BIG or small, a good woodchipper is an essential piece of kit. Here we take a look at some of the latest machinery on the market. 

This is Part I of our guide. Part II can be read here. 


Forestry Journal:

AT the end of last year, Först launched its new ST6P HD, the heavy-duty version of its best-selling 6” petrol woodchipper, the ST6P. With towing regulations relaxed, it was no longer necessary for Först to keep Europe’s leading 6” chipper under 750 kg, allowing for a more heavyweight version to be brought to market.

The all new, no-holds-barred, ST6P HD brings with it all the performance and speed of the ST6P and packs it into a robust steel construction, which weighs in at just 885 kg.

The HD version also boasts a heavier-duty bonnet, chassis, running gear and jockey wheel, making it exceptionally robust and the ideal chipper to withstand the hard life of utility arboriculture or for anyone looking for a genuine workhorse.

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The ST6P HD offers all the quality, power and performance expected from Först, including the outstanding FörstGrip feed roller system, the Först flywheel system and the new and improved AutoIntelligence control and ‘no-stress’ system which makes for a fast and efficient chipping speed. The machine also utilises the punchy and fuel-efficient Vanguard 37 hp V-Twin petrol engine, the same as the ST6P, which, thanks to EFI technology, uses fuel on demand making them incredibly fuel-efficient.

All new Först woodchippers come with a three-year, no quibble warranty.


Forestry Journal:

JAS P Wilson is well-known for supplying quality PTO woodchippers, often as an option to go behind its Botex roof-mounted Valtra tractors as a biomass or arb tractor.

Wilson’s offers the TP range of chippers, covering PTO, tracked and mobile – with the former being the sought-after solution for many within the forestry and arb sectors to work within tractor- or Unimog-based setups. 

The most common models, such as the 200/250/270 machines, have the TP Pilot stress control system, aimed at optimising performance, while preventing overload, and aiding the production of uniform quality woodchip at speed.

These disc chippers are equipped with hydraulic infeed rollers, three blades and three counter steels. 

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The TP range is covered by a three-year/1,000-hour parts warranty and supported by Jas P Wilson’s network of regional service engineers.

Call Jas P Wilson on 01556 612233, email, or visit


Forestry Journal:

VERMEER chippers are renowned the world over for durability and high productivity. 

In the UK, there is the BC200 8” 57 hp petrol unit, available as a standard road tow or on a turntable (double-axle). 

Moving up the chipper range capacity wise, Vermeer boasts the BC230XL 9” 74 hp diesel (CAT C2.2), with a turntable on a single axle. The BC230XL is known for its sheer brute force chipping performance. 

At the upper end, there is the legendary BC1000XL drum-style chipper on a single axle, weighing in at 2,300 kg. Vermeer is best known worldwide for the BC1000XL, which is arguably the most successful chipper ever produced. 

With Vermeer, you get 75 years of experience, unrivalled aftersales service and quick access to parts. 

Call us for a quotation or to arrange a demonstration:  
Main office 01933 274400 
Sales mobile 07879 600054

GTS900C and GTS1300C

Forestry Journal: The GTS1300CThe GTS1300C (Image: Supplied)

THE GTM Professional range of compact and powerful woodchippers are designed to offer a portable option to professionals for chipping branches and crops – perfect for tree care and forestry.

Efficient, effective, and safe to operate due to their chipping system and unique drum design – a rotor with 2 Pro double-sharpened blades that rotate along the counter blade at high speed and ejection through a large discharge chute. The system pulls branches up to 12 cm thick into the machine via the extra-wide input chute, chips them and ejects clean-cut wood chips time after time. The adjustable deflector can throw the woodchips into a wheelbarrow, trailer or directly onto the ground. The high-alloy steel PRO blades have two cutting edges so that they can be turned around for reuse. The extra-wide chute means that it is rarely necessary to remove side branches, which guarantees a high working speed.

A compo multifunctional chipper – like the GTS1300COMPO or GTS900COMPO – has two different outputs, which will help create the shredded material that accelerates the composting process. The high output is suitable for shredding branches up to 10 cm, which will provide the structure and ventilation to the compost. 

Forestry Journal:

The GTM dealer network can help with expert advice, maintenance and spare parts. For more information and to see the full range, visit 


Forestry Journal:

THIS long-awaited -750 kg chipper from Pronar is taking the industry by storm, combining portability with power.

The construction of the MR-15 is based on a single-axle chassis with a maximum weight not exceeding 750 kg. The standard 50 mm trailer coupling allows the MR-15 to be towed with ease, comfort and safety. The chipper features overrun brakes, a 12-volt trailer lighting system and reflective markings that ensure its visibility to other road users. The use of a heavy-duty jockey wheel attached to the frame, along with a handbrake, allows the chipper to be safely and reliably installed in both working and storage environments.

The powerful MR-15 can handle material with a maximum diameter of 150 mm. Limbs and branches are hand fed into a foldable infeed hopper where they are met with twin hydraulically-driven feed rollers. The speed of the feed rollers is fully adjustable and can be adapted to the diameter of the material being processed, increasing productivity. The automatic stress control system is built into the onboard control system, which also monitors further safety systems on the machine. Featuring a simple to use display, all functions of the chipper can be monitored from the display including fault diagnostics.

The MR-15 is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard EFI 37 hp, 993 cc V-Twin petrol engine, which, through a belt transmission, drives the chip disc, which features a pair of hardened steel knives. The chipper features a folding discharge spout, which allows for storage in height restricted areas, along with being fully adjustable when in use to direct the flow of woodchip.

Forestry Journal:

The latest style infeed hopper safety system features water- and shockproof mechanical buttons, ensuring safety in all environments. The mounted six-position greasing block simplifies maintenance work on the rotating parts of the chipper.

The sales team at Global Machinery Solutions is with the customer from beginning to end, offering expert advice that is tailored to their business and, where applicable, offering demonstrations in their own working environment. Register your interest today and see what the MR-15 can do for your business.


Forestry Journal: The C16 The C16 (Image: Supplied)

ESTABLISHED in 1981, Hansa is a specialist in designing and manufacturing 
high-quality woodchippers, perfect for 
any arborist. 

C13 Chipper

The Hansa C13 Chipper is engineered and manufactured in New Zealand using the highest quality components to last a lifetime. It comes with a 90 mm (3″) cutting performance and Soft-Start-Technology for smooth running. The 36 kg cutting disc rotates at 2,000 rpm creating a self-perpetuating inertia. 

Key features:
•    90 mm (3″) cutting performance
•    Soft-Start-Technology
•    36 kg cutting disc, 2,000 rpm
•    Honda 13 hp petrol engine
•    270° swivel outlet chute

C16c Chipper

The C16c delivers a extraordinary self-feeding performance. The draught created by the winged cutting disc pulls foliage into the machine fast and effectively through the 170 x 220 mm infeed opening. The outlet chute height of 1,485 mm allows the user to load chip onto a trailer, ute or stockpile.

Key features:
•    110 mm (3″) cutting performance
•    50 kg cutting disc, 2,000 rpm
•    Compact (fits through standard doors)
•    16 hp B&S Vanguard Motor

C21 Chipper

Forestry Journal: The C21 The C21 (Image: Supplied)

The large 80 kg cutting disc rotates at 1,800 rpm, creating a self-perpetuating inertia.

Featuring a 200 x 285 mm infeed opening, the electric start V-Twin engine makes starting a breeze and its inlet chute is specifically shaped to assist feeding of heavier branches and bushy foliage.

Key features:
•    130 mm (4″) cutting performance
•    80 kg cutting disc, 1,800 rpm
•    407 kg total weight

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