In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2024. 

HAVING recently taken on the Ripper37 dealership, north Wales-based Supersharp was keen to use the ARB Show to get its name out there. Said to be a “one-stop shop for all your milling blade needs as well as the servicing and supply of blades and tooling”, the firm is owned by Tegid Evans, and he was delighted with how the event went. 

“Because I already sharpened for a lot of the Ripper37 customer base, there was a huge overlap,” Tegid said. “They come in from all over the country and it has been non-stop. 

“Ripper37 blades will go on almost any machine. It has been a fantastic addition to the sharpening side of the business.

“I also do circular saws and planer blades and all those sorts of things, travelling all around north Wales.” 

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