THE latest version of the Ponsse Manager data management system aims to improve reporting of machine chain productivity.

Ponsse Manager 1.7 presents forwarder production reporting, a function said to be highly requested by customers. As an new feature, Ponsse Manager displays the progress of work areas in a seperate graph, showing havester production and forwarder production relative to the total estimated volume of the work area in question.

The Ponsse Manager load certificate displays work area identification data and local transportation per storage location, both as sum totals and operator-specific values. The printable load certificate also includes the volume of each load, the assortments delivered, and the distance travelled.

Juho Leskinen, product group manager, information systems and digitalisation, said: “Forwarder production volumes will be updated in Ponsse Manager reports if the forwarder is equipped with a compatible Ponsse Load Optimiser loader scale or the Opti 4G operator load details feature, which allows operators to enter their roadside deliveries in the Opti 4G system. These features raise machine chain reporting to a whole new level and offer a better overview of total harvesting production.”

Ponsse Parts Online, a system for ordering spare parts, can be accessed from the Ponsse Manager main menu in countries where the Parts Online service is available.

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