THERE is only one place to start this month. The excitement was palpable on the Forest Machine Operators Blog after John Deere unveiled its new H Series of machines and digital solutions. 

Said to be the “future of logging” and as setting “the new standard”, the range is comprised of two new harvesters, two forwarders (the first in that size class) and a wealth of shiny tech to make the job of those on forestry’s frontline easier than ever before. 

If it’s a full round-up and in-depth feature on the H Series you’re after, then turn to pages 38 to 41 where Forestry Journal has provided just that, being the only press title from the UK invited along to the major launch event in Finland in April. 


As for here, we’re going to stick to what the world’s operators had to say about one of the most exciting product showcases of the year so far. 

Sharing a series of images from the launch, blog founder Mark Curtis wrote: “Fortunate enough to be invited along to the much-anticipated H Series launch by John Deere Forestry and would like to thank all involved for a fantastic day.

Forestry Journal: Darius DariuneDarius Dariune (Image: Bites)

“I can now say that I was lucky enough to get to spend a few hours operating the 1270H on a steep site in Scotland last year and it’s an impressive machine. 

“The main points are: the engine is the other way around; the centre brake (hydraulic), the new stronger crane with slew pots front to back (like the 1470), and obviously the new bonnet design.

“In layman’s terms and in my own words it’s essentially now a small 1470 and feels perfectly balanced when operating. 

“The extra slew in the cabin is noticeable too when reversing, and the extra lighting is top notch too.

Forestry Journal: John Edward WrightJohn Edward Wright (Image: Bites)

“All in all it’s definitely another leap forwards in the John Deere evolution. The new computer system inside along with the integrated controls on a smaller screen is impressive also.” 

Replies from operators included: 
“Looks flash.” 

“Love to get my hands on that.” 

“Can’t wait till we get it in New Zealand.” 

“Looks like a good machine.”

Forestry Journal: Popovych MichalPopovych Michal (Image: Bites)

“I like the new look.” 

Several operators could be spotted heavily hinting to their bosses that they’d very much like to try out the new machines for themselves. One such example read: “Am sure if you ask him nicely you could get it.” 

To which an operator replied: “What’s to say Kev’s not already got one on order ...” (If so, count yourself lucky. There will be operators around the world looking on with green-eyed jealousy.) 

However, it wasn’t all positive, with one operator noting on an image: “Those hoses still look fun to change.” 

Forestry Journal: Weldon HersheyWeldon Hershey (Image: Bites)

Are hoses ever fun to change? Answers on a postcard. 

The launch of any new machinery always gets tongues wagging about what could come next. For now, the new 1470H harvester comes with six wheels as standard. But there’s a chance that could soon change. 

“An answer to those who asked about a 1470H 8w,” wrote Mark. “Well, in a press meeting that question was asked and the answer was ‘watch this space’ .

“So take from that what you will. If I was a betting man, I’d say it will happen.” 

If another trip to Finland is on offer, count us in ... 

Meanwhile, tributes were paid to forestry stalwart, FCA representative and friend of Forestry Journal Brendan Burns, who passed away recently. News of his death was shared to the Blog by his son, Simon. 

Forestry Journal: Will YatesWill Yates (Image: Bites)

Members were quick to pay their respects, with comments including: “So sorry for your loss, Simon. A fantastic gentleman, who will be sadly missed.”

“Sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and family, Simon” 

“Sorry to hear this, Simon. My thoughts are with you and your family.” 

“Sorry for your loss. Nice man. We met a few times at shows.” 

“Sad news. We had a good blether about old times recently down at Glen Ord distillery.”

“So sorry to hear your dad has passed. He was always there to have a chat whenever I saw him.” 

“So sorry for your loss. Had a lot of good chats with your dad over the years. He will be much missed.”

“Saddened to read this, Simon. Our thoughts are with you and family at this sad time.”

It should be added that all at FJ were sorry to hear the news. To keep up with the latest chat from the frontline, visit the Forest Machine Operators Blog on Facebook.