STIHL has introduced a newly designed guide bar and saw chains to its range which it says will offer forestry professionals 20 per cent faster cutting performance with lighter weight.

Standard fitment on the MS 261 C-M forestry and MS 271 agriculture chainsaws, the Light 04 chainsaw bar features an innovative slim contour design that means it weighs up to 200 g less than the previous Rollomatic E bar, ensuring forestry and agriculture workers can benefit from easier manoeuvrability, improved balance, and less fatigue when cutting. 

The new guide bars weigh 10 per cent (40 cm bars) to 20 per cent (50 cm bars) less than previous versions, while the slimmer profile and bar tip allow for faster plunge cutting.

As part of the new chainsaw upgrades, the MS 261 C-M will now come fitted with .325” RS PRO and the MS 271 with the RM3 PRO saw chain as standard. The 1.3 mm gauge chain, which matches the 1.3 mm bar groove, offers up to 20 per cent greater cutting performance when compared to .325 RS saw chains, which are 1.6 mm thickness. 

The faster cutting comes from the thickness of the cutter tooth that is reduced from 7.7mm to 6.8mm, meaning less wood is removed from the cut for more efficiency.
The MS 261 C-M and MS 271 are available from May 2020 with the new Light 04 and new RS saw chains.

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