A range of new features has been added to the Hakki Pilke 50 PRO, the largest firewood processor in the Hakki Pilke range, available in the UK exclusively from M Large.

Described by its creators as “the king of firewood processors” and the most efficient industrial model on the market, the 50 Pro continues a strong tradition, with its predecessors including the Easy 50s and BigX47, both of which are some of the most popular professional machines in their category worldwide.

Thanks to knowledgeable and active users, the new model is tailored to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

Forestry Journal:

The HakkiSplit™ system has a new half stroke function for making the splitting process of short firewood faster. With this activated, the splitting returns after half of the stroke, halving the cycle time. The half-stroke splitting can be easily controlled with a switch in the front panel.

The much-appreciated log landing plates have been added to the 50 Pro to ensure uninterrupted material flow. The plates make sure that even the shortest cut logs land neatly into the splitting groove. The guide plates can be used either in automatic or manual mode – or disabled altogether.

Forestry Journal:

The great splitting power and highly advanced splitting blades ensure that harder wood types are also split without waiting. The new electric chain oil pump also has an important role in this. The electric pump helps cutting large logs as it pumps oil to the chain all the time while sawing. The oil amount is easily adjustable.

The 50 Pro cuts and splits so efficiently that it can be described as a one-man firewood factory. The easy-to-use HakkiCut™ user interface streamlines cutting and improves working conditions.

Forestry Journal:

Development manager Timo Jussila, from Hakki Pilke, said: “We truly value ergonomics. With the HakkiCut™, the user can easily control the machine with the two buttons on the joystick. This helps maintain good working position, with no compromises on efficiency.”

HakkiCut™ automatically optimises cutting speed, and the cutting itself is performed by simply pushing a button. Thanks to the delay-free HakkiSplit™ cutting system, material flow remains smooth with peak productivity.

Forestry Journal:

The product developers at Hakki Pilke focused on the durability of the machine. The number of mechanical wear parts has been minimised in the new model. The AC 10 chain tensioner and revamped hydraulics are examples of the multitude of changes that can double the service life of wear parts and make the machine even more efficient than before.

The need for maintenance has also been minimised: chain replacement can be performed without tools, and instead of several minutes, the task can be performed in roughly 20 seconds.

Forestry Journal:

Forstunternehmen Reith is a German company that produces firewood. Its owner, Dietmar Reith, has been a customer of Hakki Pilke for nearly 20 years, and had the opportunity to test the 50 Pro before anyone else.

Asked about the features of the new 50 Pro that make his work easier, he said: “The excellent new measuring device combined with faster splitting compared to the previous model.”