CHOOSING your chainsaw is one of the most important decisions a forester can make.

Here, we take a look at the latest and most impressive rear-handle models on the market from some of the major manufacturers.



Forestry Journal:

OUTDOOR battery-powered equipment specialist EGO Power Plus has enhanced its range of chainsaws with a new 40 cm chainsaw. With improved ergonomics and an impressive combination of high torque and chain speed, users can comfortably make light work of medium-sized logs up to 40 cm in width. 

EGO has engineered the chainsaw with both user control and comfort in mind, with no compromise on power. With the combination of high torque and a quick chain speed of 20 m/s, the chainsaw allows for fast and efficient cutting without the noise and vibration of a petrol alternative. 

With its well-balanced design and weighing only 4.1 kg without the battery, the chainsaw makes working outdoors safer and easier.

The addition of automatic chain lubrication with a 150 ml oil reservoir makes for worry-less work without the added task of adjustments, pressing a pump, or using the right amount of oil, and, for ultimate safety, the oil filler cap can be opened and closed without the need for tools.

The chain tensioner has also been improved and streamlined to make flush felling cuts possible, while automatic chain tensioning maintains the correct tension during use for easy set-up. 

Vince Brauns, group product manager at EGO Power Plus, said: “It’s fantastic to be announcing the addition of the new 40 cm chainsaw to our domestic range. 

“Equipped with any of our 56V ARC Lithium batteries, the chainsaw can deliver petrol-matching power, long run times, and fast and clean cutting from a single charge.”

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Forestry Journal:

LEADERS in robust forestry and arborist products, Husqvarna’s 592 XP continues to cut away the competition with its market-leading ergonomics, advanced operations and powerful performance – perfect for forestry professionals and tree care workers who demand the best heavy-duty solutions.

With a weight of 7.4 kg and power output of 5.6 kW, this chainsaw offers an impressive power-to-weight ratio, striking a perfect balance between functional usability and essential reliable power, ensuring it effortlessly handles demanding daily tasks. The engine also provides excellent torque over a wide rpm range and a displacement of 92 cc, operating with a high cutting capacity for large-diameter trees.

In addition to its powerful engine, this rear-handle chainsaw features a range of innovative technologies designed to improve performance and user experience for ground tasks. The 592 XP Autotune version 3.0 enables automatic adjustment of the carburettor settings to optimise performance in all conditions, while its Air Injection system ensures that the engine stays clean and running smoothly. During extended working periods of heavy use, the saw also has an enhanced engine set-up with its new cooling system that reduces the risk of the engine overheating.

The 592 XP comes fitted as standard with the new X-TOUGH LIGHT bar and X-CUT C85 3/8” chisel chain, enabling high cutting capacity with optimised weight and control.

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The rear-handled chainsaw is powered by Husqvarna X -Torque engine technology, which reduces emissions and increases fuel efficiency on the job. The 592 XP is also equipped with a state-of-the-art air filtration system allowing for a healthier engine that is optimised for long working hours with maintained performance and less frequent cleaning, ensuring professionals can concentrate on the job at hand.

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Forestry Journal:

MAKITA has a wealth of experience in the tree-care machinery sector and its products offer the ease of use, consistent performance and high quality professionals need to complete jobs efficiently and safely. With a wide range of chainsaws to choose from, professionals can always find a model suited to the task at hand.

A standout solution from the range is the UC011G 40VMax XGT, a highly efficient brushless chainsaw with a high chain speed of up to 25.5 m/s for heavy-duty use and excellent cutting performance. The machine is part of Makita’s trusted XGT platform, which combines innovative tool design and high output batteries to provide a genuine solution for high-demand applications and this tool is no exception – offering a power output that is equivalent to a 40 cc petrol-powered chainsaw.

The UC011G features a powerful brushless motor that delivers high performance and efficiency, as well as a 350 mm bar and chain. This combination allows users to cut through even the thickest branches and larger trunks with ease. The UC011G also benefits from adjustable automatic chain lubrication with a view window for visual chain oil levels and is IPX4 rated with high water resistance for use in all seasons.

Designed with the user in mind, the tool also has a range of safety features, such as electric and kickback brakes, a metal spike bumper for secure grip on the cutting material and lock off function to prevent accidental operation. The machine’s lightweight and ergonomic design ensures comfortable use even during extended periods of cutting.

To improve performance, the UC011G utilises Makita’s ‘BL’ brushless motor. By design, brushless motors are highly efficient as there are no moving parts within the motor causing friction. This means that no energy is lost through heat production, resulting in extended run times. As a test case example, the tool can complete approximately 35 cuts per charge in 100 mm cedar wood with a 5 Ah (BL1850B) XGT battery (productivity examples given may vary depending on materials / conditions / user handling) with the kit model UC011GT201 being available with 2 x 5 Ah batteries and fast charger.

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Wear and tear and the need for replacement parts is also minimised. And, as part of Makita’s growing XGT battery platform, users can quickly interchange between tools when required, for the ultimate in flexibility.

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Forestry Journal:

STIHL’s range of chainsaws is a top choice for forestry professionals who are looking for industry-leading power and performance.

MSA 300

Last year, Stihl introduced the MSA 300 – the most powerful cordless chainsaw in the AP System, offering forestry professionals and arborists optimum performance for large tasks.

The ultra-compact model offers Stihl’s elite anti-vibration system, meaning maximum comfort for tasks such as felling, cross-cutting, snedding and processing.

With three operating modes, the tool can intuitively match its performance to the task at hand, extending the battery’s working time. Eco mode limits the chain speed to 20 m/s; ideal for cutting small logs, while the mid setting has a chain speed of 24 m/s for felling.

Its high-performing mode features fast acceleration and a 30 m/s chain speed best suited to snedding, making for a versatile offering.

Furthermore, the MSA 300 features a captive nut on the sprocket cover, an adjustable oil pump, durable die-cast magnesium components and an air filter to aid effective cooling.

All of this comes alongside its LED digital display for active user notifications; showing the operating mode in use, the status of the chain brake position and even temperature warnings to prevent the machine overheating.

The MSA 300 is powered by the AP 500 S battery, offering built-in Stihl Connected technology, providing the user with useful data such as total working time and the number of charge cycles for flawless fleet management.

The MSA 300 is recommended for use with a 16” Light 04 guide bar and .325” RS Pro chain for fast and precise cutting.

MS 500i

Stihl’s MS 500i is the world’s first chainsaw with electronically controlled fuel injection and boasts the best power-to-weight ratio available on the market. Designed for arboriculture, harvesting and processing large timber, the machine is light-weight and provides outstanding acceleration.

From start-up it provides an excellent performance, accelerating rapidly from 0 to 100 km/h in just 0.25 seconds, built to work in unison with its lightweight design that offers a low power-to-weight ratio at 1.24 kg/kW.

With comfort in mind, low vibration and the reduction of gyroscopic forces provides the 79.2 cc professional saw with dynamic manoeuvrability, which is a particular advantage during limbing. This, along with its compact design, makes the MS 500i easy to handle across all disciplines.

The MS 500i is available with a choice of 20” or 25” ES light bar, in keeping with its lightweight qualities.

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Forestry Journal:

In the realm of conventional tree care, workers face numerous challenges, from extreme weather conditions to exposure to noise, vibrations, and emissions from petrol engines. However, with the Cramer 82V battery-powered chainsaw, the industry is experiencing a revolutionary shift. 

Unrivalled power and torque

Designed for professional use, the Cramer 82V chainsaw boasts an unrivalled level of power and torque, enabling effortless completion of even the most demanding tasks. With a high-performance digital motor delivering a maximum power of 3.4 kW and 4 Nm of torque, this chainsaw empowers foresters to tackle challenging jobs with ease and efficiency.

Cost-effective 82v technology

One of the most compelling aspects of the Cramer 82V chainsaw is its cutting-edge technology that rivals the power of a 60 cc petrol chainsaw, while significantly reducing running costs. By harnessing the potential of advanced 82V technology, tree care professionals can achieve exceptional performance without compromising their budget.

Durability and lightweight design

The Cramer 82V chainsaw is built to withstand the rigours of tree care operations. Its magnesium housing provides exceptional durability while maintaining a low overall weight. This combination ensures that foresters can rely on their chainsaws to endure challenging conditions and deliver reliable performance throughout their work.

Premium components for optimal performance

Equipped with a premium 15”/38 cm Oregon bar and chain, the Cramer 82V chainsaw guarantees precise and efficient cutting. The dual-action start procedure enhances safety by preventing accidental start-ups and prioritising user protection during operation.

Moreover, the slimline design of the chainsaw facilitates easy handling and manoeuvrability, allowing tree care professionals to navigate tight spaces with confidence.

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Forestry Journal:

Oregon, a brand built on a legacy that spans over 75 years, highlights the CS1500. The CS1500 is a high-powered, 18” cordless electric saw and the only self-sharpening saw in the marketplace today. 

Known for innovation, Oregon looked at enhancing the experience for the consumer with a built-in PowerSharp self-sharpening system that minimises downtime by allowing you to sharpen your chain on the saw in three to five seconds. 

Revving up instantly, the CS1500 is easy and exciting to use. The saw chain requires no gas-oil mixing and features an automatic oiler that distributes oil on the bar and chain while cutting, keeping the product lubricated to prevent premature wear. 

The tool-less tensioning system is included and is simple to adjust without tools, keeping the momentum and productivity in your forestry work.


Forestry Journal:

The CS-7310SX features a low-emission, premium-grade 73.5 cc engine with an output of 4.1 kW.

A heavy-duty, rear-handle chainsaw, the CS-7310SX is part of the Echo X Series, which designates it as a best-in-class product and as such it’s packed with features designed to increase the productivity of the professional user.

Echo says it has built this for the many arborists and foresters using these types of saws regularly to fell large trees. Echo adds that the professional-grade Echo two-stroke engine is designed and manufactured in Japan to the highest possible standards, delivering powerful cutting with low emissions and noise levels.

There is no question it generates massive torque and provides exceptional cutting performance for heavy-duty felling. And yet, it is a lightweight and well-balanced saw, weighing in at only 6.8 kg (dry weight) and featuring an ergonomic and robust construction to meet the challenges of professional felling and forestry work.

Weighing up the CS-7310SX, you can say it is a true professional’s saw backed by the Echo reputation for durability built up over 70 years of manufacturing. The saw comes with a two-year professional or five-year domestic warranty.

To find out more from your local authorised Echo dealer, visit or call 01844 278800.

CS 400/36 BP

Forestry Journal:

WHETHER it’s for the removal of branches and trees in the woods or property maintenance in the garden, the battery-powered CS 400/36 Bp chainsaw from Kärcher impresses in daily use. Thanks to the low maintenance effort and long life, it is particularly economical and suitable for professional use, including in forestry and agriculture. The powerful chainsaw easily cuts different types of wood – and does so without petrol and exhaust emissions.

With a chain speed of 23 m/s, the saw makes fast, powerful and precise cuts. Very well balanced and with low vibrations, it also withstands the tougher tasks, thanks to its robust, impact-resistant design.

Thanks to some technical measures, the CS 400/36 Bp ensures safe guidance and comfortable handling. For instance, the chain brake stops the chain immediately in the event of a recoil. The spiked bumper also provides additional guidance when cutting. The two handles have an ergonomic design and make possible fatigue-free work, also during longer applications.

This battery-powered chainsaw is very economical. The operating costs are much lower than for petrol-operated models, because, apart from a durable brushless motor, the CS 400/36 Bp also has automatic chain lubrication, which significantly reduces maintenance effort. The chain can also be quickly retightened or changed using a combination wrench.

The tool is located at the bottom of the machine and can be easily removed as required – no more time wasted searching for tools. The oil level is checked via a transparent inspection window.

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