TreePlotter can be used as a standalone system or integrate with existing technology.


TreePlotter INVENTORY is a comprehensive tree inventory and management application.

It’s a flexible, powerful tool for capturing tree and asset information in the field and managing that data with configurable dashboards, analysis, and reports. This web-based application allows for a quick rollout, with no additional device purchases necessary.

Users can use any smartphone or tablet to locate assets, assess conditions, and store photos.

INVENTORY supports proactive risk management and bolsters outreach with complete work histories, public-facing maps, and customisable user access roles. Scalable product levels and an array of add-on modules make it easy to customise the perfect software fit for your organisation.

Forestry Journal:

The add-on modules for TreePlotter INVENTORY include Development Survey, which helps consultants meet BS5837 requirements with accurate mapping of tree canopies and root protection areas, and the import or export of CAD files, all whilst in the field. The Ecosystem Benefits module estimates the benefits created by any tree stored in the application, including air pollution, stormwater, and carbon capture.

TreePlotter CANOPY

Visualise tree canopy and land cover data with the TreePlotter CANOPY application. Make data-informed decisions by identifying areas with low canopy and high planting potential. With CANOPY you can fine-tune planting priorities based on a range of metrics, evaluate canopy goals, and measure the projected impacts of new trees on ecosystem benefits.

Your Urban Forestry Partner

Whether you represent a city, tree care company, corporate or university campus, or nonprofit organisation, PlanIT Geo has got you covered. Since 2012, their team of ISA-certified arborists, GIS professionals, planners, and software developers have led hundreds of projects, including urban tree canopy assessments, field-based tree inventories, and strategic plan development. The company’s consultants and field crews use TreePlotter software daily, and they, along with clients, provide a constant source of new feature ideas that helps TreePlotter continually evolve to meet the needs of a dynamic industry.

For more information, visit planitgeo.com/treeplotter or email sales@treeplotter.co.uk


Forestry Journal:

WITH so much talk about reaching Net Zero, reducing our carbon footprint or becoming carbon neutral, it is clear this topic is quickly becoming a key agenda item for governments around the world.

The role that trees will play as we embark on this epic carbon reduction journey is vital.

They improve the air we breathe, absorb harmful emissions, provide valuable habitats for our wildlife and reduce energy consumption by offering a natural cooling solution to nearby buildings.

However, it’s not all good news. Trees can also pose a risk to properties, networks and subterranean assets by causing subsidence or pipeline fractures through root damage or endangering overhead lines as trees fall or branches become loose.

Bluesky’s National Tree Map (NTM) is a unique and comprehensive tool that offers unparalleled access to a database of trees 3 m and above in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

The NTM enables users to analyse data of tree location, height and canopy coverage. The data is provided in easy-to-use vector files and is compatible with Ordnance Survey products.

The NTM has been created using Bluesky’s high-quality, high-resolution aerial photography and height datasets coupled with innovative processing techniques. It is already being used effectively day-to-day to support work and projects happening across a wide variety of sectors. The NTM is available now and can aid professionals working in forestry, utilities, government, environmental planning, insurance risk assessment and more.

A three-year rolling flying programme ensures the data is up-to-date and available at their fingertips.

Managing and monitoring your trees will be vital as we embark on the next steps of our Net Zero journey.

Visit bluesky-world.com/ntm for more information.