From radar systems to digital maps, this month’s Buyer’s Guide provides a snapshot of some of the latest digital products on offer to help arborists keep track of their trees.


Forestry Journal:

CAN you measure the financial value of trees? And if so, should you? The answer is yes!

Urban trees provide many benefits, and their ‘ecosystem services’ are often overlooked. However, councils are increasingly interested in measuring the value of their urban treescapes, and are looking at ways to better understand and strategically manage them. They are also keen to engage their communities in the promotion of these tree benefits. This is where i-Tree can be a useful tool. i-Tree Canopy and i-Tree Eco both offer a user-friendly, cost-effective, and scientifically rigorous method for achieving this.

i-Tree is a free, open-source, peer-reviewed software suite, which offers several desktop and web-based applications. Based on years of US Forest Service research and development, these applications provide users with tools to quantify ecosystem services and benefit values of community trees and forests at multiple scales. The ability to measure the value of trees in terms of pollution removal, storm water run-off reduction, carbon sequestration and storage and more, has allowed iTree users to improve tree and forest management, plan strategically, increase awareness, engage decision-makers and build new partnerships.

2011 saw the UK’s very first i-Tree project in Torbay, in the South West of England. This study was able to calculate the structural value of the trees across the area, and place a financial value on their ecosystem services. This allowed for a greater understanding of the benefits these trees were providing, leading to greater advocacy and strategic management of the treescapes there. 
Since this time, many more i-Tree projects have taken place across the UK, and globally.

For information on what i-Tree tools are all about, you can watch an introductory video at: or visit


Forestry Journal:

Urban foresters, arborists, park managers, and tree care companies around the world turn to the TreePlotter software suite to elevate their work. TreePlotter was developed by PlanIT Geo, a company on a mission to boost the “technology capacity” of any organisation that measures, manages, and protects green assets. Whether you represent a large city, a small consultancy, a housing authority, or a nonprofit organisation, they’ve got you covered.

All TreePlotter software is map-centric and web-based, allowing access via any internet device and real-time data updates for an unlimited number of users. The common thread in their software is high-powered functionality in an easy-to-use format. Save you and your staff time and money with increased efficiency, better communication, and smarter, data-driven decisions.


TreePlotter INVENTORY is a comprehensive tree inventory and management application. It’s a flexible, powerful tool for capturing tree and asset information in the field and managing that data with configurable dashboards, analysis, and reports. This web-based application allows for a quick rollout, with no additional device purchases necessary. Users can use any smartphone or tablet to locate assets, assess conditions, and store photos.

INVENTORY supports proactive risk management and bolsters outreach with complete work histories, public-facing maps, and customisable user access roles. Scalable product levels and an array of add-on modules make it easy to customise the perfect software fit for your organisation.

The add-on modules for TreePlotter INVENTORY include Development Survey, which helps consultants meet BS 5837 requirements. Consultants can map tree canopy and root protection areas and import or export CAD files all while in the field. Another popular module is Ecosystem Benefits, which estimates the benefits for trees stored within the application using the latest i-Tree benefits engine, including air pollution, storm water, and carbon capture.

TreePlotter CANOPY & Canopy Data
Visualise tree canopy and land cover data with the TreePlotter CANOPY application. Make data-informed decisions by identifying areas with low canopy and high planting potential. With CANOPY you can fine-tune planting priorities based on a range of metrics, evaluate canopy goals, and measure the projected impacts of new trees on ecosystem benefits. Coming soon, PlanIT Geo will have 10-metre resolution canopy data across all of Europe available for purchase.

For more information, visit or email


Forestry Journal:

EZYTREEV is designed to assist professionals in the management and maintenance of their tree, woodland and landscape features, plus infrastructure on streets, in public parks, green spaces, recreational facilities and along transport networks. 

Here’s why Ezytreev deserves a prime spot in your toolkit:
• Comprehensive management made easy
Ezytreev covers everything from storing and managing current and historic data, all inspections and works, to offering full support for surveys and risk calculations, through to work order scheduling and tracking, budgeting, contractor management and processing enquiries.

• Onsite app for seamless field operations
The industry-leading Onsite app is designed specifically to perform in-the-field data collection for all trees, TPOs, outdoor assets and landscaping features, from conducting surveys, inspections and visiting enquiries, to performing and monitoring works. Built using cross-platform technology, the app gives a great user experience.

• TPO module: setting the standard
Ezytreev’s TPO module offers feature-rich support for various methods of identifying trees for a new TPO and reviewing existing TPOs, as well as efficient processes for works applications/notices. What sets it apart? It is the only system that supports TPO management functions on-site, with functionality for TPO surveying, TPO reviews, amenity assessment, applications and enquiry processing.

• Continuous evolution
Ezytreev has been evolving its offerings, adding new features to complement the ever-changing world of technology for over 35 years. Recent additions include an integrated Tree Carbon Storage & Sequestration Calculator for web interface and also optional integration with the new iTree Eco-Benefits API which provides industry-leading tree benefit analysis. Ezytreev web interface is the best option for those starting out surveying their tree stock to jump-start their tree management.

• Public-facing tree portals
ezyPortal is currently attracting a lot of interest from UK local authorities. Fed directly from Ezytreev, ezyPortal offers a user-friendly interactive map search tool, publishes the councils’ tree data (Community Tree Portal) or TPO data, application/notification registers and a dedicated tree works applicant resource where anyone can populate their application form, schedule of proposed work and generate a sketch plan (Protected Tree Portal).

For more information visit, or contact 0330 223 1133/


Forestry Journal:

WORKING on over 25 years’ experience throughout the world, Arbortrack Web has proved to be robust and reliable to the extent it now has over 1,000 users worldwide, managing millions of trees.

Arbortrack’s ability to embrace and invest in the latest and most appropriate technology for the task enables it to maintain a significant competitive advantage over its competitors. It understands the importance of knowing the percentage canopy cover for organisations along with the amount of carbon storage within their tree stock, so have made it even easier to extract these figures from the data held within Arbortrack Web.

Arbortrack continues to improve the ease of obtaining Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as they become an ever-increasing aid to ensure an organisation’s tree stock is managed in the most effective, cost-efficient manner.

It’s now even easier for the field operative to locate a specific tree using what3words and to send photos back to the office to record any issues, or completed works, in a live real-time environment.

A visual appreciation of the council’s tree stock can be seen instantly as all trees can be viewed in different colours according to physiological condition, age, risk, outstanding works, inspections, etc.

The in-house surveying service continues to help councils with current surveying contracts totalling more than 100,000 trees for local authorities.

Technical support times continue to improve with more than 94 per cent of all support requests being answered within four hours.

For further information, visit the website Alternatively, email or call 0333 242 5139.


Forestry Journal:

THE arboricultural consultant’s job of surveying trees, collecting data and preparing tree survey and BS 5837 reports is made more efficient and cost-effective when using the OTISS website, maps and reporting facilities, together with the OTISS mobile survey apps (Android phones and tablets).

OTISS is a new approach to tree survey, risk assessment (ISA TRAQ, QTRA, THREATS), CAVAT, TEMPO and BS 5837 software using innovative web and mobile technology. This is a completely cloud-based service. There is no software to install or maintain on your PCs. It is built around the use of smartphones/tablets or rugged GIS data collectors – backed by a comprehensive, secure, GIS website. The mobile devices are used when on site and they sync maps, photos and inspection data with the OTISS website. The website is then used to view, update and share the survey maps/data, and to generate reports.

OTISS is ideal for single consultants, and also teams of consultants and surveyors working together in a larger consultancy. You pay an annual subscription (per user) for the use of the OTISS website, along with the OTISS Survey apps (Android). OTISS provides a range of subscriptions for arb consultancies and individual consultants.

The subscription includes phone/email support to answer your questions and help you get the best out of OTISS. Each year you can assess what you need, and upgrade/downgrade your subscription as required. 

Forestry Journal:

Tree surveying and management is often a team effort – involving you, your own staff, colleagues, sub-contract consultants, contractors and of course, your customers and their staff. With OTISS, everyone has access to one set of maps, photos and data – and it’s always up-to-date! There is no longer the need to print large reports and work schedules. 

OTISS offers new customers a free, 30-day trial so that they can properly evaluate the OTISS service and features. After the free trial, you pay an annual subscription for continued use of the system.


Forestry Journal:

GIS Solutions offers an easy-to-use tree surveying app, TreeSurV Pro. Spend longer surveying trees than recording them. 

Designed by an experienced tree surveyor, the system already features more than 1.5 million trees and can be quickly deployed to mobile devices. 
Mobile app 
• Survey setup - The data capture forms are fully customisable to your client’s requirements and they are easy to use as well as being quick to operate, with minimal training requirements. The form can encompass text boxes, drop-down boxes, select lists, yes/no questions, date, time, location, surveyor, photograph, audio recording etc. The existing tree data can be loaded into the system and set up to be used in the live database.
• Sends data in real time – Once the tree data is captured the survey data is sent in real time using a mobile data signal. It is sent directly into the live database. If a mobile signal is not present, the maps can be preloaded so that they can work offline and the tree data captured can be queued on the device until internet access is available at which point it will automatically upload the tree data to the database.
• Multiple surveyors – Where several surveyors are used it allows each surveyor to see all the other surveyors’ tree data and this eliminates overlap of tree records.
• Licences - GIS’s setup will provide two individual app licences for the data collection (further ones could be provided at a small additional cost).
• OS data – The app has a map page and the form screen. Within the map any relevant GIS data layers can be added such as OS MasterMap, ownership layers, risk zones and aerial imagery. 

Forestry Journal:

GIS Solutions offers a web mapping site that utilises the latest WebGIS technology to deliver large amounts of geographic data in a fast and easy-to-use format. Web maps can be used to manage the tree data alongside any other data that WHG have. 

They can show geo-referenced data on a map instantly and can often answer questions to enable clients to make quick decisions about their assets, such as which trees need removing due to their location and significant defects. Contact (01228) 808446 or


Forestry Journal:

WHEN it’s your job to look after the trees of a city, park, campus or other property, tracking and managing detailed tree data can be a challenge.

This is where TreeKeeper comes in. Whether you are in the office or out in the field, TreeKeeper provides a user-friendly and versatile tool that allows you to access your tree data from any location with an internet connection. 

It enables you to easily coordinate your team and plan work, engage with external contractors, manage calls and issue work orders. It also allows you to produce reports, showing what work has been accomplished on a certain day, or week, for example.

But this software allows you to do more than just track data. It is an all-in-one urban forestry management system that introduces time back into your busy schedule.

Using the latest GPS and GIS technologies, TreeKeeper is able to provide immediate tree inventory representation and precise planting locations. This allows you to record tree health and maintenance needs, manage potential safety risks, and more.

You can also view call and work histories for an individual tree or site. This ensures that your tree inventory stays up-to-date.

Forestry Journal:

A useful feature of TreeKeeper is that it allows you to customise data fields, enabling species, DBH and condition to be recorded to your specific requirements. 

It has been around for longer than any other tree inventory software and has a team of certified IT specialists to provide support and useful updates.



Forestry Journal:

IN the realm of arboriculture, ArborFlight stands as a pioneer, harnessing the power of cutting-edge aerial imaging technology to deliver comprehensive and accurate tree and vegetation assessments. Its bespoke ArborCam system, integrated into a fixed-wing crewed aircraft, enables it to seamlessly survey vast areas, providing valuable insights to local authorities, utility companies, large estate landowners, and woodland managers.

The ArborCam system captures high-resolution imagery and data, transforming traditional ground-based surveys into efficient and cost-effective airborne operations. This innovative approach allows it to cover extensive areas in a fraction of the time, overcoming the limitations of traditional methods and directing ground resources to key areas first.

The ArborCam system’s capabilities extend far beyond mere image capture.

Forestry Journal:

Through advanced image processing and analysis algorithms, it extracts detailed information about individual trees and vegetation, including:
• Tree count, height and canopy cover
• Stem diameter at breast height (DBH) estimate
• Crown condition and potential defects
• Species identification and classification
• Tree & vegetation condition indicators
• Carbon sequestration estimates
This comprehensive data enables ArborFlight to generate detailed reports tailored to the specific needs of its clients. These reports provide crucial information for informed decision-making, such as:
• Tree risk assessment and hazard mitigation planning
• Forestry management and conservation strategies
• Utility line clearance and infrastructure development

The fact that all this data can be seamlessly accessed through an easy-to-use web-based user interface, integrated with ArborTrack web tree management software, or via your own GIS platform is a huge advantage. This means that you can access the data from anywhere, at any time, without having to install any additional software.,, 020 3818 5998, X (@ArborFlightLTD) Instagram (@arborflight_ltd), LinkedIn (