KOMATSU Forest has unveiled a host of forwarder improvements as part of its 2021 range.

The new lineup includes an upgraded Komatsu 845 and new thinning concept, Thinning Experts (TX), which includes the Komatsu 835TX and the new Komatsu 825TX.

The Bogie Lift Advanced option will be available for all small forwarders, and Komatsu Forest’s operations management system, MaxiFleet, will gain new features intended to simplify day-to-day forwarding work.

The new 825TX is described as an agile 9-tonne forwarder for the market segment for the smallest machines. The 11-tonne 835 – formerly the manufacturer’s smallest model – has been upgraded and is relaunching as the the 835TX. The lineup also includes an upgraded mid-class 12-tonne 845 model.

All new forwarders have been upgraded with the same cab as the current 855, 875 and 895 models.

The 825TX, 835TX and 845 models all feature a new engine installation, which meets the latest emission legislation for diesel engines (Stage V).

Another feature shared by the new forwarders is that they have been equipped with the MaxiXT control system, which was unveiled for Komatsu’s other forest machines last year.

Bogie Lift Advanced, which enables individual control of the left and right bogies, will now be available as an option on the Komatsu 825TX, 835TX and 845 models.

Two new features will also be added to MaxiFleet. Location data will now enable the operator to view their position on the map, which can aid the sharing of information between colleagues, while a new function that helps in the preparation of forwarder instructions will also be released.

“With the launch of the 2021 models, all our machines have now been upgraded and we’re pleased to be able to offer our customers comprehensive forwarder and harvester ranges. The new thinning experts have several qualities which make them extremely well-suited to thinning, and which have been requested for some time. They also feature some of the advantages of the larger forwarders,” said Daniel Grabbe, product manager at Komatsu Forest.

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