EUROPEAN type-approval according to EU framework regulation 167/2013 is now available for Kesla timber trailers, allowing public road use in all EU countries and most of the EU’s neighbouring countries.

For type-approval purposes, the trailer must be equipped with dual-circuit four-wheel brakes, with lights and reflectors complying with the requirements, and with tyres of a specific size.

It has been known for years that the actual carrying capacity of Kesla trailers is higher than stated and, following endurance tests last year, the official carrying capacities have been increased.

Business director Janne Sinkkonen explained: “For example, the carrying capacity of the smallest 104 trailer is now 10 tonnes instead of nine tonnes.”

With the change in carrying capacity, the cargo space has also been slightly enlarged. For example, the cargo space area of the smallest models in the range – Kesla 104 and 114HD – has increased from 2.0 m2 to 2.4 m2, and the cargo space area of Kesla 124H/HD models from 2.6 m2 to 2.7 m2.

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