In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2024. 

Showcasing its wares in the Forest and Arb tent was CEUK, where customers were eager to get their hands on the latest line of axes.

Chris Gottfried explained: “Here at the ARB Show we’re launching the G Line of Bison axes. 

“These are drop forged with an ash handle, commercial grade. Their design is based on the feedback we received from the industry. People wanted a commercial-grade axe that does the job but doesn’t necessarily have a fibreglass handle, which can be a little bit more brittle. They’re looking for something that’s an authentic, but workmanlike tool.”

It was just before lockdown in 2020 that CEUK launched the Bison 1879 Heritage brand, comprising 14 different axes, all hand forged in Germany. 

Forestry Journal: Thousands of visitors attended this year's ARB Show Thousands of visitors attended this year's ARB Show (Image: eA/Jack Haugh)

Chris said: “What we’ve done in the G Line is take the most popular four options as well as the sappie hooks and redesigned them to bring in an alternative option which caters for a lower price point while still coming from the same forge. In terms of that German heritage, it’s still got everything that Bison stands for. 

“We’ve looked at what the industry currently has and tried to make something better and more affordable.”

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