FOREST management, timber harvesting and landscaping company Tilhill is launching a series of public webinars for farmers, landowners, and firms looking to plant trees on their land in Scotland, England and Wales.

The first webinar takes place on Tuesday June 2nd at 11 am and looks at Scotland with a focus on Farm Woodlands: Making Trees Work for You.

Calum Murray will start the session. He has spent 20 years of his career as a forest manager and now has a leading role in developing the services Tilhill can offer in north-east Scotland for both existing and new clients in need of management, or landowners with new woodland creation projects of any scale. Calum will offer his professional advice to anyone who is looking to release the full potential of their woodland, farm or landholding.

Calum will be followed by Eddie Addis, Tilhill’s regional manager for South Scotland. Eddie grew up in a rural environment in Argyll where his family background was in forestry and farming. This led to a career in the forest industry. He has over 20 years' experience working in forest management and harvesting. Whilst the majority of his professional experience has been based in Scotland it covers most aspects of forestry practice.

The event will be chaired by Tim Liddon, Tilhill’s forestry director. Tim grew up with forestry in South West England where his father owned a forestry business. He studied forestry at Aberdeen University and joined Tilhill as a forest manager in 1980.

In 2015 Tim was appointed to the Tilhill board as forestry director. He has been a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters since 2004.

Tim said: “These webinars are a great way to share our knowledge and expertise to farmers and landowners to help them access our professional services.” 

Other webinars in this series will focus on Wales and England. The range of webinar topics include: Improving your farm efficiencies; Why a farm woodland?; Diversifying and making the best use of your land; Grant funding; Delivering and maintaining your woodland; What to plant; and Forestry costings.

You can register your place for Farm Woodlands: Making Trees Work For You here.

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