We take a look at the latest mobile elevating work platforms that will take you to new heights. 


Forestry Journal:

CPL has a range of access platforms and vehicle conversions for all aspects of arboriculture-related activities. 

A firm favourite in chipping and log movements, the CPL ATATs (All-Terrain Arb Trucks) are type approved with a 3.5-tonne suspension upgrade and all-terrain tyres. 

They can hold up to 1,300 kg in the bucket, and have storage lockers for 190 kg of equipment. 

These can be mounted on the Isuzu D-Max or Toyota Hilux and can be fitted with a multitude of accessories including beacons, a ladder rack, company livery and a reverse camera.
CPL’s leading pickup mount is still number one for all utility clearance teams. 

The 13.1 m 4x4’s characteristics allow it to access all terrains, making it both versatile and efficient. This model can be mounted on both the Isuzu and the Hilux, and also boasts Type Approval.


Forestry Journal:

Within the vehicle-mounted selection you will also find the Palfinger machines. 
These are chassis-mounted platforms from 20 m to 28 m, and are mounted on a 3.5-tonne base vehicle. 

This premium brand (well known across the tree care industries), that CPL is the dealer for in the UK, has both telescopic and articulated options to reach all areas, no matter the ground conditions. 


Forestry Journal:

The newest arrival within the CPL range is the DINOlift. The Finland-based manufacturer has designed self-propelled, trailer-mounted and tracked-spider booms from 10 m to 28 m. Every step of the DINOlift process takes into consideration the user experience.


Forestry Journal:

AlmaCrawler’s range of tracked-boom lifts will impress the most experienced climbers with their superb technology. These machines are self-levelling, can be driven at up to 7 m and can operate on both rough terrain and steep slopes. CPL will demonstrate the ability of these dynamic machines using ramps with over levelling up to 20° longitude and 15° latitude. As the UK dealer for Almacrawler, CPL offers parts and maintenance on these units too.

CPL can offer a conversion or platform for all types of businesses. 

For more information or a quote contact: 01536 529876 
or info@ cpl-ltd.com.


Forestry Journal:

THE standout feature of Nationwide Platforms’ MEWPs is their remarkable agility. Measuring between 0.74 and 1.58 metres wide and around two metres high, these lightweight machines can effortlessly navigate through narrow corridors and openings, whether indoors or outdoors. Their robust rubber tracks provide exceptional traction and lateral stability, enabling arborists to work confidently on steep slopes, rough terrain, or even climb stairs when needed. These machines distribute their weight evenly, minimising ground pressure and making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications.

To address environmental concerns, Nationwide Platforms offers models powered by lithium-ion technology. These eco-friendly alternatives provide quiet and emission-free operation while maintaining the same speed and performance as their diesel counterparts. 

When working at height, the safety of the operator is paramount. In recognition of the urgent need to mitigate this risk, Nationwide Platforms has advanced contemporary safety standards with its revolutionary new solution, Harness ON. This innovative safety solution ensures that operators are securely fastened when operating the machine. An intelligent anchor point wired in to the machine’s control panel ensures that the machine cannot operate until the lanyard carabiner has been connected. In this way, Harness ON makes safety automatic and mandatory, reducing the risk of falls from height. It simplifies safety procedures with a ‘click, connect, and operate’ approach, compatible with all carabiner sizes and seamlessly integrating with all MEWP models.

Nationwide Platforms’ flagship MEWP, the Teupen TB31TB, is a true behemoth with a working height of 31 metres and an impressive 14.7-metre outreach. It’s the go-to choice for projects requiring significant working heights. 

For versatility in working height options, Multitel offers the TB30MB lift with a working height of 30 metres and a 14.0-metre outreach capable of bearing a 120 kg load at maximum reach. Its capabilities make it an asset for arborists seeking precision and flexibility in their work.

Nationwide Platforms also offers a range of Hinowa tracked booms, ranging from 14 to 25.7 metres working height. These models come with dual-fuel options for either diesel or low-emission use, non-mark rubber tires, and SkySentry oversight, catering to the diverse needs of arborists in various environments.

With automatic outriggers and advanced stabilisers, it also excels on soft forest floors and slopes. 



Forestry Journal:

With Vertical Tec Concepts – exclusively distributing a wide range of highly professional hoists manufactured by Belgium-based Thomas bv – you can experience the impressive performance of a fully-mounted 300NCTJ tractor hoist.

This model, with its 4x main-boom extensions plus pivoting jib-arm, features a working height of 32 m, and an even more impressive side-reach of up to 17 m, allowing the MEWP operator to work away comfortably, servicing an extremely wide radius in one go – all from one position.

With a 4WD tractor as a carrier machine, this outfit not only has huge time-saving potential, but you also will enjoy the ease and comfort of how quickly it takes to set up the tractor hoist within various locations and across changing ground conditions, enabling your team to keep up a swift working momentum throughout the day.

Its ability to operate in a most reliable fashion across various types of surfaces – such as on firm or gravelled grounds along roadsides and within courtyards, or on naturally-shaped open landscapes – even when facing difficult and changing farmland conditions is what gives the tractor hoist operator great flexibility, assuring they will be able to conduct uncompromisingly safe works at height at all times.

For more information or to arrange taking part on a field day, just call Tom on +353 87 2544 129. Also find VTC on YouTube or visit 



Forestry Journal:

INDEPENDENT Access Sales (IAS) will find your perfect access platform. With 35 years of experience in the access industry, staff will find the platform most suited for your needs and supply at the best price achievable.​

IAS will also manage the servicing of the supplied platform through its contract servicing department.

IAS offers truck-mounted Socage platforms and a range of Easylift products. 


The Easylift R180 is a powerful, narrow spider lift that offers a working height of 17.6 metres, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor tasks at height. Its compact size and durable tracks allow for exceptional manoeuvrability and stability even on rough terrain. This machine can be ordered in various power options.


Forestry Journal:

The Socage 24D is capable of reaching a working height of 23.6 m and a lateral reach of 12,7 m with a load capacity of 230 kg.

The Easylift RA31 is a powerful crawler work platform with a remarkable working height of 30.2 m. It is the bigger brother of the RA26 and comes equipped with a proportional control and hybrid drive, consisting of a 3 kW electric motor system and Kubota diesel engine. 

For more information, visit iasales.co.uk/


Forestry Journal:

CMC Lift UK is the UK distributor for the Italian manufacturer CMC Lift, now the largest manufacturer of tracked spider aerial lifts globally. CMC Lift UK offers a wide variety of machines, over 13 different models, with heights ranging from 13 to 41 metres. The combination of features and the bespoke nature of its tracked spiders have already proved extremely popular with arborists.

Machine features include:
•Increased levelling capability.
•Longer track base for increased stability over rough ground.
• Largest working envelopes for tracked spiders in this category.
•Enclosed boom section eliminates snagging of cat track.
•Quick-release cage.
•Road towable.
•Fully radio-controlled machines.
•New range of fully hydraulic machines at a lower pricing point.  

CMC Lift UK is committed to product development and developing new products all the time. Recent models include the new CMC S27, S30, and the i23, which all launched in 2022. 

CMC i23
CMC i23 is a double telescopic platform with world-leading unrestricted outreach in its class. Electrically insulated up to 46 kV, allows safe working on or near high-voltage lines. 

CMC S27 
27.3 m working height. 15.4 m horizontal reach. Ability to work in negative to -6.7 m. 

CMC S30 
30.3 m working height. 15.4 m horizontal outreach. Ability to work in negative -6.7 m. 

CMC Lift UK’s focus is always on providing excellent customer service. Operating from a fully equipped workshop and showroom in Sussex enables CMC Lift UK to offer the high level of professionalism and quality of service that its 300+ customers across the UK and Ireland are already benefiting from.

To discuss your working at height needs, contact the sales team on 07920482570 or email russell@cmclift.co.uk 




Forestry Journal:

ALMACRAWLER, renowned worldwide for its commitment to innovation, versatility and product excellence in compliance with strict safety standards, has introduced a new concept of working at height to the aerial platform industry.

The goal to create a single product that combined key features of self-propelled aerial platforms on wheels and stabilised tracked aerial platforms, led AlmaCrawler to develop the BILLENNIUM line which offers a morphologically unique product with a simpler user experience and superior market adaptability, aimed at both the professional end user and the rental sector.

Unlike traditional spider platforms, one of the outstanding features of the BILLENNIUM SpiderBoom is its patent-pending SPS System (Self-Propelled Skilled System). This innovation allows these platforms to work without lowering the stabilisers, even on slopes of up to 10° longitudinal and up to 5° lateral. This capability opens up new possibilities for operators, making previously inaccessible work areas easily reachable.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. AlmaCrawler’s BILLENNIUM line also features the patent-pending AWP (Adaptive Working Performance) system. This system optimises the operating outreach in real-time by calculating the stabilisation area based on the deployment angle of each individual stabiliser.

With two models available – the B1570 and B1890, with working heights of 15 and 18 m respectively – the BILLENNIUM line offers operators a choice of two types of automatic stabilisation: fixed (VISUAL) or variable (QUICK-PRO). The latter offers six different combinations of machine positioning, all of which can be easily selected using the appropriate selector. This system works seamlessly with the AWP system to ensure the best possible working performance.

There are three power options: petrol engine (ETS version), diesel engine (EVO version), and full electric lithium (LTH version). 

All versions have the typical compactness of a tracked platform (minimum width 0.78 m) and a competitive maximum weight (2,600–2,900 kg) to ensure transportability on traditional trailers.

The BILLENNIUM SpiderBooms offer an outreach of 10 and 11 metres depending on the model and a maximum load capacity in the basket of 230 and 250 kg. 

CPL is the exclusive AlmaCrawler dealer in the UK. Contact details can be found above.