FUEL supplier Certas Energy has published a guide for customers experiencing problems with FAME diesel – and announced it is offering a FAME-free alternative.

Machine operators across the country – as well as famers and construction workers – have been beset by fuel filter problems in recent weeks, with increased fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) inclusion in biodiesel (or ‘red diesel’) believed to be the culprit.

As investigations continue to conclusively identify the problem and develop a long-term solution, Certas Energy has provided a detailed guide for its customers, explaining what FAME diesel is, the problems it can cause and how to prevent them.

Advice for machine operators includes:

1. Check your tank carefully for signs of degradation in structure, material or coating

2. If there is any water, dirt, mould or growth present in the tank, it must be removed as soon as possible.

3. Any changes to the distinctive diesel smell could indicate fuel contamination that must be remedied immediately.

4.  Inspect pipework, seals, pumps and other components frequently for signs of actual or potential leakage. If leakage is found, it’s vital to replace components immediately to prevent further damage.

5. Be sure to examine filters regularly and have fuel filters replaced after two or three deliveries.

6. Consider how long the fuel has sat in the tank. To minimise the potential for water intake, we recommend limiting the storage time of FAME-blended fuels to a maximum of six months.

Additionally, the company is offering customers a FAME-free alternative. Shell GTL fuel is a low-emission, cleaner-burning fuel with a longer shelf life than conventional diesel – supplied exclusively by Certas Energy in the UK.

To learn more and download the guide, visit: https://tinyurl.com/rqz7hqt