WHEN working off-ground, there are many things an arborist has to take into account when considering a top-handle chainsaw – such as visibility, weight and ergonomics.

This month’s Buyer’s Guide takes a closer look at the essential kit. 


Forestry Journal:

STIHL is one of the world’s leading providers of petrol and cordless chainsaws. With a focus on developing battery technology, many of Stihl’s professional petrol models now have a cordless alternative, offering the same performance levels as their petrol counterparts.

MSA 220 T | MSA 220 TC-O

Stihl’s most powerful cordless top-handle chainsaws come in the shape of the MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O. An ideal alternative to the MS 201 TC-M, the MSA 220 T is an outstanding choice for removing larger branches or performing crown maintenance. 

Both models have an adjustable oil pump, an ergonomic trigger system and a 180° LED display, ensuring the operator always has a clear overview of the operating status of the saw and the chain brake position. In addition, the MSA 220 TC-O has an oil sensor that notifies the user when the chain oil tank is empty, helping to reduce downtime, overheating and premature wear.

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Recommended with a lightweight 14” guide bar, both models are well balanced and use a high performing PS3 full-chisel saw chain to achieve a high-quality cut. The recommended AP 300 S battery delivers 2.1 kW of electrical power, providing up to 29 minutes of working time. 

Other features include side-mounted chain tensioning, captive nut on the sprocket cover and tool-free oil tank cap. The MSA 220 T also boasts an easy-to-clean air filter for long service life and optimum motor cooling.

MSA 161 T

This compact, battery-operated top-handle chainsaw is a lightweight alternative to the MSA 220 T and offers a 40 per cent higher chain speed than its predecessor, the MSA 160 T. It also features a 15 per cent increase in motor performance too, making it ideal for removing deadwood, crown maintenance and light reductions. 

The MSA 161 T is designed with three different trigger combinations that can be used with the ‘trigger switch lock out’ feature, including a combination ideally suited for performing multiple cuts consecutively. The trigger switch lock out combinations have been created for user convenience and safety.

For more information on Stihl’s professional cordless tools, visit www.stihl.co.uk


Forestry Journal:

The 82TCS15 is an exceptionally lightweight and powerful top-handle chainsaw designed for professional arborists. To minimise weight during use, the battery mounts onto a low-profile backpack harness, offering freedom of movement while working in trees.  

Offering an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio, thanks to the 1.5 kW digital brushless motor and exceptionally low weight of just 2.1 kg, with Cramer, even the most demanding of jobs can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and safely. 

The Cramer 82V technology rivals an equivalent 35 cc petrol chainsaw yet has significantly lower running and ownership costs, making it a viable option for any professional user or business.

As well as the cost and performance benefit, the Cramer 82V range offers additional safety in the workplace, with low vibration, low noise, and zero emissions or harmful fumes for the operator when cutting. Additionally, the 82TCS15 features an integrated chain brake, patented palm lock to avoid accidental start-up, and secure climbing hook, as well as being IPX4 rated. 

Forestry Journal:

As part of the Cramer 82V professional lineup, the battery is interchangeable in any of the 82V ranges from lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, blowers, and even power cutters, offering one battery for multiple professional applications. 

For further information, head to www.cramertools.com/ or contact your local dealer via the website.


Forestry Journal:

Experience ‘best in class’ power, performance, and design with the CSX3000 from EGO’s Professional-X range, specially designed for forestry and arborist professionals tackling the challenges of all-day use.

Powered by EGO’s industry-leading 56 V ARC lithium battery technology, this top-handle chainsaw provides unrivalled power, torque, and a chain speed of 20 m/s, benefitting from long runtimes and fast recharge.

As well as zero emissions, reduced noise and low vibrations, there is also no recoil start, no need to run the tool in idle, and no hot exhaust, ensuring a much more comfortable and strain-free operation than one seen with petrol-powered equivalents.

When working at height, it goes without saying that safety must be of the highest priority. EGO’s unique chain-brake system is a cutting-edge combination of both mechanical and electronic technology which reduces the risk of injury by stopping the saw’s motor in a fraction of a second if kickback occurs.

Sightlines have also been added to the chainsaw to improve visibility, helping the operator to make more accurate cuts, while a helpful battery indicator light alerts the operator when there is only a 10 per cent charge remaining. Another visible oil indicator comes on when the 200 ml oil reservoir needs refilling.

Forestry Journal:

The Professional-X battery holster, cable, and arborists strop (ABH3000) have been designed to make working at height even easier. The holster acts as a belt to safely house the EGO battery whilst working so that no extra weight is added to the chainsaw.

The safety-strop attachment then integrates with the battery cable and belt or harness to keep the operator safe at all times.

Suitable for every treetop job, with a range of chain bars available from 30 cm to 45 cm, the EGO Power Plus Professional-X CSX3000 cordless top-handle chainsaw makes the task in hand easier, cleaner, quieter, and, most importantly, safer.

For more information on the CSX3000 30 cm top-handle chainsaw visit: https://egopowerplus.co.uk/products/chainsaws/csx3000-top-handle-chainsaw



Forestry Journal:

LEADING power tool manufacturer Makita offers an extensive range of cordless top-handle chainsaws, giving arborists maximum choice for a variety of challenging environments.

Makita has developed its battery technologies to provide professionals with a viable and reliable alternative to outdoor petrol products without the emissions. While petrol power has long been the go-to fuel – particularly for chainsaw work, many are now making the switch to battery power, thanks to the benefits that cordless offers.

Cordless chainsaws offer a quieter, lightweight and more sustainable alternative for operators. Battery-powered machines produce lower vibration levels and noise, improving operator safety and reducing disruption to those around the site, without compromising on power and performance. And with no petrol to store and manage, fumes and emissions are eliminated.

Highlights from Makita’s range include the UC002G 40VMax 250 mm top-handle chainsaw and the UC003G 40VMax 300 mm top-handle chainsaw, which are powered by Makita’s innovative XGT 40VMax battery platform.

Delivering an impressive 1.4 kW of Max output, with a brushless motor, these top-of-the-range chainsaws are lightweight (4.2 kg) and compact, and enjoy comparable power to a 30 cc two-stroke chainsaw.

Thanks to Makita’s most powerful 40VMax XGT technology, professionals can rely on these solutions for long runtimes and efficient working.

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With chain speeds of up to 24 m/s, these chainsaws provide fast and effective cutting, with a variable speed trigger for complete control. The models include a large oil reservoir with an adjustable chain oiling mechanism, and anti-fall captive bar nuts to minimise loss when adjusting chain tension or refitting the chain.

Designed with user safety in mind, the UC002G and UC003G both feature a metal spike bumper to firmly grip the workpiece in place, a kickback brake and an auto-power off function that automatically turns off the chainsaw after one minute of inactivity. For full mobility, the lanyard hook enables professionals to ‘clip, climb and cut’ with ease.

The UC002G and UC003G are part of Makita’s extensive cordless outdoor range, which includes top-handle chainsaws, rear-handle chainsaws and pole saws, as well as shears, hedge trimmers and blowers.

With over 100 years’ experience, Makita products are renowned worldwide for their ease of use, consistent performance and high quality – and are trusted by professionals, industry wide. 

To find out more, visit: www.makitauk.com/products/40v-cordless-tools

T540 XP Mark III


Forestry Journal: A HIGH-PERFORMING choice for advanced arb professionals, the T540 XP Mark III is one of Husqvarna’s newest additions to its range of petrol chainsaws. An improved top-handle chainsaw that is even more reliable compared to previous generations with high manoeuvrability, the T540 XP Mark III offers increased runability in use and a powerful engine, suitable for starts in all weather conditions.

With Husqvarna’s famous ergonomics at the forefront of the design, the T540 XP Mark III, which has a weight of 3.8 kg and the power level of 1.9 kW, has a perfect power-to-weight ratio with high cutting capacity and impressive manoeuvrability for section felling and cutting thick branches, meaning it can do more groundwork and lighter arboricultural tasks in less time.

The T540 XP Mark III is designed for quick starts with minimal effort to make life easy for arborists and tree surgeons. Its 40 cc engine is upgraded with AutoTune 3.0 and a simplified starting technology feature for optimal engine performance and increased reliability to cope with the daily challenges. The petrol chainsaw also features a flip-up tank cap and dual attached eyelets to secure the chainsaw to the harnes. 

Husqvarna knows that convenience is key, which is why the chainsaw is equipped with a state-of-the-art air filtration system, which filters 98 per cent of incoming dust, to prevent the air filter from getting clogged.

The chainsaw provides the option of connecting to Husqvarna’s Fleet Services to run an engine diagnosis, track usage and indicate when the product needs to be serviced.

For more information on Husqvarna and the T540 XP Mark III, head to: www.husqvarna.com/uk/chainsaws/t540xp-mark-iii/



Forestry Journal:

THE DCS-2500TC from Echo is a battery-powered top-handle chainsaw, designed and built to meet the needs of arborists and treecare professionals who use top-handle chainsaws daily for pruning and arboriculture.

The narrow tipped 8”/20 cm carving bar allows for awkward cuts to be made precisely, greatly reducing kickback. This little saw is the first choice for discerning arborists, wood carvers and orchardists where fine precision cuts are demanded. 

Don’t let the light weight (dry weight 1.6 kg) fool you, the DCS-2500TC packs professional power with exceptional acceleration. In fact, the 56 V lithium-ion battery generates power and cutting performance equivalent to Echo’s best-selling CS-2511TES petrol chainsaw; and it does it with low vibration.

Well balanced and ergonomically designed for manoeuvrability and precision, the DCS-2500TC is part of Echo’s 56 V battery series and one of its X Series of ‘best in class’ products. The superior X Series models are specifically designed for professionals who rely on their tools, day in and day out. Often leading in terms of power and performance, X Series products are tested in the most extreme conditions, to ensure flawless operation.

The DCS-2500TC is packed full of beneficial user-friendly features to complement its power and near noiseless operation. Users will find the patented Quick Draw harness ring a real plus for hooking and unhooking the chainsaw in one movement. There’s a drop-prevention lanyard hook for off-ground safety and this is a truly easy-to-operate machine with an anti-slip handle grip and patented thumb rest adding to operator comfort.

There’s a side-access chain tensioner to allow quick chain adjustments. The driving force, the brushless motor, will ensure long-lasting maintenance-free operation, while the casing has an IPX4 rating for water resistance, so the chainsaw is showerproof for protection against the elements. The all-important chain oil adjustment is situated on the top of the saw, so it’s easily adjusted, while filling is equally simple with the flip lever cap opening.

Qualified top-handle arborists and tree surgeons looking for ultimate power and intricate cutting precision matched with quiet, low vibration and emissions-free professional-grade performance will find Echo’s DCS-2500TC just the ticket for everyday use.

You can find out more from your local authorised Echo dealer. You can also visit www.echo-tools.co.uk or call 01789 490177 for more information.