KOMATSU Forest has partnered with Menzies Distribution to strengthen its parts delivery service in Scotland.

The manufacturer provides forest machinery to companies across the world but has a particularly strong presence north of the border. Many of these machines are based at sites in remote and hard-to-reach areas of the country.

Menzies Distribution has eight depots and hubs in Scotland, meaning it can deliver parts for machines within 24 hours, where previously it has taken longer. This is crucial for contractors who are paid by production output and whose business is seriously impacted by a delay in working machinery.

Menzies Distribution’s time-critical deliveries will be enhanced by its offering to provide Komatsu Forest with a storage facility at its Inverness site. This will enable individuals to come and collect the parts as soon as they are required or for them to be delivered to their nearest newstrade retailer.

Per Annemalm, MD, Komatsu Forest, said: “Through Menzies Distribution we are now able to offer 24-hour delivery, reducing the time that our customers need to wait and meaning we are more efficient generally in our operations in the UK. The additional storage facility in Inverness means that we can also reduce the time from order to delivery for our customers.”

A spokesperson for Menzies Distribution added: “We are pleased to announce that we are working with international firm Komatsu Forest, whose customers are based in some of the most remote areas of Scotland and who chose us for our time-critical delivery to hard-to-reach areas.”