From grabs to tree shears, mulchers to tilt-rotators, there are so many items you can attach to an excavator for forestry work. In our latest buyer’s guide, we take a look at just some of those very products on offer.


Forestry Journal:

DIPPERFOX is a company developing and manufacturing a new generation of stump grinders. This works by cutting stumps at slow speed, but high torque. 

Compared with traditional, high-speed disc grinders and mulchers that are working on inertia, Dipperfox has numerous advantages on dealing with stumps. Dipperfox crushes the stumps much faster and can go below the ground and up to one metre to destroy the roots. 

As there are no high-speed moving parts, Dipperfox is safe to use for both the operator and people close by. In comparison with forestry mulchers, Dipperfox leaves a much smaller footprint. Since mulching demolishes all flora and fauna in the top layer of the soil, Dipperfox can be much more precise by removing only the stumps and leaving all surrounding areas untouched. 

As a new development, Dipperfox, the world’s most efficient stump crusher, can be converted into the world’s most efficient cone splitter by replacing the cutting head with the splitting cone. This feature makes Dipperfox even more versatile and extends the list of jobs that foresters can use Dipperfox for.

Forestry Journal:

Dipperfox comes with three different sizes for excavators from 1.5 to 30 tonnes.

Dipperfox was founded in 2017 in Estonia by an excavator fleet owner. The production plant is still located in a small town called Paikuse. As with most new inventions, Dipperfox has been driven by its owners’ need to remove the stump leaving the surrounding areas untouched. 

Its first working prototype turned out so well that it started its own life as a standalone product. Today, Dipperfox stump grinders are working in more than 35 countries around the world.


Forestry Journal:

ONE key area where forestry machinery has progressed is grapple-saw attachments.

The Mecanil grapple saw is the safest and most efficient method for tree removal, especially in sensitive areas like parks or residential areas. Controlled from the ground via a remote-control unit, the grapple saw eliminates the need for climbing, rigging and cutting by hand. Aside from faster tree removal, the grapple saw saves you money, promotes safety, and alleviates the need for a tedious clean-up.
Mecanil offers a variety of models.

SG280 G2

Forestry Journal:

Easy-to-use and lightweight grapple saw with tilt. The grapple saw is a combination of a high-powered chainsaw that can cut through wood within seconds, and a strong grapple that locks onto the tree allowing the operator to lower the limb to the ground in a controlled manner preventing property damage or injury to people below. Suitable for installation on various base machines.
• Knuckleboom cranes
• Forest trailers with cranes
• Tractors
• Forwarders
• Excavators (free hanging)
• Cuts up to 25” diameter
 Also available in smaller versions for different applications.

SG210 G2 & SG270 G2
These grapple saws have the same features as the SG280, but without the tilt function. SG210 & SG270 work with two double-acting hydraulic lines (grapple open/close and saw out/in). Suitable to install on excavators.

Call 01926 484673 or email


Forestry Journal:

AT Oakleaf Forestry, its experts specialise in digger and tractor conversions, turning your excavator into a productive, multipurpose machine for woodland management.

Kesla 19GX

Forestry Journal:

For over 55 years, Kesla has been a leading innovator in forest technology, manufacturing top-quality Finnish forest machinery. When it comes to enhancing the productivity and versatility of your excavator, the Kesla 19GX felling head is a remarkable choice. The Kesla 19GX attachment is designed for efficient and precise handling. Its smooth operation and excellent control make it easy to fell, carry, and place timber with precision, reducing the risk of damage and increasing safety while working. This Kesla felling head can cut trees up to 18 cm in diameter.

The blade of the felling head can be easily disabled, allowing it to function as a grapple for loading purposes. This means that all required tasks can be performed using just one tool. The process of fitting the felling head is simple and straightforward, as it does not require any additional hoses or wiring.

Hypro FG50
Since the start in 1987, Hypro has been a leader in the technology and development of tractor processors. This Swedish-made grapple is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. It’s perfect for felling trees, ground clearance, hedge maintenance and loading and unloading brushwood. Whether you’re working in the forest, park, an urban area, or along a roadway, this grapple is the perfect solution for all your needs.

The Hypro FG50 is an impressive tool with a maximum cutting diameter of up to 50 cm and comes with optional electric or radio-controlled tilt locking function that offers flexibility to reach trees and branches in the correct felling direction. The grapple’s lightweight design allows it to be used with a long-reach crane without compromising stability and lifting power. With its efficient design, safety features, and versatility, the Hypro FG50 is an excellent investment for anyone seeking to increase productivity without compromising lift capacity.

Contact Oakleaf for more information on Vimek, Sampo Rosenlew, Kesla, and Hypro. 028 3833 0011/


Forestry Journal:

AS reported in the August 2023 issue, Jas P Wilson broke new ground with a world-first innovation, a multi-axis pruning saw called the Mantis. 

One hydraulic attachment operated fully from the safety of an excavator’s cab, which allows a trained operator to replicate British-standard pruning, trimming and processing; processes that would otherwise require high-risk hand cutting, reducing the labour requirement for climbers and ground crew within the risk area.

With a multi-axis pruning saw bar and grapple attachment it can reach and cut tree limbs at the exact angle you require, to firstly achieve clean arb cuts reflective of your arb techniques. Secondly, once cut, that same machine can cut and “tidy up” timber into useable lengths (where a harvester is not suitable) for firewood processing or milling. Operators can work to remove notches and cut timber to length for secondary processing. These valuable lengths can then be neatly stacked for extraction or fed into other machinery by this same attachment; for example, feeding an awaiting woodchipper. 

Forestry Journal:

The three models each offer something a little different, and it is hoped that by launching three options, the team at Wilson’s can provide the greatest versatility for its customers. Together these models cover a wide range of base machine sizes, workloads and requirements. The three launch models include the 300, 400 and 500, which cover from 2.5-tonne to 14-tonne excavators. 

Telephone: 01556 612233; email:


Forestry Journal:

AT RSL Engineering, commitment to customer service is paramount. It takes pride in producing a range of British-designed and -made attachments that not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations. Understanding the need for attachments that deliver maximum efficiency at a minimum cost, RSL Engineering curated a selection of products that cater to diverse requirements.

RSL’s tree shear lineup is tailored to fit machines ranging from 2.7 tonnes to 25 tonnes, ensuring a comprehensive solution for a wide spectrum of needs. Whether you’re tackling hedging or requiring nimble and compact performance, its Muther Kutter shears are a top choice. The option to specify rotation adds versatility to these shears, making them fast and efficient in various applications.

For those seeking raw power, the “Lite” shear and “Standard” shear models stand out as true beasts in their fields, with a cutting capacity ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches. RSL Engineering’s shears prioritise safety by gripping the wood before cutting.

Forestry Journal:

In the realm of tree handling, RSL’s tree spades come in small (900 mm wide), medium (1200 mm wide), and large (1600 mm wide) options, adaptable to skid steers, telehandlers, and loading shovels. Whether you’re removing trees or delicately relocating them, its tree spades are indispensable tools.

Diversity is RSL’s strength, evident in its array of grabs, from tined grapples to sorting grabs and large-volume grabs. RSL even offers manual versions, all customisable to your specific requirements. or call 02033 056509


Forestry Journal:

CLARK Engineering offers a range of innovative and high-performance solutions for excavator attachments. Its own manufactured Powerhand grapples can be configured for excavators in the six- to 30-tonne weight class, either with their own rotation unit from world-leading manufacturer Indexator, or for installation on ever-popular tilt-rotators. High-performance saw cassettes can also be added to Powerhand grapples to provide the ultimate tool for forestry grapple work.

Clark Engineering is also the distributor for Cranab, a world-leading crane and grapple manufacturer. Cranab’s next generation of CR Series grapples have just been released to the market and cover 0.2 m2 – 0.4 m2 capacities. The grapples are constructed entirely of high-strength steels to ensure maximum lifespan, while keeping the weight down on weight-sensitive trailer and forwarder crane applications. The geometry has also been optimised so that the logs roll into the grapple and to maximise each ‘grabful’s’ capacity.

With an increasing drive to use excavators as a universal tool carrier, Clark Engineering recently took on the distribution of MenSe’s excavator brush cutters which are used for the safe and efficient removal of vegetation and can be installed to a wide range of equipment. The cutters feature two reciprocating cutting blades that move in a scissoring motion to provide safe, efficient cutting and sawing.

Forestry Journal:

Typical applications of use are for clearing power lines, railway and roadsides and regen growth on forestry sites. They are ideal for cutting away branches from trees that are interfering with traffic along the edges of roads and streets. The cutting action of MenSe cutters does not result in debris being thrown around, and therefore does not pose a danger to traffic. The cutters also allow controlled trimming of tree branches growing next to power lines without debris ending up on the wires. The cutter roughens up the cut surfaces, which slows down re-sprouting.

If the cutter runs into an obstacle, it stops automatically, preventing breakage.
The MenSe range can be installed onto small and large plant and machinery depending on customer applications and requirements.

More information on Clark Engineering’s offering can be found on its website or by calling 01387 860 241.


Forestry Journal:

FIELD and Forest Machinery, located in Broxburn and a satellite southern depot in Borden, Hampshire, presents an extensive range of superior-quality forestry machinery attachments sourced from leading brands. 

Combining the functionalities of a timber grab/grapple and a chainsaw, the GMT Equipment grapple saw range is equipped with 360-degree rotation and multi-directional tilt function. Couple this with the sequential valve-activated saw bar and Total Tree Control (TTC), and the GMT Grapple saws make for efficient tree cutting and handling and enable simultaneous cutting and gripping, streamlining tree removal and processing operations. Both the GMT Equipment 035 and 050 grapple saws have full UK rail network approval.

OMEF tree shears 
Designed for accurate tree cutting during thinning, selective felling and land-clearing operations. Equipped with wear resistant XAR blades and a powerful hydraulic cylinder for controlled cutting. Available for base machines from 1.5 – 40 tonnes, the simple and effective OMEF tree shear range facilitates precise tree removal while minimising environmental impact and enhancing forest management practices. 


Forestry Journal:

Westtech’s vast range of mechanical timber processing and dismantling attachments streamlines each step in the process of dismantling, handling and processing timber, making it more efficient and reducing manual labour. The grapple saw range integrates a grapple with a chainsaw for efficient tree handling and cutting.

Intermercato timber grabs
These grabs are designed to efficiently lift, move, and load logs and timber, offering versatility, precision, and durability in forestry operations. They come in different sizes and configurations to suit different applications and machinery capacities.

Powerhand timber grabs
Powerhand timber grabs are known for their robust construction, efficiency, and versatility. 

Powerhand grabs are available with full 360-degree rotation functionality, allowing for precise positioning of logs or timber during loading and unloading processes.

Femac forestry mulchers and flails
Femac forestry mulcher/flails are ideal for clearing dense vegetation, regenerative growth and trees. 

Boasting heavy-duty rotor systems for effective mulching and a sturdy build for longevity, the Femac range streamlines land-clearing tasks.

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