With the demand for biomass growing substantially in recent years, it’s only right we take a look at some of the machinery currently on the market. In our latest Buyer’s Guide, Forestry Journal does just that.


Forestry Journal:

WHEN considering handling solutions, in particular forestry timber trailers and loaders, Botex has a number of options  within its range to support your business needs. Botex is a mainstay of the British and Irish forestry sector, with options suited to professional forestry, firewood, arboriculture, or site management duties.

Its UK-manufactured heavy-duty forestry trailers and loaders provide a comprehensive product range, which is supported with a network of Jas P Wilson-employed regional service technicians in well-stocked service vans.

The team at Jas P Wilson’s has worked hard to incorporate a lot of new innovations and upgrades into its latest models, and, to let the machinery speak for itself, Wilson’s commissioned a demo fleet to get out there working, showing potential owners and operators first-hand these new systems.

The demo fleet, pictured here, has one roof-mounted loader option with the latest 583 loader on xCrane controls and a new valve, and the second, a guarded-tractor unit, to pull a demo trailer set-up. 

Over autumn and winter 2023/24, this Demo fleet will allow users to get their hands on the latest upgrades, at operator’s own sites, and working how you work. 

Within the trailer range, one standout option is the XL PRO-14, which has proved itself since its introduction, and now sits with other well-established models within the range as a best seller.

These units have a rear bolster section which can pull out to increase bed length when needed. The XL PRO 14 has been designed to build on decades of success and popularity of their fixed-length units. This model packs all the well-known strengths as before, with several additional features which have seen it steadily rise in popularity to number one in the range.

The XL PRO 14 is ideal for owners who carry out a mix of extraction duties and road haulage, as the adjustable bed length adapts to suit the job. 

Working in the woods? Keep it closed in to allow the same manoeuvrability when traversing the woodland as a fixed unit, using the steering drawbar on the trailer to access small pockets of woodland, urban sites and narrow-access locations.

Or carrying out road work or secondary forwarding? Get the extension pulled out, and comfortably carry two full bays of 3-metre timber! A perfect set-up for biomass lengths, and one of the key factors behind many customers moving into an extendable unit, literally halving the number of journeys required on most fixed-length trailers.

The ability to further adapt these trailers to suit your exact requirements is there. Botex offers various loader options and loader controls. Whether you’d like a fully electric mini-lever set-up, the new xCrane user-configurable system, a Scanreco radio remote control or the traditional hydraulic control, the options are all available to you.

The wider range includes small to large fixed-length forestry trailers, and other extending units capable of an incredibly varied workload.

Together these options allow you to tailor your Botex package to suit your business, and Jas P Wilson’s team is always on hand to discuss options, including sourcing base tractors, forestry guarding, part-ex and more. Finance is available, subject to status.

Call 01556 612233 and ask for Ian Brown for full details on the current stock, bespoke options or the demo fleet.


Forestry Journal:

HEIZOHACK is one of the leading European brands in the forestry and biomass machinery market. Based in Bavaria, Germany, it has been producing chippers since 1989.

All Heizohack chippers have letterbox-type infeed openings with aggressive top and bottom infeed rollers. This means that they are all capable of processing twisted timber and taking in brash. The ability to process virtually any timber, coupled with their simple, mechanical, tank-like build quality and the vast range of machines, has made Heizohack chippers a firm favourite amongst biomass contractors producing chip to sell, boiler owners who wish to produce chips for their use, site-clearance contractors, and tree surgeons alike – as there is a model of Heizohack chipper to suit every requirement.

The chippers also have an impressive appetite, the larger models within the range capable of producing more than 50 tonnes of perfect-grade biomass woodchip per hour.

Typically, the hand-fed range caters for people producing their own biomass chip or country estates looking to maintain their land and use the chip as a source of heating.

The popular model from the hand-fed range is the HM6-300VM. This hand-feed Heizohack drum chipper comes on a 3.5-tonne galvanised tandem chassis manufactured by AL-KO. It is powered by a Caterpillar engine in emission class Tier V. 

The chipper is constructed on a swing bearing which rotates 270° and can therefore be positioned individually for the chipping material.

This makes the Heizohack HM 6-300VM ideal for gardening, landscaping, and municipal work.

The K Series (crane-fed) range is made up of the entry-level HM8-400K 16” chipper and the HM10-500K. The HM 10-500KTL is based on the mid-sized crane-fed series of chippers but is complete with a crane and tandem-axle chassis. The crane type and size along with the chassis have various options available. These models out of the Heizohack range are stocked by Fuelwood.

Recently introduced in the largest HM14-860KTL and HM14-860KL truck-mounted version is the new six-blade rotor design. The new rotor has six large blades instead of the 14-blade version, which allows more output and produces a chunky, uniform chip which powers stations require.

Forestry Journal:

Also in the range are the Mercedes-Benz Arcos 6x6-based truck chippers. The HM10-860KL is the new model in the range to offer greater off-road ability due to the lighter weight and ground clearance compared to its bigger brother, the HM14-860KL. The HM10-860KL still has a 25” diameter capacity and it’s powered by the 420 hp truck engine. The truck can be moved in both models without stopping the chipper thanks to the NMV gearbox used.

For more information, please call 01926 484673 or email sales@fuelwood.co.uk.


Forestry Journal:

THE Kesla C645 woodchipper is a standout choice for those in need of high performance, durability, and versatility in their biomass production. Due to its modular set-up structure, it can be equipped with appropriate features to satisfy your every requirement. The Kesla C645 woodchipper is a robust and reliable biomass processing machine designed to handle a variety of wood materials. Its efficiency in chipping logs and branches into consistent wood chips makes it a preferred choice for biomass production.

Kesla is a significant developer of forestry-related bioenergy solutions. The C645 chipper has been designed and manufactured entirely by Kesla, meaning that all aspects of the C645, from the chipper to chassis and crane, were designed to work together effectively. Efficient professional chipping requires flexibility, so this woodchipper ensures a smooth and continuous chipping process, making quick work of even the toughest wood materials.

The hydraulic feeding system and adjustable speed settings enable precise control and enhanced safety during operation. Versatility is another hallmark of the Kesla C645 Woodchipper. It accommodates various wood sizes and types, allowing for a wide range biomass production. Whether it’s branches, trunks, or other wood waste, the Kesla C645 efficiently converts them into uniform wood chips, which can be used for various purposes, including landscaping, biomass fuel, and animal bedding.

Forestry Journal:

Furthermore, the Kesla C645 Woodchipper prioritises user-friendly operation and maintenance. The accessible design and user-centric controls make it easy for operators to use and maintain the machine, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Safety features are also integrated to ensure a secure working environment, minimising risks during operation. In terms of durability, the Kesla C645 is built to withstand the demanding conditions of biomass processing operations. High-quality materials and superior craftsmanship contribute to a machine that stands the test of time, even under heavy usage.

Contact Oakleaf for more information. 
028 3833 0011 / www.oakleafforestry.com


Forestry Journal:

GLOBAL Machinery Solutions is delighted to announce its new partnership with Pezzolato. 

Based in Italy, Pezzolato was formed in 1976 and has close to 50 years’ experience in manufacturing premium PTO-driven and self-propelled chippers capable of producing a range of biomass chip. Pezzolato prides itself on offering bespoke solutions for the forestry and arboriculture industries, and the core value of putting the customer first aligns the Italian brand to Global’s beliefs. 

Global believes the Pezzolato brand will enable further offerings in its Forestry and Arb Division and provides customers with an alternative to its other range, due to the focus on biomass, providing a PTO solution, and producing an end product which can be used for alternative fuels.

Dean Embling, forestry and arb sales manager, said: “I am really pleased that we have found a business that has its core values in aftersales and putting the customer first. 


“The Pezzolato range is impressive, and they are well regarded in the sectors they supply. I am really looking forward to offering our customers the Pezzolato chipper range and believe the industry is in for a shake-up from the more well-known biomass brands. We are excited to offer a PTO option which we have not been able to do for a while.” 

Ed Baker, managing director, said: “A trip to the factory in Italy provided the rubber stamp on the agreement between Global and Pezzolato. “The adaptability and speed with which Pezzolato were able to accommodate our requests was impressive. 

“Nothing was too much trouble. We basically asked for a bespoke offering for a client and it was configured overnight! We are proud to represent Pezzolato and believe they deserve a strong representation in the UK with their full range.” 

For more information about the Pezzolato range visit