In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2024. 

On the ATVTrac stand, business development manager Rupert Archer-Smith was keen to talk to arborists about protecting their assets from thieves. ATVTrac’s recovery tracker, utilising both GPS and RF and endorsed by the likes of GreenMech and Timberwolf, boasts a 95 per cent recovery rate and has reunited many treecare professionals with their stolen ATVs, cars, chippers and more.

He said: “With GPS we can triangulate the location of a stolen machine down to about 3–5 metres. If they’re put into containers or buildings where we may lose phone signal, we can come out with a handheld RF detector and pinpoint them to 1.2 metres – enough for a warrant if we need to get the police involved to recover the product.

“Theft is an issue in the industry. It’s not grabbing headlines, but it is on the increase. Machinery costs a lot to buy and is a lot to lose if it’s stolen. Supply has been an issue, though it’s getting better. With a typical ATV costing upwards of £28,000, it’s definitely something you need to consider.”

Also on display was the company’s new lone worker policy. Rupert explained: “We have a partnership with Securitas where we can offer something extra for people working on their own. Our lone worker systems mean users can press a button if they’re in trouble and their managers can check in with them to make sure they’re safe.”

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