In this series of articles we will be sharing snippets from the Swedish Forestry Expo. 

In the weeks leading up to Swedish Forestry Expo, Komatsu Forest teased that it might be showing its interesting concept machine, the Centipede, but couldn’t confirm as field tests were still ongoing.

However, come opening day, visitors to the stand found the machine taking pride of place alongside a prototype of the new 951XC harvester, with another 10 machines neatly placed around them.

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The Centipede is designed to achieve the most sustainable forestry possible – for both the environment and people. Its innovative design allows the Centipede to move significantly faster in the terrain and allows a larger load than the Komatsu 855, which was used as a reference.

In simulations, the Centipede has been shown to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent in soft terrain.

Forestry Journal: The new 951XC harvester was one of the stars on Komatsu's stand.The new 951XC harvester was one of the stars on Komatsu's stand. (Image: FJ)

Annelie Persson, communications manager at Komatsu Forest, said: “This is something we are very proud to show here. It is the result of a collaboration between Komatsu and eight Swedish forestry companies. We identified a need to take the next leap in technology in order to be able to face the challenges in forestry today and in the future.

“That means we need lower ground pressure and improved operator comfort. This concept machine is designed for high speed and low impact. At first glance it might look as though you’ve just taken a forwarder and put tracks on it, but it’s actually a whole new leap forward in technology, so it’s very exciting.”

Designed to offer a high level of stability on challenging terrain, the new 951XC harvester combines the power of the 951 with a compact design. The 951XC has roughly the same dimensions as its smaller brother, the 931XC, and should therefore also work well in dense stands. With eight wheels, the 951XC has a lower ground pressure so is gentler and is particularly suitable for large timber harvesting or final use in demanding terrain and on sensitive soils.

Komatsu calls the interaction of engine, system control and power transmission unique.

The centrally positioned cab with crane ensures balanced weight distribution between the front and rear axles with a low centre of gravity. The rigid articulated joint and the swing axle, which is synchronised with the cab tilt, stabilise the machine depending on the load. All these factors should make the 951XC one of the most stable harvesters on the market.

Annelie said: “It is very powerful and highly productive, but it is also very agile and works very well in challenging conditions such as steep terrain or those areas where you need the extra power. It’s also very stable, which means it is very comfortable to work in as an operator.

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“The reaction has been great. We get a lot of questions and people seem to really like it.”

Komatsu also offered a packed seminar programme – in Swedish and English – covering subjects like sustainability, intelligent hydraulics and digital decision support.

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