AN investigation has been launched after more than 250 trees were cut down in Great Harwood.

Hyndburn Council called the police after the trees had been felled at Heys Lane Community Woodland.

The council had placed a tree preservation order on the woodland following a spate of vandalism in the area and it had been in place since January 8.

A council spokesman said the trees have been cut down without permission between January 4 and January 11.

The spokesman said: "The woodland forms an extremely pleasant green corridor following the line of the old railway from Heys Lane to Whalley Road.

"The reason for the vandalism is unknown and extremely disappointing.

"The damage has caused considerable upset locally with a small area of the woodland suffering an extremely high loss of trees.

"Part of the woodland, which is home to a menagerie of different wildlife, has now effectively disappeared.

"There is an ongoing police investigation, which is being supported by the council to ensure that such damage is not repeated."

This story first appeared in the Lancashire Telegraph.