FOREST machinery manufacturer Rottne is rebuilding its main factory with its sights set on the future.

The goal is to have capacity to produce 300 forest machines by 2026, which is more than a double the number of machines built annually just a few years ago.

Initially the investment concerned a completely new layout change in Assembly hall 2, in which four models from the range are built: Rottne H8D, H11D, H21D and F18D.

Johan Svensson, assembly manager, said: “I was asked by the company management to evaluate the possibility of doubling the manufacturing capacity.

“We were finished in March and clearly noticed an improved work quality with reduced lead times, and with that also an increased flow to production as a result.”

Ideas, proposals, and points of view were collected. All members of staff were involved in the process to draw up the new guidelines that would apply in the hall. Since then, capacity has been doubled.

Johan said: “Now with the answers in front of us, we see a significant difference in terms of clarity with what is done and with the right material in the right place.”

Five revolving cranes have been installed to facilitate the work. Each model has its own stations and the fitters have all the tools and right components within easy reach.

Johan added: “Thanks to the rebuilding and rationalization there is now the capacity to manufacture around 200 machines per year, just in this hall.”

The rebuilding in the machine hall is just the beginning for Rottne. There are plans to improve and develop both Assembly hall 1, at the main factory, as well as the plants in Lenhovda and Stensele, all to reach the goal of a capacity of 300 machines per year.

Tobias Johansson, MD at Rottne, said: “At the time of writing, with COVID-19 and the restrictions in the world, our focus is on hunting down components to continue building our fine machines. The goal of delivering more than 200 machines per year remains, but we are now looking at 2021.

“There is also a thoroughly prepared five-year plan on the table with a clear goal of continued stable growth up until 2026. We do not what to be the biggest of all, but we wish to remain at the top. And we will be – without losing focus on our customers or impacting on our renowned quality.”

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