In this series of articles we will be sharing snippets from the Swedish Forestry Expo. 

Visitors to the Eco Log stand were met by the manufacturer’s entire range, together with representatives from all departments including aftermarket, production, sales and development.

But what really drew the crowds on the first day was the dramatic unveiling of the new G-series harvesters.

Last year, Eco Log introduced several significant updates on the pendulum harvesters – from a new control system, new rear-wheel transmission and anti-spin system to a simplified hydraulic system and several improvements regarding serviceability and safety through improved access. All of these updates are now implemented on the new G-series, comprising the 550, 560, 580 and 590 models.

Forestry Journal: Eco Log's Emil Forsblom (centre) and colleagues with a new G-series harvester.Eco Log's Emil Forsblom (centre) and colleagues with a new G-series harvester. (Image: FJ)

But the biggest difference compared to the previous series is a completely new cabin, including ample storage, a swivel seat to easily access the rear cab section, secure access through the side-mounted door via a new platform and a brand-new approach for the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.

Emil Forsblom: “We have a completely new cabin and some updates to the base machine which we introduced in Autumn, including a new control system and some updates on the frame.

“The cab is completely redesigned, so it’s much more spacious with better viewing angles, the new HVAC system and improved comfort. It’s a really nice cabin. The process to develop it began five years ago and we have had our suppliers and customers along with us on the whole journey.

“Operators will firstly notice a difference going in the side instead of the front, which is a change we brought in because customers said that’s what they wanted. The requirements we have on safety and for thicker windshields would also make the door really heavy, so that’s another good reason to put it on the side.

“If you look at the door, you’ll see the window is double curved, and this is the first machine cabin I’ve seen with a double-curved window, making it more spacious inside.”

Eco Log was also able to showcase its pendulum arm technology, which allows harvesters to be levelled and adapted to the terrain, and ‘flexible’ crane tip control, introduced for its forwarders in May.

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