In this series of articles we will be sharing snippets from the Swedish Forestry Expo. 

Rottne brought its entire model range of three harvesters and six forwarders to Solvalla, showcasing everything from flexible thinning machines to large units adapted for final felling.

Comfort Line 3, the latest upgrade to Rottne’s smart cab damping system, was another piece of technology shown off at the show, highlighting the company’s commitment to comfort.

Naturally, the manufacturer was keen to highlight the new cabin introduced across its forwarder range. It might look the same as previous cabins, but Rottne’s new E-cab is a technical innovation which takes into account every small detail in ergonomics, comfort and safety.

Sales and marketing director Niklas Lefévre said: “Right now we are launching the new version of our forwarder cabin, going from the D to E generation. It’s more an under-the-panel development. It’s not a design change from the outside, but underneath there is a lot of new stuff. 

“We have a new control system, new HMI display, newly developed palettes and some nice touches like new cupholders and a cleaner surface. Operators will absolutely notice a big difference.”

The cab is fitted to all new forwarders, regardless of model, leaving production from this year onwards.

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Also demonstrated was Rottne Crane Assistance crane tip control, with visitors given the opportunity to test it on site.

Niklas said: “Crane Assistance helps you so you don’t have to consider the movements of the cylinders. You just need to focus on the movement of the grapple. You can work more efficiently with a higher production. It’s easier on the mind, meaning you can be a bit more relaxed with better comfort. That’s very important for drivers.”

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