This article is part of our series of coverage from 2023's Confor Woodland Show. A full feature is in October's edition of the magazine, and we'll have lots more content across our channels. 

Having launched within the last year, Vigilis Tree Shelters is a name some may be unfamiliar with, but it has big ambitions to become a major player in the tree-protection side of forestry. 

Previously of Suregreen – but now a separate entity – its main selling point is the science behind its biodegradable Bio tree shelter. Designed by Dr Alexandra Busnel of Biome Bioplastics, the shelters are made from potato, starch and corn and will break down into the soil within seven years of being installed.

Oliver Beech, technical sales manager, said: “It has been truly eye opening, but in a positive sense. The business is going from strength to strength.

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“We are excited about where we can take this product both in the UK and globally. It’s something the industry wants and needs.” 

Vigilis wasn’t the only brand with an eye on tree protection and security. The latter was well covered by the likes of ATVTrac, while Rainbow Professional, Grown Green and Tubex had all brought along tree shelters to the show. 

Taking centre stage on Tubex’s stand was its Collection and Recycling Programme, which had recently expanded to include more than 15 free-to-use collection hubs located across the UK. The scheme recycles used Tubex tree shelters as well as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) shelters from other manufacturers. Significant upgrades to the brand’s ‘Nature’ family of biodegradable tree shelters were also showcased.

Forestry Journal:  The Tubex team was out in force. The Tubex team was out in force. (Image: FJ/Jack Haugh)

James Taylor, product line director, said: “It has been an eventful year for Tubex, and we were delighted to be able to showcase our latest developments and preview our research at the show.”