BIG or small, a good woodchipper is an essential piece of kit. Here we take a look at some of the latest machinery on the market. 

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Forestry Journal:

FIELD and Forest Machinery specialises in a wide range of woodchippers for a variety of applications. 

Founded in 1884, Jensen offers professional-grade woodchippers, designed to handle large volumes of tree branches and organic debris. Jensen chippers are durable and efficient, and come in a variety of models and drive lines that can be tailored to the specific needs of the end user.

With capacities ranging from 6” to 12”, Jensen chippers are known for their high-quality components, ease of use, and ability to produce consistent and uniform woodchips for various applications, including landscaping and biomass energy generation. 

Field and Forest Machinery is the sole dealer in Scotland for the Bandit Industries range of woodchippers. Bandit offers a series of high-performance, highly durable and heavily constructed chippers. With hand-fed and crane-fed machines available, the XP series features various models with a range of chipping capacities and engine sizes. These chippers are built for high performance and durability, with heavy-duty components and easy-to-maintain designs. 

Forestry Journal:

In addition to the Bandit Industries range, Field and Forest Machinery is also the sole distributor in Scotland of the Jo Beau chipper range. These compact but highly effective woodchippers are ideal for domestic users, arborists and grounds maintenance teams alike.

For more information, contact a member of the team on 01506 862371 or email



Forestry Journal:

HEIZOHACK is one of the leading European brands in the forestry and biomass machinery market. Based in Bavaria, Germany, it has been producing chippers since 1989.

Typically, the hand-fed range caters for people producing their own biomass chip or country estates looking to maintain their land and use the chip as a source of heating.

The crane-fed range of Heizohack chippers are powerful professional machines used by contract companies or cooperatives that use the large capacity for site clearance work and sell the chip as a by-product.

The popular models from the hand-fed range are the HM4-300, HM6-300, which are 12” machines, and the large 16” diameter capacity HM8-400, which all produce G30 or G50 grade chip, depending on the sieve fitted.

The K Series (crane-fed) range is made up of the entry level HM8-400K 16” chipper and the HM10-500K 20” machine, which can be built with the impressive 10 m Palfinger M70F101 crane for self-feeding like the range topper 25” HM14-860KTL. These models out of the Heizohack range are stocked by Fuelwood.

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Also in the range are the Mercedes-Benz Arcos 6x6 based truck chippers. The HM10-860KL is the new model in the range to offer greater off-road ability due to the lighter weight and ground clearance compared to its bigger brother, the HM14-860KL. The HM10-860KL still has a 25” diameter capacity and it’s powered by the 420 hp truck engine. In both models the truck can be moved without stopping the chipper thanks to the NMV gearbox used.

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Forestry Journal:

WITH over 35 years of industry experience, Timberwolf is renowned for offering customers a range of diesel- and petrol-powered woodchippers.

Road Tow

The TW 230HB is its best-selling sub-750 kg woodchipper and is the arborist’s machine of choice. With the option of either diesel or petrol, the chipper offers arborists an exceptional workrate, strength and reliability.

Timberwolf also offers its popular TW 160PH petrol-powered woodchipper that has become a fan favourite with arborists and landscapers alike. Weighing in at just 608 kg, the TW 160PH is compact and robust, meaning it can be easily manoeuvred straight to the work site. 


Forestry Journal:

There’s no compromise when it comes to the Timberwolf tracked woodchipper range; they all feature quad force rollers with immense crushing power, robust infeed controls on both sides for ultimate control and easy serviceability thanks to the Wolf Port and centralised greasing points.


Developed to meet the growing industry trend towards more sustainable solutions, with processing throughput of over seven tonnes/hr, the TW 280HB HYBRID offers class-leading peak power of 62 hp, but with Kubota Super Mini Series engine levels of emissions – ideal for the most challenging of jobs.

Simple to maintain, the TW 280HB HYBRID woodchipper is ideal for companies and organisations who are committed to minimising their emissions without compromising on performance.

Visit or call 
01449 765800.

PTH 900


Forestry Journal:

ARE you tired of having to wait for a skilled company to produce woodchips from logs and branches? Are you looking for a new source of income to diversify your business?

Would you like to invest in the agricultural/forestry and renewable energy sector using incentives and funding? Pezzolato has the solution you are looking for.

When the volume of wood to be chipped becomes larger and larger, you need to equip yourself with robust, reliable and powerful machines able to process large quantities of biomass in a short time, producing high-quality woodchips that can be used for large power plants or small boilers (where a homogenous grain size is required).

Pezzolato, the leading Italian company in the production of professional chippers, offers to woodchip producers, contractors and arborists one of its ‘best-seller’ machines in the medium-high power range, available in three versions: PTH 700, PTH 900 and PTH 1200.

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These machines can be driven by the PTO of the tractor from 100 to 300 hp or by a dedicated motor.

As with all other Pezzolato chippers, these machines have a cone-shaped in-feed design, a feature that, combined with the top roller that can fully open, allows even very bulky logs and twigs to be processed efficiently, increasing productivity.

The closed in-feed chain carries the material to be chipped up to the counter-knife, a design feature that eliminates the problem of ‘wasted material’ accumulating under the machine after each move, thus avoiding the need to slow down for site cleaning.

The large-diameter fan, mounted directly on the main shaft, allows good expulsion of woodchips even at low engine speeds and with wet material (such as that produced by green maintenance operations), as well as eliminating dust.

Another plus of these machines is the drop counter-knife: a system that minimises any damage caused by the accidental insertion of foreign bodies (not biomass) inside the chipper.

ECO 135


Forestry Journal:

THE ARB Show 2023 gave GreenMech the perfect platform to launch its brand new, ‘entry-level’ woodchipper range, the ECO 135. Delivering an impressive 5” capacity, the ECO 135 is ideal for a wide variety of applications and operators, including those more price-conscious in the arborist, landscaper and rental markets.

Initially available in two basic models, the ECO 135 road tow and the ECO 135TT as a full 360o turntable road tow, the new range has been designed to be cost-effective to build and easier to run and maintain, without any compromise in strength and performance.

The range retains many of GreenMech’s industry-proven innovations, such as horizontal rollers, no-stress feed system and twin disc-blade chipping technology, combined with a new flywheel design, which provides impressive throughput for a machine of its size.

Power is delivered by a powerful, yet economical, 24 hp Loncin petrol engine and both models can be up-specced to suit applications and budgets. Options include a variable height discharge chute, spare wheel, stowage box and the GreenMech HushChip pack, which provides additional component protection and reduces noise output. LED lighting can also be specified to replace the filament kit fitted as standard.

Series production will start in June, with all models benefiting from a three-year, no-quibble GreenMech warranty and the backup service and support from their nationwide dealer network.



Forestry Journal:

B Price Mus-Max Specialist is the sole UK agent and service dealer for the Mus-Max range of woodchippers, covering the whole of the country and supplying machines, maintenance and a 24-hour breakdown service. 

Mus-Max has been manufacturing woodchippers since 1994 and is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile chipping machines in Europe. Mus-Max woodchippers are easy to operate and maintain, have a long operating life and benefit from low diesel consumption. In addition, the drum chopping technology ensures the production of high-quality woodchips.

Chippers are available in either PTO-driven or self-propelled versions. PTO-driven tractor power requirements range from 90 to 170 hp for the WT7 LZ, the smallest machine in the range, to the 420 to 600 hp for the WT12 Z, which is the largest PTO chipper. The range of application of a machine is further extended by means of a wide assortment of additional pieces of equipment and special machine variants.  With decades of operational experience, design and research embedded in every machine, customers can be confident that their reliability is second to none.

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