From ropes to harnesses, we take a look at some of the latest kit on the market designed to get you where you need to be – up that tree.


Forestry Journal:

TREADLIGHT Forestry has been selling the amazing EDER portable capstan winches for a number of years. But now EDER has come up with a brand new range of machines, the EDER Power Climbers.

The EDER Power Climber EPC 130-11 is designed to transport one user and equipment on a vertical rope with a maximum weight limit of 130 kg. The larger EDER Power Climber EPC 240-11 is designed to transport one user and equipment and, if necessary, a second user on a vertical rope with a maximum weight limit of 240 kg.

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These amazing machines are powered by lightweight, powerful petrol engines. The EPC 130 has a four-stroke engine and the EPC 240 has a two-stroke engine. 

Both are fitted with easy-start mechanisms, which allow them to be started easily even at height when the user is off the ground. They both have automatic brake mechanisms and can be used to slowly lower the user to the ground in a safe and controlled manner.

The EDER Power Climbers are designed for the arb and forestry markets. They will be particularly suited to work where a large number of climbs are required or climbs are over long distances. Because the power climbers provide the lifting power, the operator does not become fatigued and can perform their work both safely and more efficiently.

The EDER Power Climber was demonstrated for the first time in the UK at the ARB Show 2023 and received lots of attention particularly for the speed of the climb and the smooth and safe descents.


Forestry Journal:

Rounding out Petzl’s range of anchor straps for arborists is the new NAJA. It joins the brand’s line-up alongside the EJECT, which has already set a new standard in the field and the TREESBEE.

Designed for tree care, the NAJA allows the work rope to be set up without damaging the tree. The strap has four different adjustment positions to adapt to different branch diameters. Rope ascents and movement in the tree are optimised with the high-efficiency pulley, which facilitates rope glide at the anchor. The included retrieval ball makes the system easily retrievable from the ground.

Weight: 400 g
Length: 150 cm
Breaking strength: 25 kN
Certification(s): CE EN 795 B, EN 12278, EAC, TS 16415, UKCA

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Forestry Journal:

HARKIE Trojan 11.7 mm and Warrior 12 mm climbing ropes are designed specifically for arborists who require premium performance and reliability, and are engineered to work seamlessly with all common climbing devices, ensuring that whatever your preferred method or equipment, Harkie climbing ropes will perform perfectly.

Both the Trojan and Warrior have a very low stretch, significantly reducing energy wastage when climbing. These ropes are an excellent choice for both SRT and DRT applications, thanks to their versatile design. The slim-spliced eye, crafted with a unique stitch construction, allows for the installation of climbing devices from either end, including over the eye, providing added convenience and flexibility. Harkie climbing ropes are remarkably soft, ensuring a comfortable grip and enabling precise movements. A wide range of spliced lengths are available for every requirement and both versions come in two vibrant colour options – orange/grey or green/grey.

Engineered to deliver exceptional performance, the Trojan 11.7 mm is a premium choice for arborists seeking a fast and efficient climb. With its 11.7 mm diameter and 24-strand sheath construction, the characteristics of the Trojan give the climber a good balance between speed and control, allowing for smooth handling and easy manoeuvrability during climbs whilst working in harmony with all common devices.

The Warrior 12 mm has been specifically designed to retain the more substantial feel and increased friction of a traditional 13 mm rope, while facilitating modern climbing methods and minimising weight. The Warrior’s 16-strand sheath construction also provides enhanced grip and is less tiring on the climber’s hands.

Both the Trojan and Warrior ropes can be relied on for excellent performance in a wide variety of climbing scenarios, making them a great choice for any arborist.

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Forestry Journal:

TREE climbing is a thrilling and demanding activity that requires the right equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. For years, arborists and tree climbers have struggled with traditional buckle fasteners, on their climbing irons, that are difficult to tighten and adjust while up in the tree. Recognising this challenge, the innovative team at Sawpod has developed an exceptional solution: the Spikepod. This ground breaking ratchet system replaces conventional buckles, providing superior adjustability and comfort for climbers. 

Unleashing the power of the Spikepod

The Spikepod is a replacement ratchet system designed specifically for climbing irons, spikes, or spurs. Its unique design allows climbers to effortlessly make adjustments while wearing the spikes on their feet. No longer will you have to struggle with cumbersome buckles or compromise your safety by making adjustments when you’re already up in the tree. The Spikepod’s ingenious ladder and ratchet system, coupled with handmade leather straps, provide a reliable and secure fit for most makes of climbing irons.

Unmatched adjustability and comfort

One of the standout features of the Spikepod is its incorporation of snowboard-style ratchet buckles. Developed after years of frustration with traditional buckle fasteners, this innovative design revolutionises the climbing experience. The ratchet buckles enable climbers to easily tighten and adjust the straps, providing superior comfort and a customised fit. Whether you need a snug fit during ascent or desire some flexibility once you’re up the tree, the Spikepod allows for effortless and on-the-fly adjustments.

Quality craftsmanship and durability

Forestry Journal:

Sawpod takes pride in delivering high-quality products, and the Spikepod is no exception. Each handmade leather strap is lovingly crafted in the UK, ensuring durability and reliability in the most demanding tree-climbing conditions. The Spikepod’s robust construction and meticulous attention to detail make it a long-lasting investment for arborists and tree climbers seeking dependable equipment.

The arborist’s choice

The Spikepod has quickly gained popularity among tree climbers worldwide, earning its place as one of the best tree-climbing products available. Arborists who have used the Spikepod appreciate the ease of use and enhanced functionality it brings to their work. With the ability to make adjustments without compromising safety or wasting time, climbers can focus more on their task at hand.

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Forestry Journal:

LEADERS in robust forestry and arborist products, Husqvarna’s new climbing gear range has already become a trusted favourite amongst tree professionals and arborists. Working in perfect synergy with Husqvarna’s professional chainsaw range, the climbing gear offers unparalleled convenience, efficiency and comfort for hard-working professionals in the treetops.

Designed in partnership with Teufelberger, the equipment achieves a perfect balance of functional usability, organisation and essential safety – ideal for users who spend extensive hours climbing, rigging and working with a chainsaw. This comprehensive range includes a climbing harness, multiple ropes and accessories, which users can customise and adjust to ensure that they are always equipped with the necessary tools to handle different styles and jobs.

Since launching last year, the harness has been providing tree climbers with the required comfort, versatility, and attachment functions to store cutting tools that are needed for challenging conditions. Developed with an understanding of world-class ergonomics, the harness incorporates soft back padding and adjustable leg loops to reduce the demand and physical strain whilst providing a secure and comfortable fit. The harness also features a double bridge and multi-layered webbing for added safety.

In addition, the range comes with two dynamic ropes both approved by CE and ANSI standards for high quality and durable performance, giving climbers confidence and control during ascent and descent.

Husqvarna understands that having reliable equipment is key, which is why the climbing range comes with a storage bag, suitable for storing, arranging and protecting all rigging and climbing equipment, including a helmet and rope storage at the top and side zippers. Boasting high-quality, premium fabrics and large storage space, the 70 L bag gives users safe and easy access to all equipment and can be transported in all weather conditions, making it extremely robust.

To complement the new climbing gear range, Husqvarna also offers additional climbing and rigging equipment that make life easier for tree professionals. Throw weights, folding throwline cube, throwline and rope bag help you get set up for the task at hand. The range also includes a multi-sling, a work-positioning lanyard, rigging rope, adjustable friction saver, eye-to-eye prusik, anti-shock chainsaw lanyard, and accessory carabiners.

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Forestry Journal:

THE Edelrid TreeRex Triple Lock is the one of the most versatile tree care harnesses on the market today. 

The variety of rope bridge configurations and optional SRT bridge ensure safe and comfortable working on single ropes. The TreeRex Bungee Chest can also be added for even greater comfort when working with single rope technique (SRT).

Edelrid’s innovative 3D Vent Technology, in combination with the wide, semi-rigid padding, ensures unsurpassed hanging comfort whilst still ensuring good breathability.

Four large gear loops, numerous attachment possibilities for gear carabiners, as well as a device for suspending a chainsaw, round off the complete package of this unique climbing harness.

TreeRex features:
 3D Vent Technology: unbeatable support and comfort through three-dimensional moulding, with extensive force distribution and maximum breathability.
 All load-bearing straps are equipped with indicator tape; red fibres become visible in the event of damage and signal to the user that the harness should be replaced.
 Triple Lock buckles on the waist belt and leg loops ensures the harness is easy to take on and off.
 Leg loop straps with textile abrasion protectors made from Dyneema.
 Lateral fastening eyelets in the leg loops for installing up to two rope bridges or for workplace stabilisation.
 The angle of the lateral fastening eyelets can also be adjusted under load thanks to a smart adjustment mechanism for an optimum working position in the tree.
 Two colour-coded rope bridges and one anchor ring for maximum lateral freedom of movement.
 Including first-aid bag and SRT bridge

TreeRex Bungee Chest features:
 3D mesh padding for maximum comfort and improved breathability.
 Various attachment loops to secure a guided-type fall arrester.
 Adjustable bungee cord for hauling a knee ascender.
 Can be directly connected to the waist belt of the TreeRex tree-climbing harness.

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NOTCH Equipment is proud to announce the release of two new products, featuring new branding including logo, tagline and brand voice. 

Dual Wedge – The pocket wedge

Forestry Journal:

This compact dual wedge performs the basic function it’s designed for; it prevents a saw from pinching. But Notch took it one step further. This wedge has a patented interlocking design so that the two sides break apart into two separate wedges. This saves space and still allows you to keep two pocket wedges on hand using only one harness connection point. It fits most carabiners or tool carriers and can function as a climber’s wedge.

• 108 mm x 50 mm
• Weight: .42 lb
• Glass-filled nylon
• Interlocking design with 
        hinge connection
• Use as one wedge or 
        two separate wedges
• Made in the UK

Notch Approach Bag

The Approach is a rectangular, free standing gear bag with multiple pockets for staying organised. Daisy chains around the opening and a light-coloured interior make it easy to find what you need in the main compartment. Top, side, and backpack carry options allow you to move around the job site comfortably.

• Robust 1,680 denier fabric
• Roll top closure
• Rectangular shape packs more efficiently 
        with less wasted space
• Padded backpack straps
• Environmentally-friendly PVC backing fabric
• Multiple carry options
• Exterior pocket large enough to store a 
        throwline cube for quick access
• Concealed zipper pocket to stash key/
• 50 L capacity creates a versatile bag that 
        can be used for rigging, climbing or 
        whatever an arborist needs it to be

Notch Glide Grab

Forestry Journal:

Elsewhere, the Glide Rope Grab is a cam-based horizontal and vertical work-positioning lanyard adjuster, available from Notch distributor Gustharts. It features an intuitive, one-handed operation with a responsive rope payout and take up. The smooth, non-aggressive clutch is adjustable under load, with virtually no sit-back during use. The Glide comes with a size-specific removable cam, which allows for optimal rope tension through three friction settings so it can be used on ropes ranging from 11–13 mm or with wire-core lanyards. No additional cams are needed.

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Forestry Journal:

MULTIFUNCTIONAL rope clamp with integrated pulley for rescue and rope access work.

Robust, practical and intuitive, it has four different modes of operation: ascender, pulley, rope clamp/pulley or progress-capture hauling pulley.

Main features: 
 Its versatility, compact size and ease of use allow reducing to the minimum time, material and space needed in rope manoeuvres.
 It allows ascending the rope in accordance with EN 567/EN 12841-B standards (ascender mode).
 It can be used as a simple pulley for lifting or transferring a load in accordance with the EN 12278 standard (pulley mode).
 The integrated ball-bearing sheave can be used as a simple redirect to make it easier to ascend a rope or to lift a person without the aid of additional connectors (rope clamp/pulley mode).
 It allows the direct lifting of a load, the creation of hauling systems and the rescue or self-rescue of a person (progress-capture hauling pulley mode).
 When used in pulley mode, the rope is free to run in both directions; instead, when the hauling-pulley mode is used, the rope can only run in one direction and it is locked in the opposite one.
 When used in progress-capture hauling pulley mode, it is possible to lower the lifted load by acting on the dedicated cord connected to the cam within the device.
 The easy opening, via an intuitive release button, makes the installation of the device on the rope swift – no matter the mode that it is going to be used in – even with gloves on or while operating in difficult conditions.
 Equipped with a steel cam featuring teeth that minimise rope wear but are effective in blocking the rope. In addition, the cam is designed with two slots to reduce the build-up of dirt, so maintaining the lock on the rope very efficiently in any condition (muddy, frozen rope, etc.).



Forestry Journal:

“Essential Safety, Adaptive Styling.”

THIS industry has many safety helmets to choose from, but the Sovos Model S3200 is a game changer. So, “Essential Safety” – well, the Sovos helmet was designed and certified in Europe to meet the highest safety standards. It is dual certified to both EN397 and EN12492 making it suitable for ground workers and climbers through the colour-coded interchangeable chinstraps.

And “Adaptive Styling?” This is where things get really interesting with a unique approach to helmet customisation. The helmet will come as standard with a white helmet shell only. Think Henry Ford who famously said “you can have any colour so long as it’s black”; or in this case white! This industry isn’t one-dimensional though – different working environments have differing PPE requirements and individuality is important, too.

The colour of the helmet can be changed through the use of interchangeable shells.

Simply remove the four lamp clips, apply your coloured shell, re-insert the lamp clips and you’re ready to go for the day. The options so far include clear, orange, black, yellow, red, blue and green.

If Monday morning finds you on a domestic job you can opt for a clear helmet cover and without the pressures to conform to a more corporate look you can cover this in stickers – none of which will be leaving adhesive residue on the helmet itself! Later on in the week you may be working roadside and you swap to an orange cover with hi-vis stickers, which are available in black or silver. For companies with multiple teams, there is an option of bespoke colour shells too and you can add your company logo for corporate branding.

The Sovos helmet is expected to hit shelves in August.

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