THIS month’s Buyer’s Guide takes a look at some of the timber trailers and cranes on the market that are ideal for smaller thinnings, forwarding and estate maintenance. 


Forestry Journal:

GET ready to lift more than you thought possible. The Loglift 125Z opens new possibilities for increased payload, with the highest lifting capacity in class and optimum lift:weight ratio. 

With its robust design and innovative technical features – like the SmartBase, Hi-Cab, and nDurance nanotechnology painting process — the Loglift 125Z upholds everything you have come to expect from the market’s most durable line of forestry cranes. Cranes in the Loglift Z-series fold up into the minimum possible amount of space. Moreover, they are licensed to meet European regulations as they should be – with the grapple on. 

Loglift 125Z is designed to lift more while withstanding the daily demands of unforgiving environments. And to do it over and over again for years of reliable service with the lowest lifetime cost. 

Experience the difference in performance when innovation meets durability. The more timber you can move, the more money you can make. With a lifting capacity unmatched in its class, Loglift 125Z gives you maximum payload per trip to keep you ahead and is truly built to perform. 

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Forestry Journal:

KESLA’S 325T loader was displayed for the first time at the Finnmetko exhibition, held in Finland in September 2022. The loader has excellent trajectories and can be adapted to the frame of a four- to six-cylinder tractor or to the drawbar of a Kesla 124–144 series timber trailer. With its robust construction, it is ready for heavy forestry.

The maximum outreach of the loader is 8.8 m and it has two extensions. The new loader can lift an enormous weight of 1,335 kg from 4 m and 560 kg from the maximum reach.

Operating pressure is 190 bar, which is compatible with most tractors. Recommended oil flow is 130 l/min.

Increased serviceability

Supporting and protective maintenance platforms have been installed on top of the new loader slewing mechanism, next to which the Kesla proC i switchboard and the hydraulic connection point of the operating valve have been integrated. Access to the operating valve for maintenance is easier than before, as the valve cover opens like a bonnet. As usual, the operating valve is positioned at the base of the main boom, so that it does not interfere with visibility.

The outer boom’s hoses are placed inside, which minimises the risk of hose damages. There is a separate shelf for the outer boom’s hydraulic hoses, thanks to which there is no need to remove the boom or cylinders in the event of a hose failure.

Like in the 326T model, the hydraulic filtration of Kesla 325T is at the base of the slew cylinders and the slewing device has sight glasses. Oil change is easy, lubrication possibilities are comprehensive as standard and hydraulic hose sectioning is in accordance with the wishes of professional users. Centralised lubrication is available as 
an option.

The new loader model is available with well-protected, more efficient working lights. The new model is also available with the best range of links, rotators and heads on the market in its size class, with suitable options for every user.


Forestry Journal:

FAOFAR forestry trailers and Cranab crane equipment provide a professional combination that shares many characteristics of a purpose-built timber forwarder but has the useability and versatility of a tractor-and-trailer package.

Cranab products are world renowned, known for their quality and ability to meet the demands of the toughest forest work. With over 50 years of experience, Cranab products are well trusted in the forestry industry.

FaoFar is the largest privately owned Polish forestry machine producer. Due to the company’s dedication to quality and constant improvement, FaoFar is the professional choice when it comes to selecting a timber trailer. 

With its roots in the production of agricultural equipment and forestry machines, its range is built to perfectly suit the Polish forestry environment. This dedication to custom-made products, designed for specific tasks and environments, has been carried forward to today in the design and manufacture of its forwarding trailers.

As such, the combination of FaoFar and Cranab means that any customer can expect superb performance, due to the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes being used during construction. 

Attention to detail and vigorous testing that all products undergo result in a trailer and crane combination of quality, reliability and performance.

FaoFar offer trailers ranging from 6 tonnes capacity up to 15 tonnes capacity. With design features like a contoured high-clearance chassis, tapered streamlined bogeys, large contact stabiliser feet and Black Bruin Drive Motors, Combined with Cranab cranes with reaches ranging from 6.5 to 10 m and fitted with Indexator rotators, control system and hydraulic components from Parker as standard.

FaoFar and Cranab provides a new level of operating performance.

Forestry Journal:

FaoFar trailers are available in four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive and free running. FaoFar employ Black Bruin radial-piston drive motors on all driven trailers. Combined with a trailer-mounted PTO, driven load sensing hydraulic system, these motors provide the ultimate drive system for forestry trailers.

All FaoFar and Cranab installations are carried out at the Wm Clark workshops in Parkgate, Dumfries, by Clark engineers. This ensures that the installation is completed to the highest of standards and allows the engineers to manufacture any mountings/fittings required for bespoke installations.

For further details, contact Clark Engineering on:
Telephone: 01387 860241


Forestry Journal:

WHILE developing Generation 3, Palfinger Epsilon combined at the very highest level its customers’ expectations with many years of experience in crane engineering, together with the most innovative technologies. 

The result: the longest reach in its class, fully integrated, centralised greasing options, the new Comfort Drive control system, the new Palfinger Smart Control assistance system, and new outrigger options offering and even wider range of support, are just some of the latest highlights.

The new Generation 3 comprises a wide range of products, with lifting capacities between 10 and 18 metric tonnes on both the Z and L type cranes. 

Highlights of the new GENERATION 3

  • The longest reach in its class – up to 10.9 metres
  • Comfort Drive – the new controls system including a new 360 degree light concept and Epshood mechanism
  • Centralised greasing options: automatic or manual
  • Smart Control – for the electric cabin option

COMFORT DRIVE – the new control system

Crane operators are clearly the heart of Palfinger Epsilon’s work. It developed the new compact Comfort Drive for them. The result is maximum ergonomics, while operating the crane and minimum fatigue during longer tasks.
The Grammar seat features suspension for perfect comfort. Due to the hydraulic pilot system, the crane controls are highly sensitive and precise.


The new centralised greasing options also enhance efficiency during maintenance. Both greasing systems (automatic or manual) are fully integrated into the crane design to ensure consistently smooth operation of the crane right from the start.


The Smart Control sensors enable operators to concentrate fully on the tip of the crane.

This makes it much easier to control the crane, minimises fatigue and significantly reduces the time it takes to train new operators. Raising the bar in convenience and safety, the new Smart Control is initially available for the L and Z cranes with the Tec Cab control system and Generation 3 double telescope models.

For further information please contact:
Dave Wadby – Palfinger UK / 07825734100


Forestry Journal:

THE combination of continuous product development and a state-of-the-art factory is the secret behind one of the world’s leading forestry solution packages.

The latest generation of Palms cranes and widened trailer model range is among the best you can buy. 

It doesn’t matter if you need a machine for your farm or everyday work in the woods, Palms’s line-up consists of machines suitable for every need. 

Palms’s range includes the 4.71 and X100 cranes, while it offers trailers such as the 10D and 15U. All are available through recently appointed UK dealer, B Price Forestry.

Established in 1995 by Anti Puusepp, Palms – then known as Palmse Mehaanikakoda – has since produced more than 25,000 cranes and 23,000 trailers.

With finance available, payments can be custom suited to your budget. 

Contact B Price Forestry to discuss how they can help your business. 


Forestry Journal:

COUNTY Antrim-based forest machinery supplier M Large Tree Services is the sole authorised UK and Ireland distributor for the BMF range of timber trailers and cranes.

BMF began operating in 2001, and from 2006 the Estonian company has specialised in the manufacture of forest trailers and cranes. Estonia is a country where half of the territory is covered with forest, and long-term traditions in local forestry have created a good environment for designing and producing innovative and highly valued forest trailers and cranes.

The product names of each BMF crane offer an indication of the varied reach available, ranging from the BMF430, with a 4.3-metre reach, all the way up to the mighty BMF1000HD with an impressive reach of 10 metres.

Its trailers are equally varied, with units suited to the requirements of hobby farmers as well as professional loggers, and load capacities ranging from 6 to 18 tonnes. Many of the models come in either ‘standard’ or ‘pro’ versions, with a multitude available for interested parties to peruse. BMF’s range of trailers has models to fit the requirements of any potential user. 

For further information and prices, please contact 028 9034 2838 or visit


Forestry Journal:

THE Pfanzelt Profi-line forwarding trailer from Germany’s largest manufacturer of forestry equipment sits in between the S-line and the Log-line models. The Profi offers off-road payloads from 9 to 15 tonnes. For larger payloads up to 17 tonnes, users should look to the Log-line range.

The Profi is a professional heavy-duty trailer built using fine-grained steels and a strong central tubular frame. The single frame provides better absorption of the crane’s lifting forces, as well as giving maximum stability and improved ground clearance.

All Pfanzelt’s timber trailers come fitted with a wide-angled steering drawbar via two robust pistons, easily mechanically locked as needed. The bogie axles provide for a wide travel angle up to 394 mm, for safer travel over rough terrain as well as a more even distribution of ground pressure.

The ability to slide the trailer’s axles allows the user flexibility on carrying of timber lengths, while gaining optimum weight distribution. An extendable rear frame can also increase the loading area by up to 2 metres if required.

A range of fast and powerful B4-class loading cranes are available, with reaches up to 10 metres and a hoisting force of 7 metres.

Space-saving A-frame stabilisers give optimum parking stability, allowing the operator to get close to timber stacks.

With consideration to the high design specification and build quality, Pfanzelt trailers have an excellent price-to-performance ratio. 

Contact D A Hughes Forestry on 01691 882138 or visit


Forestry Journal:

AT the core of Jas P Wilson’s comprehensive range of forestry and firewood machinery are its highly regarded forestry trailers and loaders.

The range has expanded following some big announcements at last year’s APF show – including new complimentary trailer and loader brands, which sit perfectly beside its renowned, UK-made Botex products. This has been achieved by filling in any pre-existing gaps in the product portfolio with Kronos, Oniar and Krpan to provide even more options.

Central to this portfolio remains Botex, a mainstay of the British and Irish forestry sector, suited to professional forestry, firewood, arboriculture or site-management duties. Botex products have been in a process of continual development for decades, improving suitability to the unique conditions of our domestic market, but in recent months this process has been greatly accelerated. This has created new models, new control systems and modifications to improve user experience, machine performance and specification.

The time-served 500 series loaders have seen multiple developments, which have increased their capabilities over previous models. The largest model in the range is now the new 583 model, taking the place of the 580. In addition to a longer reach of up to 8.3 m using a double extension, this unit also packs the renowned Botex lifting capabilities – with the ability to handle over two tonnes close in.

READ MORE: Everyone in forestry has responsibility to train operators

This long-reach unit is often paired up with one of two things; either roof-mounted on a forestry-guarded Valtra tractor to create a versatile, compact unit capable of towing trailers or working PTO machinery, or it’s fitted to one of Botex’s extending trailer units, either the XL-PRO 14, or the GR-15 “Bigfoot”. This trailer option provides a very capable machine, with both of these trailer units able to carry two bays of three-metre timber. 

The key difference to these trailers is their working areas. The XL-PRO has been designed to be a hybrid trailer, capable of forestry work, but also equally at home doing some road-haulage duties, whereas the bigfoot, although very capable of road work, is far more at home travelling over challenging terrain – with longer bogie travel, and larger flotation tyres.

Finnish-made Kronos products, Estonian-made Oniar and Slovenian-made Krpan products have added some very exciting forestry trailers and loader units to the Jas P Wilson range. This includes tractor JAKE frame-mounted loaders, hydraulic-motor-driven trailer options, and serves to widen Wilson’s existing trailer range at both the smaller and larger ends of the market.

So, there’s even more reason than ever to call Jas P Wilson for information on their trailers and loaders. As always, their knowledgeable team can help advise on suitability.

Part-exchange and competitive finance options are available, subject to status.

Call 01556 612233 and ask for Ian Brown for full details.


Forestry Journal:

FARMA, one of the leading European brands within forestry equipment, offers a large range of cranes, starting from the compact C 3.8 to the range-leading C 8.5 crane. Add to this an extensive range of trailers, starting from the T6 to the T17, and Farma is able to offer the customer the perfect combination to suit their needs, right down to the last nut and bolt.

The T17 from Farma is the latest addition to its market-leading range of forestry trailers.

The Farma T17 is a trailer for the forestry owner that needs to transport large volumes with demands for high productivity.

The high ground clearance of 630 mm and the low ground pressure provide high passability. The T17 has a large load length of 5,400 mm and a load area of 3.3 m².

Despite its size, the Farma T17 is surprisingly flexible and compliant, thanks to its 40-degree frame steering attachment placed far back on the trailer.

The T17 can, due to its unique flexible bunk, be set to carry various wood lengths. It comes equipped with traditional bended posts as standard but is also available with forwarder-type bolsters. The T17 offers a broad variety of tyre options up to 710 mm.

The trailer is available with options for a drive system such as Robson or Hydro drive.
Farma produces cranes to fit a wide range of other equipment such as tractors, chippers, firewood machinery, boats and compact forwarders. In this field the C 4.2 is the market leader, with lifting power of almost 500 kg and its compact nature when folded away. For those in need of a longer reach yet still small scale, Farma recently introduced the C 5.0 crane to the market.

Home Forestry is among Farma’s dealers in the UK. Phone 01746 718 456 or visit