The timber has been felled but the job is not done. It’s messy work and before replanting can begin, the site has to be cleared.

With that in mind, in this month’s Forestry Journal we take a look at just some of the latest ground-clearance solutions on the market.


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WITHIN FAE’s highly-capable tracked carrier range, there are two remote-control options which have firmly established themselves in the market. These units now have new attachment options available as of spring 2024, including a new stump-grinding attachment in addition to the typical mulching head options, which are interchangeable.

These options have delivered a highly regarded and powerful remote-control option to the market, for those looking for a versatile RC solution for ground-clearance work. After many years supplying its highly-regarded PrimeTech operator cab-mounted machines (now also branded under the FAE name) it has now taken this expert tracked-carrier and ground-clearance knowledge and developed two RC models.

At the core of these tracked mulching units is the powerful 56 hp or 74 hp Kohler engine, on the RCU-55 model and RCU-75 models, respectively. These units both deliver the ability to work on steep slopes up to 55°, something which is of great use on challenging sites such as roadside work, railway vegetation management, waterways, environmental projects, landscaped grounds and for various enabling works required for infrastructure and construction projects.

When working in these settings, these robust machines benefit from a heavy-duty undercarriage, featuring a hydraulic variable track system with independent undercarriage frames for maximum stability on steep terrain. To support this work, these machines have high-profile rubber tracks (steel track options available) which, combined with the undercarriage’s triple-flange-style oscillating roller system, provides unbeatable traction. The dual hydrostatic transmission makes it easier to manage traction and the attachment.

The RCU-75 can mulch vegetation up to 15 cm in diameter with the BL2/RCU mulching head, whilst the smaller RCU-55 unit can mulch vegetation up to 12 cm in diameter with the BL1/RCU 125 mulcher head, and small shrubs and vegetation up to 5 cm in diameter with the PML/RCU 150 mulcher head.

For more info on these tracked machines, or the wider range of excavator or tractor-mounted FAE mulchers and tillers, get in contact with Jas P Wilson’s FAE product specialist Kris Wilson. Call on 01556 612233. See the full FAE range at


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As the world’s only dedicated stump-grinder manufacturer, FSI Stump Cutters provide the broadest range of ground-clearance solutions for stumps of all shapes and sizes, in all situations and on all types of terrain. Within a portfolio spanning engine-, hydraulic- and PTO-powered stump-grinders are options to suit all specifications including the FSI D30 – providing economical performance from a 25 hp diesel engine which is an unusual, but popular, combination for its category.

The self-propelled FSI D30 is designed for the everyday arborist, delivering on robust build quality and generating impressive torque at low RPM, minimising noise and increasing operator comfort. Alongside the highly efficient diesel engine, the FSI D30 features v-belt drive for optimal transmission, and hydraulically controlled ‘FSI power-clutch’ with integrated brake. Unique to FSI, the power-clutch is also fully serviceable, with all parts available as individual spares for economical and environmentally-friendly maintenance and repairs.

Eight FSI teeth equip the cutter wheel with the ability to tackle stumps 80 cm above the ground and down to 38 cm below, with a 135 cm sweep. 

Quick and easy removal of the twin wheels takes the FSI D30 down to just 80 cm in width, providing access to hard-to-reach stumps and passage through tight spaces such as alleyways and garden gates. For more challenging terrain the FSI D30 is available in counter-rotating track configuration, with or without an optional remote control for efficient operation at a safe distance.

For the toughest of ground-clearance tasks, the FSI D74 offers an unmatched 735 mm cutter wheel to effortlessly remove large stumps at more than 12 cm per sweep. The wide stance, built-in hydraulic motor brakes and a counterbalance valve provide unbeatable stability on slopes and guarantee that the unit will not slip back during grinding. At its heart is a reliable 74 hp Stage V diesel engine, delivering impressive torque to the cutter wheel – the arm capable of a massive 230 cm sweep to eliminate most stumps in minutes without the need to reposition. 

More information on the full range available from Europe’s largest stump-grinder manufacturer can be found by visiting


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A HEAVY-DUTY ROBOCUT Forestry Guard Kit is now available for Gen II RoboCuts, engineered to provide complete protection in challenging environments. This Forestry kit safeguards against low-lying branches, vegetation, and foreign obstacles, ensuring peace of mind even in the harshest conditions.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Forestry Guard Kit allows for quick and easy access for machine servicing and maintenance. The complete full metal guarding kit includes a front bonnet guard, side guards, and a rear bumper guard.

The RoboCut Forestry Guard Kit is compatible with all Gen II RoboCuts, including the RC56, RC75, T600, and T800 models.

The RoboCut Forestry Guard Kit is available through McConnel dealers now. 

For further information, contact McConnel directly at


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BIGAB trailers offer a range of hooklift trailers from 7 to 22 tonnes, a true multifunction trailer paired with a wide range of containers to suit many tasks involved in ground clearance, such as machinery transport, Hardox containers and chip bins.

Cost savings can be made when moving machinery onto site then using the same container to transport material from site, all loaded from ground level, perfect for small skid-steer-type loaders and reducing the need for slippery ramps etc. A range of cranes produced in house by Fors MW can be added to the BigAb to add versatility to the trailer.

With a wide variety of options such as steering drawbar, steering axles and radio controls, the BigAb range is your true friend around the working site.


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Spring into action with Spaldings. Its comprehensive selection of TMC Cancela Forestry Machines is primed and ready for despatch. As the exclusive distributor in the agricultural sector, Spaldings presents a fantastic opportunity to help your business thrive.

Effortlessly tackle branches and shrubs, as well as the stubborn stumps left behind after tree removal. Adept at converting debris into fine mulch or sawdust and crafted from high-strength steel and incorporating the latest technology, the TMC Cancela line-up is poised to lift your business to new heights.

Discover the capability of the robust TMC Cancela TFK 200 mulcher – designed to conquer the most challenging terrains – in action by scanning the QR code.

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Call your local rep or telesales on 01522 507600 to find the best deal this spring – or to enquire about short-term hire.


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WITH a rich history, Vermeer remains one of forestry’s most established names. While it might be best known for its much-loved woodchippers, the brand has a range of products to meet the ground-clearance needs of any forester. 

Vermeer SC48TX Stump Grinder 
A new addition to the line-up, the SC48TX delivers high efficiency from engine to the stump-grinding wheel through a 48 hp diesel engine with a direct-drive system. 

It features:  
• A beltless direct-drive system that delivers power from the engine to the cutter wheel through a pair of gearboxes connected by a driveshaft.
• The Vermeer cutting system with a patented design that solves several challenges associated with traditional cutting systems, including double-sided teeth, a V-profile, centre core protection, minimised recirculation and ease of maintenance.
• 54-inch (140 cm) chip blade for jobsite cleanup. 

Vermeer SC30TX Stump-Grinder
With the longest tracks in class, the SC30TX provides consistent stability and easier loading and unloading of the machine when compared to shorter-tracked models. 

It features: 
• Kohler ECH740 EFI 25 hp petrol engine
• Cutting depth below ground 12”
• Cutting height above ground 25”
• AutoSweep cutting system
• Weight 703 kg

Vermeer SC292 Stump-Grinder (replaced the SC252)
Equipped with a 26.5 hp (19.8 kW) EFI Kohler engine, the SC292 performs well in cold-weather starts, has reduced occurrence of engine flooding and provides improved fuel economy over comparable carbureted petrol engines.

Other notable points include: 
• Jockey wheel steering
• Removable dual wheels
• Cutting depth below ground 15”
• Cutting height above ground 24”
•  AutoSweep cutting system

Vermeer SC362 Stump-Grinder

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With two-speed drive, the operator may choose to operate in a high-range or low-range ground speed setting of 0–133 ft/min (0–40.5 m/min) to quickly move the machine, or choose a slower speed when near the stump by utilising a low-range setting of 0–66 ft/min (0–20.1 m/min).

• Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 35 hp petrol engine
• Two hydraulically controlled steering wheels with pivoting axle
• Removable dual wheels
• Cutting depth below ground 15”
• Cutting height above ground 24”
• AutoSweep cutting system
• Weight 598 kg

Vermeer SC382 Stump-Grinder
Four-wheel drive comes standard on the SC382. It offers traction and manoeuvrability in difficult transport conditions.

• Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 37 hp petrol engine
• Cutting depth below ground 15”
• Cutting height above ground 24”