In this series of articles we will be sharing snippets from the Swedish Forestry Expo. 

Making a stylish impression on its stand was Finnish manufacturer Logset, which put its hybrid technology front and centre. 

Marketing and communications manager Jussi Metsäpelto said: “It’s been a really good show with lots of people and nice weather, so we can’t complain. All the major players are here, so of course we wanted to join.”

Discussing the range of machines on the stand, he said: “Our 5F GT Evo is our new small-to-medium sized forwarder and may be our best-selling machine. We updated it a year ago to provide a little more clearance and agility. We’ve also updated the cabin.

“Our harvester heads have also received some updates to offer better flow and faster reactions, with slightly less weight. It’s better to use.

Proudly taking up the most space on the stand was the 12H hybrid, introduced in 2016, in Logset’s new colour scheme. Jussi was excited to share the news that the government of Quebec is moving forward with the purchase of a total of three hybrid machines to help reduce emissions, bring down costs and improve the efficiency of its forest harvesting operations.

The delivery of the first Logset 12H was officially announced by the Minister of Natural Resources and Forests of Quebec, Madame Maite Blanchette Vezina, during the week of the show.

Jussi said: “The 12H has a diesel engine working in combination with an electric engine to give 502 hp, making it the most productive harvester in the world. We have been producing hybrid harvesters for seven years now, so we know a lot about them. They’re good for big forestry operations. When you need a lot of power, then hybrid machines are ideal.

“We marked our 30th anniversary in 2022 when we revealed a special black machine with gold decals. People loved that machine, so we decided to make black the primary colour of all our machines going forward.”

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