THE timber has been felled but the job is not done. It’s messy work and before replanting can begin, the site has to be cleared.

With that in mind, in this month’s Forestry Journal we take a look at some of the latest ground-clearance solutions on the market. 


Forestry Journal:

THE TreEmme X-Series forestry tractors by Merlo are versatile, high-performance machines ideal for ground clearance and reclamation when fitted with a fixed-tooth mulcher.

Available in two versions, the 250 hp MM250X or the 350 hp MM350X, X-Series forestry tractors are suited to a wide range of applications using the array of attachments available for the machine. The unparalleled 360° visibility (synonymous with Merlo cab design), combined with excellent manoeuvrability and a technologically advanced high-flow hydraulic system, make these forestry tractors the ideal machines for professionals looking for high-output dependable units.

The chassis of the X-Series forestry tractors is reinforced and protected in the most exposed areas of the machine. Ensuring operator safety in the most extreme conditions is paramount, with the machine being fully ROPS, OPS and FOPS compliant.

The X-Series forestry tractors from Merlo offer numerous advantages over their traditionally tracked counterparts with large-diameter forestry-specification tyres, four-wheel drive, front and rear diff locks, three-mode four-wheel steer and a maximum 40 km/h transport speed. The elevated forward-mounted cab offers an excellent view of the working area, whilst reinforced belly plates protect the machine from any debris, ensuring the protection of the drivetrain components.

The in-cab joystick control allows fingertip control of key functions including direction of travel, forward speed, and full control of the selected attachment. In the case of a mulcher the operator can reverse the rotation of the mulcher head rotor at the touch of a button with ease. The fully hydrostatic drivetrain allows for infinite speed control in either direction allowing for the controlled forward speed to be matched to the working conditions with ease. The Merlo TreEmme X-Series range truly is a machine that stands out from the rest.

Forestry Journal:

Complementing the X-Series forestry tractors, Merlo also offers a range of compact tracked carriers. The Cingo range comes in a variety of models, with a vast range of attachments available for each. Some attachments available for the Cingo tracked carriers include a flail mower, dumper (also available as a high-tip version), forestry grab and telescopic boom.


Forestry Journal:

UFKES Greentec is a manufacturer of wood chippers, forest mulchers, forestcutters and stump grinders. Greentec has stump cutters for both on excavator, hydraulic, and three-point machines for the tractor, PTO driven. 

The stump grinders for the excavators are the Shark models, the Shark 4, 6 or the Shark 8. The Shark stump cutters are suitable for excavator from 4.5 to 28 tonnes. The Shark can be equipped with various types of quick changes or, for example, a swivelhead. We recently added the Shark 4W to our range. This is very suitable for implement carriers, giving 30 to 90 litres/min. Take small tracked vehicles, for example.

The Greentec stump grinders for behind the tractor are the Greentec 660 and the Greentec Piranha. The 660 is suitable for tractors from 40 to 120 hp. The Piranha is suitable for tractors up to 250 hp. 

Greentec’s three-point stump grinders achieve the highest capacity during tilling, thanks to the mechanical drive. The stumps can easily be milled away deep and wide, thanks to the swing range and the large grinding wheel. The machines can be easily operated with the Greentec autopilot joystick control.

For mulching away small stumps, scrub or bushes, Greentec has the 1300 and 1500 Forest mulchers in its range. These very compact hydraulic forest tillers are suitable for excavators from 12 to 25 tonnes. These very strong forest mulchers are built almost entirely of Hardox steel. 

The highest capacity can be achieved thanks to the Ufkes Speedcontrol system, which adjusts the excavator to the highest oil flow. The fineness of the mulched material is easy to adjust for optimal results, thanks to the adjustable counter-knives. 

The Forest Mulcher can also be equipped with various types of quick couplings or a swivelhead.


Forestry Journal:

PAUL Vidgen has been involved in the mulching, land-clearing and forestry business for 30 years both as a contractor and as a supplier of specialist equipment. Paul imported and ran the first tracked self-propelled mulchers in the UK back in 1998. 
One thing Paul always strives to provide is a level of knowledge unrivalled in the industry.

He still carries out some contracting work and he always likes to keep his hand in operating the latest offerings for his manufacturers. 

Bruks chippers are now a big part of our equipment portfolio, with two forwarder and one truck-mounted units sold last year; these are reliable, tough and simple to maintain chippers for biomass production. Bruks have some new innovations for 2023, and we will have more details on these in the near future.

Tree shears from Treve Benne have been very popular for ash dieback work and we usually have shears in stock for quick delivery and set-up. We have both single- and twin-bladed units available, all now featuring double-rotation motors for extra torque. A new small shear with rotation is also available for 8- to 12-tonne machines.

Scarifiers from UOT are perfect for site prep in open ground, clear-fell or mulched sites, helping greatly with new crop establishment.

Prinoth machinery remains at the forefront of mulching technology, and the latest offerings form the company are no exception. Having to embrace new exhaust emission standards, the latest Raptor 800, Raptor 300 and the all-new replacement to the industry standard RT400, the Raptor 500, have Stage V engines, using Ad Blue, from Caterpillar and Cummins. These offer excellent reliability and very good fuel economy. Like all Prinoth carriers, they feature efficient mechanical drives with a turbo-clutch. Raptor 300 is available with a rubber track system for short trips on the road. The 800 has a dedicated heavy-duty drive line to the 900 mm diameter rotor, making it one of the largest self-propelled mulchers available.

The new Raptor 100 remote-control carrier with the M450h-1450 mulcher has proved a big hit with customers, with five sold in the last six months. Designed for forestry use, the unit has a Deutz engine, and dedicated high-pressure circuit for the mulcher drive, variable-width tracks and a winch to assist on steep ground are all standard. One of the features customers love is its weight. At two tonnes it can be transported on a trailer behind a four-wheel drive or pickup, saving on transport costs.

Used and reconditioned equipment is often available. 

For more information on the range and services available, get in touch via or 07768 772227.


Forestry Journal:

FOUNDED in 2004, Global Machinery Solutions is a well-established and recognised machinery dealer and supplier in the UK and Western Europe, and is currently a leading name in the forestry, recycling, construction, aggregate, and confi-shred market sectors.

This comparison shows the complete range of stump grinders sold by Global Machinery Solutions: 

The Bandit SG-40/SG-40W is a compact, tracked/four-wheel-drive stump grinder. Advancements have led to the Bandit SG-40 taking over from the already successful ZT1844. The SG-40 is a highly productive grinder that packs power plus portability.

  • 38 hp Kohler petrol engine
  • Comes with dual wheels
  • Greenteeth or Revolution wheel,
  • 29.5” width tracked (33” wheeled)
  • 740 kg weight
  • Choice of colours
  • Belt drive
  • Optional radio remote.

The Bandit’s 2550XP/2550T is a mid-sized stump grinder, featuring a diesel engine, hydraulic cutter-head drive and the option of wheels or tracks.

  • 49 hp Kohler diesel engine
  • Greenteeth
  • Radio remote
  • Tether remote
  • Hydraulic grading blade
  • 35” width
  • 1,300 kg weight
  • Tracked, with a choice of cleated or smooth options
  • 4WD c/w dual wheels

Forestry Journal: The Bandit SG-40/SG-40WThe Bandit SG-40/SG-40W (Image: PR)

The Bandit SG-75 is a tracked, high-horsepower, shaft-driven stump grinder.

  • 74 hp Kohler diesel engine
  • Revolution wheel
  • Radio remote
  • Tether remote
  • 35” width
  • C/w expanding tracks out to 53”
  • 2,120 kg weight
  • 80” slew
  • 23” cutting depth
  • Hydraulic grading blade and super sweep as standard.

The Jo Beau B13-90 Pedestrian Grinder is a compact, fully manual, basic stump grinder.

  • Manual push/pull
  • 13 hp Honda petrol engine
  • Swivel turntable
  • Greenteeth
  • 151 kg weight
  • 770 mm width
  • 900 mm slew

The Jo Beau B24-100 Pedestrian Grinder is a semi-automatic, narrow-access stump grinder.

  • Self propelled
  • 24 hp Honda petrol engine
  • 25” width
  • C/w dual wheels
  • 330 kg weight
  • Belt drive
  • Hydraulically operated slew.

The Jo Beau B37-110 Tracked Grinder is a fully automatic, narrow access, tracked stump grinder.

  • 37 hp Vanguard petrol engine
  • 29” width
  • Jo Beau GrinDisc fitted with Greenteeth
  • Belt drive
  • 720 kg weight
  • Optional radio remote
  • 2 x programmed working speeds
  • 1640 mm length when folded

To find out more about any of the range, contact the sales office where Dean Embling will be able to advise customers further. Telephone 01476 568384, option 1 or e-mail


Forestry Journal:

WITHIN FAE Group’s highly capable tracked carrier range, there have been two recent additions. These have added powerful remote-control options for those looking for a versatile RC solution for ground-clearance work. 

After many years supplying its highly regarded PrimeTech operator cab-mounted machines (now also branded under the FAE name), FAE has now taken this expert tracked-carrier and ground-clearance knowledge and developed two RC models.

At the core of these tracked mulching units is the powerful 56 hp or 74 hp Kohler engine on the RCU-55 model and RCU-75 models, respectively. These units both deliver the ability to work on steep slopes up to 55°, something which is of great use on challenging sites such as roadside work, railway vegetation management, waterways, environmental projects, landscaped grounds and for various enabling works required for infrastructure and construction projects.

When working in these settings, these robust machines benefit from a heavy-duty undercarriage, featuring a hydraulic variable track system with independent undercarriage frames for maximum stability on steep terrain. To support this work these machines have high-profile rubber tracks (steel track options available), combined with the undercarriage’s triple-flange-style oscillating roller system, to provide unbeatable traction. The dual hydrostatic transmission makes it easier to manage traction and the attachment.

The RCU-75 can mulch vegetation up to 15 cm in diameter with the BL2/RCU mulching head, whilst the smaller RCU-55 unit can mulch vegetation up to 12 cm in diameter with the BL1/RCU 125 mulcher head, and small shrubs and vegetation up to five cm in diameter with the PML/RCU 150 mulcher head.

For more info on these tracked machines, or the wider range of excavator- or tractor-mounted FAE mulchers and tillers, please get in contact with Jas P Wilson’s FAE product specialist Kris Wilson. Call on 01556 612233. See the full FAE range at


Forestry Journal: The SC362The SC362 (Image: PR)


WITH a rich history, Vermeer remains one of forestry’s most established names. While it might be best known for its much-loved woodchippers, the brand has a range of products to meet the ground-clearance needs of any forester. 

Vermeer SC30TX Stump Grinder
With the longest tracks in class, the SC30TX provides consistent stability and easier loading and unloading of the machine when compared to shorter-tracked models. 
It features: 

  • Kohler ECH740 EFI 25 hp petrol engine
  • Cutting depth below ground 12”
  • Cutting height above ground 25”
  • AUTOSWEEP Cutting System
  • Weight 703 kg

Vermeer SC292 Stump Grinder (Replaced the SC252)
Equipped with a 26.5 hp (19.8 kW) EFI Kohler engine, the SC292 performs well in cold-weather starts, has reduced occurrence of engine flooding and provides improved fuel economy over comparable carbureted petrol engines.
Other notable points include: 

  • Jockey wheel steering
  • Removable dual wheels
  • Cutting depth below ground 15”
  • Cutting height above ground 24”
  • AUTOSWEEP Cutting System
  • Weight 580 kg

Vermeer SC362 Stump Grinder
With two-speed drive, the operator may choose to operate in a high-range or low-range ground speed setting of 0–133 ft/min (0–40.5 m/min) to quickly move the machine or choose a slower speed when near the stump by utilising a low-range setting of 0–66 ft/min (0–20.1 m/min).

Forestry Journal: The SC360TXThe SC360TX (Image: PR)

  • Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 35 hp petrol engine
  • Two hydraulically controlled steering wheels with pivoting axle
  • Removable dual wheels
  • Cutting depth below ground 15”
  • Cutting height above ground 24”
  • AUTOSWEEP Cutting System
  • Weight 598 kg

Vermeer SC382 Stump Grinder
Four-wheel drive comes standard on the SC382. It offers traction and manoeuvrability in difficult transport conditions.

  • Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 37 hp petrol engine
  • Cutting depth below ground 15”
  • Cutting height above ground 24”
  • Chip blade
  • SMARTSWEEP Cutting System
  • Weight 852 kg

Vermeer SC70TX Stump Grinder
An optional remote control allows operators to manoeuvre the stump cutter while away from the unit.

  • CAT C2.2 Turbocharged 67hp Tier 4 Final/Tier 5 Compliant Diesel 
  • Swing-out Workstation
  • Cutting depth below ground 16” (40.6 cm)
  • Cutting height above ground 27” (68.6 cm)
  • SMARTSWEEP Cutting System
  • Weight 1,769 kg
  • Track width retracted 35” (88.9 cm)
  • Track width extended 51” (129.5 cm)
  • Brake type – spring-applied and hydraulically released dual parking brakes