You don’t always need to go big to get the job done. Whether you are working in a confined space, tackling tricky terrain or on a sensitive site, this month’s Buyer’s Guide brings you the latest on small-scale equipment for woodland management. 

This is Part II of the feature. Part I can be read here. 


Forestry Journal:

PORTABLE capstan winches are the perfect machines for undertaking small-scale forestry work. They are both low cost and low impact which are often the key requirements in small-scale forestry.

Lightweight and portable, these machines can be carried onto site and set up in places where there is no access for larger machinery. This allows small, sensitive or inaccessible woodland to be brought under management where previously this would have been uneconomic.

Portable capstan winches can be used in assisted felling to make sure the tree to be felled lands in the required place, even if this is against the natural lean of the tree. This is very useful when doing selected felling or continuous-cover forestry. The accuracy of the felling means there is less damage to the retained trees.

Portable capstan winches can also be used for extraction of timber. They are powerful enough and fast enough to extract volumes of timber in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The environmental impact of extracting the timber is also reduced as there are fewer ruts created when using a portable capstan winch.


In addition, portable capstan winches can be used to backhaul the cable off a larger winch, making existing machinery more productive. The PWC3000-Li is the only portable battery capstan winch on the UK market. It is manufactured by the Portable Winch Company in Canada. Its lithium battery-powered motor can generate 1,000 kg of straight-line pull and it weighs only 12 kg. It is quiet and produces zero emissions, allowing for better safety and communication on site and less damage to the environment.

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The EDER 1200 is a cost-effective two-stroke model and is manufactured in Germany. It has a powerful 65 cc two-stroke engine and generates 1200 kg of straight-line pull, and it weighs 14 kg. It has a built-in brake and automatic throttle.

For more information, please contact Treadlight Forestry on 01824 538638 or email


Forestry Journal:

ANTONIO Carraro prides itself on producing versatile and compact tractors for specialised agriculture. By focusing on the importance of having a compact build, low centre of gravity and equal wheel distribution, its machines ensure the operator has increased stability, comfort and traction – especially on rough terrain and steep slopes.

Its extensive selection of tractors is ideal for all forestry professionals. Ranging from 26 hp–110 hp and available in wheeled/tracked reversible/conventional drive, manual/auto transmission, they are all built with impressive features including low centre of gravity, minimal ground compaction, easy access with low footplates and ultra-compact with maximum performance.

The range includes the impressive Antonio Carraro MACH 4R. The ultimate in traction and weight distribution, this model barely marks the ground even in very wet conditions thanks to its four independent rubber tracks, and it will go just about anywhere. 

Contractor Jonathan Latham is extremely pleased with his MACH 4, and said: “Initially we brought in the MACH 4 for our 1.2 m FAE forestry mulcher for scrub clearance on an extremely steep site; and it came into its own.

"I had done the same job a few years previously with a wheeled AC and felt very unstable. I thought I could tip over any minute.

"Whereas, using the MACH 4, the four big flat tracks made me feel far more secure and stable.” 

Built with an ACTIO full chassis with oscillation, the cast iron full chassis hosts the tractor’s transmission with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinal oscillation up to 15°; the two oscillating ends follow the contours of the terrain independently, thus assuring stability and traction at all times. AC was the first manufacturer in the world to introduce the unique reversible driving system back in 1970. Simply turn the seat/steering wheel/dash/pedal assembly 180° for an identical, but reverse, driving direction, giving the operator optimal vision when using rear- or front-mounted attachments.

Forestry Journal: Jonathan using his Mach 4Jonathan using his Mach 4 (Image: pr)

Equipped with reverse drive, the MACH 4 is extremely manoeuvrable even in confined spaces, capable of making tight turns without digging in. Using the tracked machine, you avoid the pivot turns typical of conventional crawlers which damage the ground when executing headland manoeuvres.

For more information on the Antonio Carraro Alpine Tractors contact UK importer Kirkland UK on 01622 843013/email


Forestry Journal:

VIMEK AB has developed a new and exciting machine for the Next Generation project.

The new eight-wheel-drive forwarders are built to maintain high production and feature a 2.2 litre Caterpillar engine, which produces 75 hp and is engineered to supply the maximum torque when working at peak efficiency.

Vimek has collaborated with its sister company Cranab to design and produce a new crane. This offers a good solution that will provide the experience foresters are looking for. The crane has been developed to be the perfect match for the new forwarder. The FC4 is a more compact design, specially designed for Vimek Next Generation.

The Next Generation has a loading capacity of seven tonnes. This machine has double steering, which means the normal waist steering plus an automatic bogie steering at the rear.

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Vimek has also identified the need to increase capacity but maintain a low weight.

Improvements have been made in the cabin by making it much more spacious and quieter for the operator.

Elsewhere, the Sampo Rosenlew HR46x harvester was originally designed for the first thinning of young forests. It is the most reliable, environmentally-friendly, and economical harvester on the market. 

Contact Oakleaf for more information on Vimek, Sampo Rosenlew, Kesla, and Hypro. 028 3833 0011/


Forestry Journal:

WHEN it comes to thinning and the management of sensitive sites, size really does matter. If you want to minimise the damage done to the remaining crop, to the soil structure and root systems within it, to the flora and fauna in and around the woodland and even to the wider environment, then using machinery which is small, light and nimble, yet still productive, is important. Malwa designs and builds its machines with these values at their core.

By keeping its machines relatively narrow Malwa ensures that forests can be thinned without taking out excess trees, therefore ensuring that the best trees can be retained.

The added benefit of this is that canopy openings can be kept to a minimum and so more storm-resilient forests can be created. 

Malwa makes three machines based on its popular 560 chassis; a harvester, a forwarder and a “combi” machine (that can be switched between harvester and forwarder in 20 minutes). All three machines are just two m wide when fitted with 500 mm tyres, weigh around 5.5 tonnes and are powered by a 75 hp CAT engine.

Forestry Journal:

It has also recently released a new eight-wheeled 980 harvester with a width of 2.2 m, on 600 mm tyres, a weight of 9.8 tonnes and a 173 hp CAT engine. 

Treeline Woodlands is the UK dealer for Malwa. 

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Forestry Journal:

THE Alstor mini forwarder is an eight-wheel-drive machine, designed and built in Sweden to reach difficult and sensitive forest areas.

There are many load concepts, making the Alstor a very versatile machine for many applications. The constant eight-wheel drive makes the Alstor excellent in challenging and steep terrain and, with a low ground pressure and tracks available, it is very well suited to wet sites. Transportation is easy as it can be towed on a trailer behind a suitable 4x4.

The capabilities, outputs and low impact make these small machines perfect for the UK forest, from light thinnings to clearfell.

Models include:

Alstor 834
The true successor to the hugely popular Alstor 833, the Alstor 834 is built in high-strength steel with a fully protected and centred prop shaft and centre joint. It has a completely new front chassis where the removable belly plate creates very good service-friendliness. Driver ergonomics have been optimised with reduced noise levels in the cab and extended storage. 

Alstor 822
Replacing the Alstor 821, the Alstor 822 features a new variator that provides better control and power in difficult and advanced terrain. The simplified driveline provides better braking ability and creates better service-friendliness and reliability.

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