Whether it’s saws or secateurs, there is a wide range of pruning tools out there to get the job done. Here’s a look at some on the market right now.


Forestry Journal:

Spring is coming. At Chris Forestry, there is a range of tools to get the job done, from planting spades to loppers. There are also pruning pull saws from Bulldog, Samurai Saws and Tri-Saw. 

The Tri-Saw range covers pocket folding saws to the Paloma handle range. The Paloma handle was developed in Bavaria by the award-winning professional arborist, Paloma Ziegelmeier. These ergonomic handles are made from oiled plywood laminate and allow the saw to be used at many angles without twisting or straining the wrist. That also allows very delicate cuts for small branches yet it is perfectly capable of heavier work as well. There are two handle sizes, small and standard. Replacement blades are also available.

Forestry Journal:

A good all-round pull saw for general cutting is the Samurai C330. Chris has had his for four years, cutting all sorts, including roots, and it still cuts.  

Prices for pull saws range from just £10+VAT, to £34+VAT. Check the website for the full range. 



Forestry Journal:

WHEN there’s work to be done, there’s no doubt about the name on the tool – CORONA.

Born of a need for reliability, the tools serve the demands of professionals and inspire those looking for professional results. A Corona tool in your toolkit is an investment for years of reliable performance.

A Corona tool in hand is the means to forge a truly proud outdoor space. For Carr’s, it’s a promise of the highest standards in utility, quality and craftsmanship. For you, it’s with Corona confidence.

Founded in the 1920s, Corona is a leader in the marketing and manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction and agriculture markets.

The Corona Max Forged DualLINK Bypass Lopper SL8180D is the cutting tool that professionals use day in and day out. Forged steel and a power-compounding link feature mean that these loppers go the distance to achieve the professional results you want. 

The DualLINK tool reduces effort while cutting with its power-compounding lever for ease-of-cut. The SL8180D is easy to resharpen.


ARS Range 

Forestry Journal:

ARS is a professional Japanese pruning range, leading in quality and innovation since 1876. This award-winning range includes handsaws, polesaws, secateurs, telescopic pruners, shears, loppers, fruit, floristry and bonsai tools. ARS is also the original innovator and introducer of the ‘pull saw’ action which is now common with most pruning saws on the market. 

Many are not aware that ARS produced the blades for other, very well-known, Japanese saw brands.

ARS applies impulse hardening techniques where possible to increase blade life by up to three times that of conventional saw blades.

Here are a few recommended products every arborist or forester should consider.

ARS CTR & UVR 32PRO Pruning Saw

Forestry Journal:

The CTR and UVR are professional arborist saws. Made in Japan using the country’s finest high-carbon steel, the blade is tapered from the teeth up, meaning the saw shaft glides smoothly with minimal friction through the cut. The teeth are impulse hardened, a technique used by heating and cooling the blade tips with an electrical pulse to create an extremely hard finish, which means the saw maintains its sharp cutting edge for up to three times longer than conventional saw blades. A hard chrome plating is applied which gives the blade an additional hardness but also creates a rust-proof and wipe-clean effect. 

ARS Pole Pruning Kit

Forestry Journal:

Pruning at height is not always easy or safe. According to HSE guidance, climbing should be the last resort if all other methods of pruning the tree are not available.
ARS offers a simple solution to pruning at height with its lightweight, durable and telescopic poles. With three sizes of pole available, the shortest starts from just 1.4 m and the tallest can reach 5.5 m (plus the reach of the user). Designed for use by professionals for the big jobs and everything that falls below, the poles have five different head attachments, four saws and one pruning lopper head. All can be attached, swapped and re-attached in a matter of seconds with the easy spring-action pin system in the poles.

ARS Folding Saws
ARS saw quality is second to none. ARS also has a wide selection of more compact folding saws which can be easily stored and transported around the job site. Offering curved folding saws, straight blade folding saws, unique patented teeth designs for enhanced cutting performance and impulse hardening for increase blade life, you really should look no further than ARS for a reliable and great performing folding saw. 

ARS Professional Secateurs
The VSX range of secateurs is as premium as manual secateurs may get nowadays. The blades are manufactured using high-carbon Japanese steel and are thermally treated for additional hardness and a long-lasting sharp effect. The blades are finished with a hard chrome plating to protect from rust and residual build up. The handles are die-cast aluminium, shaped and coated with a rubber sleeve for an ergonomic fit. The simple and unique one-hand locking system has never made opening and closing your secateurs so easy. The result of all these features is a heavy-duty professional grade set of secateurs. Available in three sizes: 7”, 8” and 9” for all hand sizes.

Visit www.sorbus-intl.co.uk to find out more. 



Forestry Journal:

THE Stallion 6.3 m telescopic pruning polesaw is extremely popular with professionals and built for secure high-reach tree pruning whilst operating safely from the ground. The polesaw has an exceptional reach capacity to prune branches at varying heights in the canopy.

Featuring a three-part oval profile aluminium pole set with multiple extending telescopic points and two locking clamps, it gives added user control and secure extension fastening even at full reach. Stallion telescopic polesaws, available in four-pole lengths, also feature robust 400 mm high-carbon tool steel blades with serrated hard chrome-plated tips, designed to bite hard and cut smoothly to leave a clean branch finish.


A new hand-powered chainsaw to the industry; stylish and professionally built for serious cutting tasks! The Trojan GS-600 giant pruning folding saw features an ultra-aggressive 600 mm high-carbon tool steel blade and contoured rubberised handle for a comfortable and controlled two-handed operation.

Designed to cut and clear debris and sawdust between strokes, the Trojan 600 giant folding saw provides users with extended reach, extremely fast cutting and effortless pruning of branches up to large trunks and tree limbs.


Forestry Journal:

The Leyat Super Pro secateurs distinguishes themselves with exceptional ergonomics and a very fine cutting head, convenient for pruning work of extreme precision. Professional quality specifically designed for intensive use and commercial pruning applications.

Available in various size options to match the user’s hand size.

The Leyat Pro loppers are an exceptionally strong tool with a reinforced cutting head convenient for all types of pruning work. Comfortable, lightweight and easy to use, the profiled 600 mm handle adds to the loppers’ strength and makes them small enough to reach into tight and hard to prune spaces.

With an ambition to champion the supply of bladed products, CEuk has developed new tools that bolster the pruning range available. In addition, CEuk has partnered with various hidden-gem brands to bring to the UK further premium grade tools. Stallion telescopic polesaws have become a flagship pruning saw for the industry, winning various awards including Best Woodland Tool Awards.