While recent law changes have placed less necessity on sub-750 kg woodchippers, there are still a wealth of options out there for when low weight, manoeuvrability, and compactness are the order of the day.


Forestry Journal:

WHEN it comes to high quality woodchippers, the team at Jas P Wilson takes pride in supplying and supporting the highly-regarded Danish-made chipper brand, TP. TP has established a reputation for excellence across various industry sectors, offering a diverse range of chippers, including large capacity crane-feed PTO models, hand-feed PTO, tracked, and trailed mobile units.

Within the mobile section of TP’s comprehensive range, buyers can choose from various categories, ensuring alignment with their specific requirements. From machine specifications such as ideal horsepower, weight, capacity, to the power source, TP provides options to meet diverse needs.

In the sub-750 kg category, TP introduces several new models, which incorporate the latest innovations. Among these, the TP-175 stands out as the largest capacity, capable of handling 175 mm diameter timber. What distinguishes this model is the flexibility to choose between diesel, petrol, or electric variants.

The petrol model boasts a robust 38 hp engine, weighing in at 724 kg, with an average fuel consumption of 6 litres/hour. On the other hand, the diesel model, equipped with a 24 hp engine, nearly reaches the 750 kg mark, registering at 749 kg.

The diesel model’s fuel consumption is impressively low, averaging only 3 l/hr. Both liquid fuel options come with a 20 l tank, and they are Stage V compliant, meeting the latest emission standards.

For those inclined toward electric models, weighing in at 741 kg, the TP-175 Z.E.

Electric offers substantial benefits. With lower noise levels and emissions-free operation, this electric variant provides enhanced flexibility for various applications.

A Jas P Wilson spokesperson added: “At Jas P Wilson, we go beyond providing exceptional woodchippers. We can offer additional LANTRA training on woodchippers, ensuring that operators are well-versed in the safe and efficient use of these machines. 

“LANTRA training not only enhances operator skills but also contributes to overall workplace safety and compliance with industry standards, which satisfies Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). 

“Additionally, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to after-sales support. With a fleet of regional technicians strategically located across the UK, we ensure fast and effective service, addressing any maintenance or operational needs promptly.” 

For detailed information on Jas P Wilson’s TP machinery options contact Ian Brown at 01556 612233.


ECO 135

Forestry Journal:

DELIVERING an impressive five-inch capacity in a sub-750 kg package, the new ‘entry-level’ ECO 135 woodchipper range from GreenMech may be small, but is mighty in performance. Available in road-tow or full 360o turntable road-tow format, the ECO series is ideal for a wide variety of applications and operators, including those more price-conscious in the arborist, landscaper and rental markets.

The new ECO 135 range has been designed to be cost-effective to build and easier to run and maintain, without any compromise in strength and in-field performance. 

The range retains many of GreenMech’s industry-proven innovations such as horizontal rollers, no-stress feed system and twin disc-blade chipping technology, combined with a new flywheel design which provides impressive throughput for a machine of its size.

The ECO 135TT delivers a new concept in the sub-750 kg market, with a full 360o turntable providing unrivalled versatility and convenience to tasks in restricted spaces. 

At just 720 kg, the ECO 135TT is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, with the entire in-feed and flywheel head adjustable to suit site restrictions without the need to move the wheeled chassis.

Power is delivered by a powerful, yet economical, 24 hp Loncin petrol engine and both models can be up-specced to suit applications and budgets. Options include a variable height discharge chute, spare wheel, stowage box and the GreenMech HushChip pack, which provides additional component protection and reduces noise output. LED lighting can also be specified to replace the filament kit fitted as standard.



Forestry Journal:

SEVEN years since its launch, the ST6P remains the machine to beat and is the best-selling six-inch sub-750 kg woodchipper on the market.

This hard-working machine embodies Först’s renowned no-nonsense approach and features a sturdy construction with a powerful 37 hp petrol engine. Despite its sub-750 kg weight, the ST6P delivers exceptional performance and chipping speed, making it ideal for urban applications.

The petrol engine accelerates swiftly, outpacing diesel counterparts when the no-stress kicks in, ensuring both speed and impressive fuel efficiency. With Först’s open flywheel system, chipped material is thrown, not blown, eliminating blockages, and like all Först chippers, wet material is never a problem.

The Först AutoIntelligence control system acts as your dashboard to see everything at a glance. Waterproof and vibration proof, it ensures outstanding reliability with quick access to useful data. The illuminated touchpad feed controls are simple, reliable, and conveniently located on either side of the hopper.

The FörstGrip feed roller system boasts a twin hydraulic horizontal feed with exceptional timber grip and crushes limbs with ease. The large top feed climbs in an arc over the timber for maximum grip. Supported by twin heavy-duty springs and robust bearings on both sides of the roller, this system ensures strength and durability.

Measuring in at only 1.3 m in width and 3.35 m in length, the ST6P stands out in terms of its dimensions and is compact enough for all urban sites, and powerful enough to get the job done.

With towing regulations relaxed in the UK, but very much still relevant in Europe, the ST6P provided a solid foundation for the heavy-duty ST6P HD. It brings the same power and performance packed into a robust steel construction and still only weighs 885 kg.

All machines from Först are covered by a 3-year warranty and dedicated telephone support from FörstAssist.



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AUSTRALASIA’S most loved chipper manufacturer Hansa has a new UK subsidiary. Hansa Products UK is now distributing Hansa’s range of gravity-feed chippers via a professional dealer network in the UK and Ireland.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer under 750 kg. 

Starting with the largest gravity-feed chipper from Hansa, the C21. This road-towable chipper weighs in at a squeak over 400 kg at just 407 kg, making it easy to move around and towable by all vehicle types.

The C21 has a five-inch capacity (130 mm) and a cutting disc weighing an impressive 80 kg. Very similar to the size of cutting discs found on six-inch hydraulic-feed machines. Powered by a 21 hp Honda GX630 the cutting disc rotates at 1,800 rpm, creating the self-feeding action that Hansa chippers are so well known for.

Access to the knives and cutting disc is made easy, by removing two bolts you can tilt the top of the cutting disc housing back giving you uninterrupted access. This makes changing knives a quick and easy process across the Hansa range.

If access is tight and you still need capacity, Hansa has a solution with the C16c. This compact chipper is only 65 cm wide and packs a punch with a four-inch capacity (110 mm). The C16c is powered by the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard with 16 hp, the cutting disc in this chipper is 560 mm in diameter, 20 mm thick and weighs 50 kg.

Hansa developed this machine for those hard-to-reach work sites to reduce the requirement for dragging branches over long distances or through buildings.

The Hansa C13 is the 3.5-inch (90 mm) solution with a 36 kg cutting disc and powered by the Honda GX390. With 13 hp this chipper is a true all-rounder loved by arborists and landscapers for its versatility and power. The C13 comes with an optional drawbar and Hansa also has a PTO powered version which lines up alongside the Hansa C21PTO.


Forestry Journal:

If you are looking for a more compact professional chipper, the Hansa C7 is the go-to machine. The C7 is powered by a Honda GX200 with 6.5 hp and a 2.7-inch (70 mm) capacity. The small footprint of the C7 at 1180 mm x 820 mm makes it easy to fit in the back of a van and at only 90 kg it is easy to move around your work site. The C7 is the preferred choice of arborists and landscapers when looking for a compact professional chipper.

If you want to know more about Hansa, check out www.hansaproducts.com.

For a demonstration you can reach staff via info@hansaproducts.co.uk or call them on 0800 066 2520.


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THE GTM Professional range of compact and powerful woodchippers are designed to offer a portable option to professionals for chipping branches and crops – perfect for tree care, landscaping, forestry, and garden maintenance.

Efficient, effective, and safe to operate due to their chipping system and unique drum design – a rotor with 2 Pro double-sharpened blades that rotate along the counter blade at high speed and ejection through a large discharge chute. The system pulls branches up to 12 cm thick into the machine via the extra wide input chute, chips them and ejects clean-cut woodchips time after time. The adjustable deflector can throw the woodchips into a wheelbarrow, trailer or directly onto the ground. The high-alloy steel PRO blades have two cutting edges so that they can be turned around for reuse. The extra wide chute means that it is rarely necessary to remove side branches, which guarantees a high working speed.

In contrast to the disposal of pruning waste, chipping saves valuable space and time as well as turning the carbon footprint of a business around through reducing waste.

Woodchips are perfect to use as a mulch or soil improver, for example in a vegetable garden where they provide protection against the effects of the sun and help the soil retain moisture. They are also ideal to use as a filling material for paths and borders.

Composting also creates valuable resources for the garden. A compo multifunctional chipper like the GTS1300COMPO or GTS900COMPO has two different outputs which will help create the shredded material that accelerates the composting process. The high output is suitable for shredding branches up to 10 cm, which will provide the structure and ventilation to the compost. The low output is suitable for soft material such as grasses, hedge shavings or plant debris which will provide the moisture and nutrition to the compost pile. Both machines come with a wooden push tool and grid as standard.

All the machines are extensively tested for safety and ease of use and meet the highest safety standards. Safety features on the woodchippers include a safety switch to immediately stop the motor, panic bar and rotor locking system. The machines are light and perfectly balanced so that one person can operate and move the machine safely.

The GTM dealer network can help with expert advice, maintenance and spare parts which guarantee a long life.

For more information and to see the full range, visit www.gtmchippers.co.uk


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WITH over 35 years of industry experience, Timberwolf is renowned for not only offering customers a range of diesel- and petrol-powered woodchippers but the industry first hybrid diesel-powered woodchipper, which was launched in 2022. 

The Timberwolf range of sub-750 kg six-inch road-tow woodchippers offers the option of a 24.8 hp Kubota diesel engine or a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V Twin petrol engine variant up to 37 hp – both machines offering excellent performance and easy manoeuvrability.

The TW 230HB is Timberwolf’s best-selling sub-750 kg woodchipper and is the arborist’s machine of choice. With the choice of diesel or petrol, both machines offer arborists an exceptional work-rate, strength, reliability, and efficiency, ensuring that the professional arborist can complete work quickly and with minimum fuss. 

There’s no compromise when it comes to the Timberwolf sub-750 kg range; they all feature quad force rollers with immense crushing power, robust infeed controls on both sides for ultimate control and easy serviceability thanks to its Wolf Port and centralised greasing points. 

Timberwolf also offers its popular TW 160PH petrol-powered woodchipper that has become a fan favourite with arborists and landscapers alike. Weighing in at just 608 kg, the TW 160PH is compact and robust meaning it can be easily manoeuvred straight to the work site. Being powered by a 22 hp Honda petrol engine means it makes short work of the toughest jobs. 

Looking for something smaller? Timberwolf offers a range of gravity-fed and PTO (powered take off) woodchippers, including the TW 13/75G which is the ideal companion for landscapers, powered by a 13 hp Honda petrol engine and 3” cutting capability. 

All Timberwolf machines come with a three-year no-nonsense warranty as standard, with the option to increase to five years for complete peace of mind – an industry first. 

Forestry Journal:

When you join the Timberwolf pack, owners have access to over 350 Timberwolf trained technicians, as well as a network of more than 45 dealer depots ready to offer expert advice and provide technical support across the UK. 

For more information and to arrange a demonstration, visit 
www.timberwolf-uk.com/book-demo or call 01449 765800.


Forestry Journal:

OHASHI, a renowned manufacturer founded in Japan in 1988, has exclusively appointed T H WHITE Machinery Imports as the sole importer and distributor for its compact chippers in the UK. With substantial sales success in France, Germany, and Italy over the past four years, these compact chippers, boasting timber capacity ranging from three inches to six inches, are anticipated to gain popularity in the UK hire market.

Leading the lineup is the Ohashi ES151GH, the only compact tracked six-inch woodchipper in the market.

Key features of the ES151GH highlight its position as the most powerful compact chipper in its class. While other compact, mobile chippers with automatic infeed exist, none match the ES151GH’s ability to chip wood up to 15 cm in diameter, combined with its exceptional compact design. With a width of 730 mm, the ES151GH’s high manoeuvrability ensures access to various job sites without the need for extensive labour in carrying green clippings or timber.

Models range from three-inch (75 mm) up to six-inch (150 mm) capacity – their compact, transportable and low-maintenance design provides multiple benefits and labour-saving potential. Ohashi machines are renowned for their ingenuity, productivity and safety – with the full range coming in well under the 750 kg mark.

The Ohashi range consistently produce uniformly sized woodchips typically associated with larger 35 hp woodchippers. With the power to perform, these chippers minimise the need to transport chips for disposal, as customers often prefer using the woodchips as ground cover in their gardens to restrict weed growth.

Forestry Journal:

Ohashi revolutionises the approach to work – no longer do you need to transport wood to the chipper; you can effortlessly take the chipper to the wood.

The Ohashi compact chippers provide operational efficiency and safety, but also bring numerous benefits to the hire market. These include increased site accessibility, reduced labour costs and the ability to deliver consistently high-quality woodchips. This revolutionary approach empowers businesses in the hire market to elevate their chipper capabilities and meet the growing demands of their customers.


Forestry Journal:

JENSEN – the original manufacturer of premium woodchippers – provides some of the most robust sub-750 kg models of any manufacturer.

Take a look at its six-inch capacity A530, Jensen’s most popular model; these high-productivity chippers ensure low emissions in clean air zones and come in the largest range on the market: 24 hp petrol trailed, 24 hp diesel trailed, and the new 40 hp petrol trailed and the 40 hp petrol turntable trailed for 2024.

The A530 range is designed for the professional arborist or grounds contractors. Standard-fit electronic safety sensors ensure exceptional safety, while the Jensen patented intermeshing feed rollers deliver industry-leading processing, dealing with awkward material whilst maintaining maximum grip. These intermeshing feed rollers are designed to process smaller green waste, with the added ability to grip larger diameter corewood with ease.

The two blades are some of the largest in our industry, spanning the full diameter of the heavy-duty flywheel. Designed for longevity and robustness, the Jensen A530 range has a durable galvanised chassis and a fitted toolbox containing a comprehensive servicing toolkit – it doesn’t get any better than this. 

Another benefit of the Jensen range is the option for customers to choose a fully-customised build. Whatever your requirements, Jensen can work with you to produce a machine that is perfect for you. Factory-fitted winches, your own choice of paint colour, turntable options, mechanical folding chutes and much more. The Jensen A530 and full range of larger Jensen woodchippers are available to demonstrate and buy from dedicated Jensen dealers across the UK.

T H WHITE Machinery Imports is an independent UK distributor of Jensen and Ohashi. Its mission is to bring you industry-leading professional groundcare products, all backed by an established network of nationwide machinery dealers. Want to find out more or arrange a demonstration? Visit www.thwhite.co.uk/machinery-imports