In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2024. 

Attending his first ARB Show was Tim Bullen, a new face at Vermeer UK, having recently taken on the role of tree care and landscape sales representative.
On display was a range of stump grinders, skid steers and chippers, with a demo area at which members of the public could put items to the test. 

Tim was excited to be able to speak to customers about the Vermeer range, having plenty of familiarity with it before joining the company. Asked what made them special, he said: “They’re American machines. They’re very well-built. They’re heavy duty. They last. I’ve used them for the last six years in telecoms, so I know they’re good quality machines. You’ve got to go with a brand you can trust.”

Also on the stand was the new SC48TX, a 48 hp diesel stump cutter with a direct drive system, suited to tight and challenging jobsites with a narrow footprint and low ground pressure.

Tim said: “It’s fully radio-remote-controlled and has an operator’s station you can pull out from the side. That means you can stand back a safe distance from it while working.

Forestry Journal: eA editor John McNee was among those to try out Vermeer's S925TXeA editor John McNee was among those to try out Vermeer's S925TX (Image: eA/JH)

"Moving through the woods and the trees you are out the way of everything. You’re not going to crash into anything. If the station’s out you can’t get through the narrow areas, but by using the remote you can, bringing it in nice and close. We’ll be doing quite a few demos in the coming months with it.”

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